The Gay Pride Month Thread


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FU American Airlines, you corporate gglobohomo whores.

This thread needs some serious eye bleach and logos.

Here's what an airline stewardess really looks like:











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That is nothing. Congressional lib-tards are now trying to enact laws for gay reparations.

Elizabeth Warren promises reparations for gay couples
by Ellie Bufkin
June 23, 2019 08:50 PM

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., reintroduced a bill on the campaign trail this week, which could mean $57 million in tax refunds for married LGBT couples.

The Refund Equality Act, which was originally introduced in 2017, would allow LGBT couples who were married prior to the 2013 Supreme Court strike-down of the Defense of Marriage Act in U.S. v. Windsor to amend tax returns from the time that they were married. Prior to 2013, 10 states had legalized same-sex marriage, but were required to file their federal taxes as individuals.

Following the 2013 Supreme Court's decision, married same sex couples from those 10 states were permitted to change their previous tax returns from individual to joint, which entitled them to some federal tax relief. However, the tax return amendments were only permitted for the previous three years. The Refund Equality Act would remove those time limits.

According to a report released this week from the Joint Committee on Taxation, same sex couples married prior to 2013 could potentially be eligible for $57 million if permitted to file jointly from the time they were married.

In a statement regarding the reintroduction of the Refund Equality Act, Warren said, "The federal government forced legally married same-sex couples in Massachusetts to file as individuals and pay more in taxes for almost a decade. It is only right that we change this tax code to make it fairer for all."

It wasn’t until marriage equality became law that gay & lesbian couples could jointly file tax returns—so they paid more in taxes. Our government owes them more than $50M for the years our discriminatory tax code left them out. We must right these wrongs.
— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) June 23, 2019

Democratic Rep. Judy Chu, Calif., introduced companion legislation last week called the PRIDE Act of 2019 which would alter the federal tax code that currently prevents married couples from amending their returns beyond the previous three years. The change would apply only to same sex couples married prior to U.S. v. Wind.


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I'm glad it is over but this shit is disgusting. 8 years ago when I was in my teens I didn't care about gays but I wasn't against them. I was like oh well, great musicians and writers are gay so it's not a big deal. Now I'm so fed up with the sodomites that it helped me to get on the christian wagon. 3 days ago a guy in my beloved Medellin took down the Gay flag and stabbed it now he is getting screwed on social media and the globo homo agenda is officially taking place in Colombia. Once you see the faggots' flag replacing the Antioquia department flag you know this trend is taking roots.

For those who know spanish:


Mexico City became a blight. All that beautiful architecture and traditional art was covered in rainbows on social media. If that isn't watching your culture become a degenerate mess, I don't know what is.


Horus said:
TigerMandingo said:

Is it legal to choose a flight crew based on sexual orientation?

Nearly all male flight attendants are gay and a significant amount of pilots are as well. It fits their lifestyle as they all travel together on time off and on duty trips and do God knows what at the hotel.

The flight attendants tend to be a bit flamboyant but they're usually not that bad and often pretty funny, whereas the pilots you wouldn't know unless you go get drinks together after work. It's interesting to talk to them, except for the few extremists I wouldn't talk to, because they don't give a shit about this pride shit. This is what showed me this is 99% manufactured and 1% nut job homos. All the pride bullshit I see on social media is from middle class straight white people.

Funny story: 10 years ago I was asked at an interview what would I do if the Captain came down for dinner after work in a dress. I said "I'd tell him 'nice dress'". They all laughed and I got the job. But now, if I didn't say 'her'? I'd of immediately gotten a thank you for coming in and a generic rejection email the following week.


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Putin makes some sensible remarks about the LGBT crap:

The key point here is that he said that the liberal view has gotten too far. Something Jordan Peterson said was that the left doesn't know what counts as too far. They don't have an end, and that is why they are self defeating. There is no logic to their goal because their goal changes as rapidly as a woman's emotions. She can be mad at one thing, then mad at another, and then suddenly contradict everything she built because she got something else thought up on a whim. Women are chaos, as Peterson has admitted, and men tend to be the order. Modern liberalism is feminism. Older liberalism was masculine freedom.


I recommend watching this Russian documentary.

It gives the solemn warning that the agenda has these stages:

1. Tolerance
2. Acceptance
3. Celebration
4. Forced participation
5. Punishment

If they are left alone they end up killing themselves due to drugs, disease, and suicide, which in effect dwindles their numbers of the deviant population and keeps society in somewhat of a balance. Everything gays do is death-related, so they see society and civilization as life-giving, and their ultimate goal is similar to that of a (((cancerous cell))) but has a different method. While specials will not let this deathstyle overrun their precious Israel, it is another form of biological weapons, just like invasive violent low-iq migrants, to destroy their enemy. I don't know whether its fully spiritual or biological, but the sodomites have infected genetic markers from their psychological abuse at an early age to spread the suffering they were dealt by pushing to destroy the harmonic balance of family in the human species. You know the old adage, misery loves company.

This is really simple. The actions of the gays can be controlled. In most societies of the past, there was no doubt sodomy behind closed-doors because it is a human flaw as well as a spiritual one. They were controlled then and kept in check because while they were such a horrendous influence, people still were living in sin and spiritual death and anti-faith. If you were a fag then, you knew where to go to do your grotesques.

Now, they are controlled by the hive media, who have pushed the deviants literally out of the closet and onto the street and ideally into every child's bedroom. Why attack the children more so than the adult? No one would really give a shit if I turned down a fag or a tranny, but if a child ignores them its seen as a much greater heresy to the (((modern culture))) because if you corrupt the children, you deal your enemy a fatal blow.

NWO/globohomo VS. the human race, starting with whites then asiams, latins, blacks, and so on.


Manbeline said:
Mexico City became a blight. All that beautiful architecture and traditional art was covered in rainbows on social media. If that isn't watching your culture become a degenerate mess, I don't know what is.

Dont worry, I'm sure their culture of headless corpses will do fine.

This fag fest is still going on in the shops. Guess they need to get around to it eventually.