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Just awful. The man. The shtick. Sickens me on an instinctive level. Exasperates me when ever I see him promoted. For crying out loud.

JLP has done a few interviews with him.

In this one he talks about overdoing on medical pot! and living at home with mama, because it's convenient. But you can tell from the look on his face he knows it's TOTAL BETA!


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Cross post from the U.S. Election Results thread.

60 Minutes contacted Gab.


Torba's response to 60 Minutes.




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Via Sharyl Attkisson
This interview with GAB (Twitter alternative) CEO Andrew Torba is an eye-opening example of today's new definition of journalism.

The reporter from the Scranton Times-Tribune isn't conducting an interview to get information and learn about Torba's positions; he is engaging in a very personal debate over his own personal viewpoints and conclusions.

Where he agrees with Torba, he declares those positions to be reasonable and accurate. When the two disagree, the "reporter" declares Torba's positions to be wrong or incorrect.

Some of the phrases the reporter uses in his interview:
  • "I"m no fan of big tech either..."
  • "I'm no fan of Trump, obviously..."
  • "I can identify with some of your points"
  • "I'm also a Christian"
  • "I'm not sure how I feel about Trump being kicked off Twitter..."
  • "It's all bullshit..."
  • "You and I live in fundamentally different worlds..."
  • "I don't believe..."
  • "I'm am not a fan of internationalists..."
  • "I don't believe that Democrats eat babies..."
  • "Come on, man..."
  • "Don't pretend that you've never heard..."
  • "This is beautiful... you really are a 'true believer'!"

The other day, I recalled that some people accused Gab of being "anti-free speech" because it doesn't feature porn on the platform.

Just look at this fatso who - I guarantee - wacks off on the daily basis. "Oooh... gab is no better than twitter... because now I can't masturbate oooh... authoritarians..."

I know for sure that styxhexenhammer666 also"called out" Torba on this as if porn has something to do with speech.

The argument itself has absolutely no basis. The question should rather be why Twitter allows porn. Cos if social media platforms are "public squares" you shouldn't see content you wouldn't see in public. We live in a clown world full of sin and decadence, I know, but so far I've never seen people in the street fornicating like dogs.

You see a wanker (and an atheist bigot) from afar. I wonder if these retards changed their opinion after the recent events.
I have never understood the "porn = free speech" argument. PS - guess which ethnic group sold THAT lie? (Answer? Think "tractor.")
Yes, very frustrating. The only time I can really use it at all normally is in the wee hours of the morning. I hope they fix it soon - it's great that they're so pro-free speech but if no one can actually USE the damn thing, it will quickly die when the novelty wears off.
I have never understood the "porn = free speech" argument.

It's a corollary of the "porn = art" argument. At the very beginning when porn was still illegal, they had to make complicated "highbrow" movies with a very brief porn scene in it to make their point. Unfortunately, they didn't need to pretend for long. Very quickly, all pretences became unnecessary, sadly (males are such slaves to lust ...)

Historian Hilaire Belloc judged that Henry VIII was weak to the point of imbecillity when he should have resisted his lust. I wonder how the average male today compares to Henry VIII in this regard.


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Gab Devs @developers: "Performance Update: we have identified a high impact performance bug, partially worked around it in production, and expect to deploy a fix soon.

Thank you for all your patience, we feel we are very close to stabilizing Gab.


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I am warming up to it, I am glad they host videos too. It will end up attracting more people with our point of view, but is that a bad thing? I would actually enjoy an extended safe space for a while. Maybe we can convince some libertarians that being ruled by jewish monopolies is not the utopia either.