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At the suggestion of Leonard D Neubache, observations and experiences of Gammas in the Wild can be placed here.

So, I'll mention I lost my virginity due to a Gamma's social-awkwardness.

Whilst I technically got laid (Penis-In Vagina) at 12, I'd never really counted it as sex, more as in a girl playing doctor with me and leading me astray, and she told me what to do. Her older sister was in the room next door, playing 'Rock Lobster' on her stereo, so it was a weird experience all around.

I might have mentioned my second ever bang ages back on here, but I'll offer greater context here: the Gamma in the story I recently wrote, who tried to buy my girlfriend's bitchy sister's affection with a kitten that croaked was the same guy as in this story:

I was fifteen, and I'd loaned a guitar to Gamma, who was two years older than me and went to a different school, (where he was, no doubt, much less popular than he made out to me). I'd gone over to his house to pick up the guitar only to discover it was the night of his High School Formal - the Aussie Version of Prom.

I was confused because it was only 9 pm, but he said his date was here with him, and that they'd 'gotten bored and left'. I said I could come back and get it later, and he said to come in, since they were just playing computer games anyway.

So I went into his room and there was this older girl lying on his bed, looking bored out of her mind, which he seemed oblivious too. I recognised her from my school, and figured they'd probably met at once of the inter-school dances. Whilst no great beauty, she was better than I expected him to be able to get.

I checked out the guitar and retuned the strings as he kept played his Commodore 64, bizarrely-thinking his ability to get a high score in his game would entertain her. This makes sense now I'm older, based upon Gamma Psych - if he liked computer games, then, obviously, she must like them too.

The girl asked me if I played guitar, which I didn't really, but had worked out the basic I IV V chords enough to be able to play a passable 'Twist and Shout'. This seemed to impress her - she said I should sing and I said I was trying to get a band together - but Gamma got really annoyed and said the music was 'breaking his concentration'.

So, I put the guitar down and lay down next to his girlfriend on the bed and we ended up talking for about five minutes instead, about the cliques in school, about teachers, about what the other kids were probably doing. I could tell this wasn't the night she'd imagined, but I got her laughing and talking enough for a while, until she suddenly went all quiet and big-eyed on me, and kissed me, on the mouth.

I kissed back, as you would. Maybe she was that into me, or maybe this is just how much women hate Gamma Men, but she then ran her hand down my chest and stomach, felt my dick through my jeans, then dropped her head down under the blanket not thirty seconds later.

Meanwhile, Gamma kept talking, not noticing anything was happening, until he finally looked over at me about ten minutes later, bragging about some great success on the game, then couldn't help but awkwardly-notice that her head was no longer above the blanket, and there was a bobbing shape moving up and down right where my crotch was.

He didn't say anything about it, just went back to his game, and tried to carry on the conversation like nothing was happening, leading me to continue my awkward half of the discussion, since my mind was elsewhere. I noticed he didn't dare look in our direction again until I'd grunted a bit and then her head - hairdo askew - was back above the covers.

She left when I did, and we banged a bit later in a children's treehouse in the park not far from his house. Hey, I was fifteen. The damn thing never went down. I'm not sure if she did it out of spite, or actually liked my attempts at being cool, like lighting two cigarettes in my mouth and passing her one, but I got laid that night - she knew what she was doing - thinking two thoughts:

"Huh, that's pretty damn good"


"...but it's not good enough to be worth all the bullshit hoops girls want you to jump through"

Having an older sister and hearing her and her friends, I was always suspicious of women's crap, but that was the big change in my behaviour around women. His date obviously talked, because the next week I discovered that all the girls at school were now looking at me very differently, showed a lot more interest in talking to me, and would casually bring up the fact that I'd 'done IT'. Still, I dated Gamma's date for a few months after that, until she went for a guy old enough to drive, which I thought was fair enough, and, I suddenly had a lot more options anyway.

For a long time, I thought Gamma never mentioned the whole affair, but I do have a memory of him crying in front of me and saying "How could she do that to me?"

I remember thinking. "You chose her. How could not realise a girl with crimped hair was a slag?"

I later asked her why she agreed to go out with him to begin with. She told me the story. Rather than a inter-school dance, she met him during school sports, when he was talking about the upcoming formal and, rather than ask her out, the whole thing was Pure Gamma indirectness:

"Yeah the formal's on soon, but I don't really think it'd be cool enough to go to, and I probably left it too late to get a date anyway."

"I'll go," she said, not really knowing what he was like. She later told me he was 'so tall' (6ft3 even then) but it was really a 'Pity Date' and she just wanted to 'rage', (what girls called partying back in the day). "I had no idea he'd have D&D Manuals by his bed and his room would smell like Dutch Salami." (Oddly, she was right: I'd always wondered what THAT smell was).

"Drop him," she said, (slang for don't hang out with him. "He just has no clue about women."

She was right in this regard. Seven years later, he got engaged to the prostitute he lost his virginity with, who then skipped town with his $5000 engagement ring after coming on to my girlfriend in a bathroom of a restaurant. A few years later, I was at a biker rally and, there she was, up on stage stripping, doing the unsexiest faux-lezzo show with an older slag you could imagine. I wrote him a letter saying I'd seen her, and his reply seemed convinced that she'd come back to him when she calmed down.

Welcome to Gamma.
I was always kind of a geek in HS, and only made it out of gamma-dom thanks to a series of lucky life choices and random happenstance.

So every time I read one of these stories I look at it and think A.) "Oh god, that used to be ME." and B.) "There but for the grace of God go I..."

Vox Day, who I guess is the expert on these things, says that the way to avoid being a gamma is to force yourself to face reality. The gamma lives in a world of blinders and lies, where everything is fine, and his behavior is perfectly normal, and the weird way people treat him and the miserable experiences that always happen to him are re-interpreted to be perfectly alright.

It's an awful, dark place. And I really pity these people.

Phoenix said:
So to be clear, this "gamma" is just an ultra pathetic dude?

It's a very specific type of pathetic. It's a pathetic man who convinces himself that he's great, and has his psychological defenses up so high that he basically lives in an alternate reality. He can't, or won't, accept the fact that he's a loser, and his entire psyche is devoted to protecting this reality where he's an awesome king, and if you do anything that even remotely threatens to puncture his little fantasy bubble, out come the claws. A gamma can make your life HELL, because they can't allow the slightest damage to their own self-image, and if you hurt them, even unintentionally, they need to come after you with all they've got to maintain their false reality.

By way of contrast, an example of an ultra pathetic guy who's NOT a gamma might be a burned out, alcoholic and unemployed construction worker, who sits at home all day and watches TV, has a fat wife and no kids, and weighs 300 pounds. He's a loser, but he's not a gamma.

Vox's definition is good.


From reading AB's post, I'm inclined to think there's a medically accepted term for the manosphere's phrase 'gamma'. It's called autism.

Leonard D Neubache

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Phoenix said:
So to be clear, this "gamma" is just an ultra pathetic dude?

Gammas are not simply pathetic dudes, as you will learn if you stick with this thread.

Gammas in dot point form.

  • I am great.
  • The world is not recognising my greatness.
  • I will make them recognise my greatness by showing them how great I am.
  • The world is reacting to my demonstrations with hostility.
  • The world is hostile to real greatness and welcoming of fake greatness (ie Alpha qualities).
  • I will meet hostility with hostility and teach this gay earth a lesson.


Well, if we're gonna talk about grammas, I got laid when I was 11. Then lots after that until she died. Thanks for this thread about grammas. They're very special people in our lives.

Leonard D Neubache

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These are certain types of people that present a hostility that is predictable and can be detrimental if not so predicted and factored in to your dealings with them.

I can understand it seeming silly to someone who's never had to deal with them extensively.

Is this a phenomenon that's more highly condensed in Australia?

Trump, for example, is not Gamma. He has success in life and is hated for that success by a subset of assholes. Gamma is the man who derides all aspects of Trump's M.O. as being stupid and inferior while hamstering away his success as some sort of combination of luck and the misguided fancies of a broken society.
RIslander said:
From reading AB's post, I'm inclined to think there's a medically accepted term for the manosphere's phrase 'gamma'. It's called autism.

Not true. Autism and Gammaness have a high degree of overlap, but they aren't the same. (By autism I'm just going to use it to mean Asperger's/high functioning Autism)

An autistic beta isn't gamma. That is, a guy with weak/no social skills, but is in social circle situations anyway and they don't mind the awkwardness/semi-awkwardness. Oftentimes has more female friends(that "friendzone" him) in the circle.

On the other hand, some gammas aren't autistic(that is, social skills come naturally to them, and they seem more "neurotypical").


The Catalyst said:
(By autism I'm just going to use it to mean Asperger's/high functioning Autism)

I don't know why you guys always have to bring up ass burgers in every thread. I'm suddenly hungry as hell. Now I have to go see if McDonald's is open.


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Is a Gamma an ultrabeta?

I once had a cute girl follow me around for weeks, touch and hug me despite being from a nonPDA culture and even tell me about what underwear she was wearing.

I had no idea she liked me. *whoosh* //

Tex Cruise

Probably the next best step for this thread would be for someone with the patience and persistance of the 4chan flag thieves to go collect all the AB posts on Gamma from various threads and put them all together here. Please don't make it be me, I'm a lazy cunt.


Yeah, I'm a recovering gamma - was one until, oh, about the second year of college. It's hell, especially because you keep telling yourself that you're never wrong.
The reason why we say "Gamma" as opposed to other terminology is because it's distinctive from Alpha/Beta/Omega. They are all in the same class of categories. Probably the best place to start is with one of Vox Day's posts.

I've actually written a blog post a while back about this topic.

Tendencies of Gammas

The key things that make a gamma stand out. One is that he feels the need to be superior to people even if reality doesn’t match it(the “Secret king” mentality). Another is that he often has a “weaselly” mentality- the idea you’re trying to sneak or cheat your way to get what you want, as opposed to either the beta mentality of working for it, or the alpha mentality of legitimately getting it.

I notice that when one of my friends was learning pickup. He had this very “on the hunt” vibe, he was new, w/e. With various things of what he wrote to me, it often felt that he was trying to sneak getting girls. Like “it doesn’t matter if she’s got a boyfriend”- it actually makes it much more difficult. Or saving for marriage is pointless if some pickup artist can seduce her, he might as well be the one doing it himself. To be fair, I was significantly worse when I started, but this mentality rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure if he *has* to do this as a beginner though.

This is also what draws gammas to stuff like PUA or BJJ. The more sensationalist/scammy people would market it as one quick trick to getting the girl/getting her back or if you’re small/weak you can hold your own in a find with the secret technique or what have you. Nick Krauser says this in this podcast somewhere.

Of course, there’s not really such a thing as a quick trick in most cases. The vast majority of “revolutionary” things like that(big results, tiny effort) are simply because you and your peer group are underperforming- if everyone’s cutting two hours of sleep/day and eats junk food every day, you’re gonna feel a massive difference if you get good sleep and go on a good diet(paleo). The thing I that comes to mind is truly revolutionary for me is CBT- it’s massively helpful for your mindset/happiness, but for me wasn’t natural at all. Presumably it’s natural to a lot of people.

I was pretty gamma as a kid/young teen(still am- but I’m trying to graduate to sigma, or alpha/gamma). I would be “proud” and feel superior because of ridiculous shit. Like being *bad* at swimming, or being scared of fireworks/lighters. The gamma parts of me were very creative into twisting semi/objective bad things into good things.

If you’ve heard of Elliot Rodger, this is the classic example. His white nationalist/supremacist beliefs, while a little might have made sense/been legitimate, went too far off the deep end. He would have the mindset that whites are superior, and that him being half white would make him “better” than Indians or Blacks or Mexicans for instance. Now, race realism to me makes a bit of sense. White genocide is fucked up and whites build civilisation, I believe there’s racial differences yadda yadda. But it’s ridiculous that he felt that he was that much better simply because of it- he would brood over seeing attractive girls with inferiors. Another thing he would talk about is how broke guys are- he has a BMW etc.

He was even delusional enough that he wouldn’t even talk to girls- he had this ridiculous idea that he was so great that they should talk to him. Like, that never happens almost no matter how great the guy is. He didn’t realise girls just can’t lead.

In the above video with K, he talks about how his gamma tendencies made him do ridiculous things. I forgot exactly what he said, but if he was in a losing position, he would try really hard to not submit. He was a beginner, so that happened a lot. So he would struggle really hard for 20 mins just so he can prove in his mind his superiority. When normal well adjusted guys would just lose/submit immediately just so their partner doesn’t waste time with this bullshit and they can try again and practise even more and get better.

Often, gammas are actually so much worse at the things they do, while still believing in their superiority. This gets worse and worse over time until one of 3 things has to happen.

1. He either adopts a beta/omega mindset and realises he’s horrible and it’s okay, or a beta/alpha mindset and actually works hard enough to improve to justify his mentality of superiority. This is the most healthy thing.
2. He grows more and more delusional, twisting completely stupid shit into “proof” he’s superior. Makes him go off the deep end.
3. If he sees a bit of reality, but not enough to debunk his delusions completely, he would grow really resentful that reality isn’t conforming to his beliefs about the world. This was me for a long period of time.


AnonymousBosch said:
Seven years later, he got engaged to the prostitute he lost his virginity with, who then skipped town with his $5000 engagement ring after coming on to my girlfriend in a bathroom of a restaurant.