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RE: George Soros and BLM activists are being sued for $550 million

THIS MADE MY DAY - and it was a good day to begin with.


Here's an older 60 Minutes interview that Soros has tried to scrub from the interview because of how bad it makes him look:

"I'm just here to make money. I do not look at the social consequences of what I do."

"[I'm a] person who at one time engages in amoral activity and the rest of the time tries to be moral."

"I had no sense of guilt," after admitting that he sold out his fellow Jew during WW2 and helped confiscate property from them.


It would interest you guys to know that now the Don has been elected the guys on Reddit and Pol are turning their attentions to Soros.

Both this sub and The_Donald are overlapping to see what they can bring up.

I would also like to bring to your attention this news item. Sky News - Lego ends Daily Mail promotions after Stop Funding Hate campaign

Normally I wouldn't have taken an interest in such a thing because companies can do what they like but the 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign has all the hallmarks of someone like Soros.

Right now this campaign is targeting media outlets who have advertising from companies and are trying to cut their revenues. They're not targeting lefty-leaning websites and newspapers such as The Mirror, Guardian, independent etc.

Funny that. I would hazard a guess they're using a new form of revenue warfare against media outlets who step out of line.


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Nuremberg trials for him, for Merkel and all the other traitors, for the whole EU "leaders", for Obama, all the Clintons and the list goes on...


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Being enemy with both Russia and the US governements is the worst position to be in. No safety for him from now on. The Evil Emperor is about to see hell unleashed upon him. I hope he lives long enough to endure a little bit of the suffering he imposed on so many.


So I did some searching on that 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign I posted above.

Background news story

BBC: BBC News - Lego/Stop Funding hate

Note the @ Twitter handles in the Lego Tweet

Stop Funding Hate

Facebook: Petition:

Current Website: Under construction:

The Stop Funding Hate campaign was set up in August 2016 by Richard Wilson

Company Address: International House, 124 Holborn Viaduct, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 2BN




I went to the business address website here:

The company is not listed. Perhaps not enough time has elapsed for the Web Dev to add it? Bare in mind the business must pay rent to the landlord and taxes to the government? This "campaign" was started in August 2016 and had its first big kill shot in September 2016 with Specsavers.

I went to search by postcode and I did not find it there either.

- Company start date: 16th October - As listed in the company address.

For a public-facing company would it not prefer to have its presence known?

Company Directors

1: Richard Cameron Wilson

Twitter: (You need to request to follow + I don't have twitter)

Tabloid interview with Richard Wilson. (Note the language):

Occupation in relation to company: NGO Worker

2: Ms Rosemary Jane Ellum

Blog: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown
Facebook: Unknown

Occupation in relation to company: NGO Worker

Company Info
Company start: 16th October 2016
Company Number: 10430968
Certificate of Incorporation
Statement of capital on 2016-10-17


(Click View PDF)

My thoughts on this

This is a campaign to hit the media organisations hard who do not subscribe to the notion of open borders, which as we know is the staple of liberals and as an extension, George Soros.

He may not have a hand in this personally (1: see later) but it goes hand in hand with what he desires with Western countries and its populations.

1: With regards to funding, why is it that this campaign suddenly became a registered company under the same name and classing the Directors as NGO workers?

A charity (NGO) cannot be taxed under UK tax codes.

They were already running a successful operation from August and tapped into the Social Justice cause prevalent in Western Europe, especially Britain.

Strange. I don't personally have experience with this sort of thing and it may be showing, but wouldn't this allow for more direct funding from he who shall not be named?

Someone agrees with me on the campaign they're heading.


I don't always agree with these newspapers, there is quite a lot of bullshit and missing information but the fact is, they're running a campaign to halt monetary funding of information sources because they're not Politically Correct.

As opposed to certain left-leaning (or outright SJW rags) newspapers who do not report on issues such as immigrant invasion, rapes, murders and other social issues now plaguing Europe in large numbers. A deafening silence from this campaign ensues.


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Foolsgo1d said:
2: Ms Rosemary Jane Ellum

Blog: Unknown
Twitter: Unknown
Facebook: Unknown

Occupation in relation to company: NGO Worker

Google searches for a Rosemary Ellum are interesting:

Odds are on she's the same one as she's resident in the UK, has a birthdate in March '86 which is consistent with the photos. She's a new addition: appointed to the office 17 October 2016.

Also, it looks like her Twitter account is actually Greedy Vegan 48% (@RoseyEll). She even lists "StopTheHate" in that account.


He is such an asshole. All the money in the world and all you want to do with it is sow chaos and destruction.

He really is the real life Blofeld.



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beta_plus said:
He is such an asshole. All the money in the world and all you want to do with it is sow chaos and destruction.

He really is the real life Blofeld.


Then the joke is, all this time, money & effort & Soros won't even see his plan come to fruition.
Although in reality.
It's not the plan of Soros, rather a wholly different entity...


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Latinopan said:
Fox News now mentioning Soros and even showing his picture.

Stalin executed his executioners.
When you work for evil & you're no longer of any notable use, don't be surprised if you wind up face down in a ditch.


Lizard King said:

They're urging people to email John Lewis(national department store) and tell to stop advertising in the Daily Mail.

They're essentially trying to destroy the Daily Mail for being pro-Brexit and not anti-Trump.

They're targeting The Express, Daily Mail & the Sun. Another newspaper in the category of those three is The Mirror but they have been anti-Brexit and Anti-Trump.

This campaign is local to British people, not Americans. It would not make sense to stir up resentment for Trump.

These brand names are big hitters with big capital interests. To lose those brand names will hurt.