The George Soros thread


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I see my video above got shoahed.

This is not a good look for Sebastian Kurz


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I have read George Soros' Book 'The Alchemy of Finance'. It is an interesting read because on one hand, it somewhat resembles works by strongman dictators: The book tries to cover their core philosophy, their achievements, and their personal development, all in a sanitised, beautified manner.

On the other hand, the book is also very cleverly misleading: While his insights and theories are actually very interesting, as he touches upon a core concept of the 'general theory of reflexivity' in detail and with many examples that make for a very interesting and insightful read, he indicates that his Quantum Fund made its wealth through the application of this theory on the markets. This is the big lie of his book.
The way his quantum fund actually makes its money is a lot more simple: He uses his philanthropic organisations to make contacts to political leaders, and then uses those contacts to be the first in line when it comes to investing in lower-tier markets such as former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. His philanthropy is a front in order to funnel his money into countries where nobody but him can invest. An example is former Yugoslavia, where he used his contacts to Bill and Hillary Clinton in order to buy cheap state assets in Yugoslavia, which he later sold for vast profits. That is his business model.

He very cleverly hides this lie behind a blanket of actual insight and knowledge. The main theory presented in his book, the general theory of reflexivity, is from Karl Popper, and is an interesting concept. Below the analytical, insightful parts of George Soros' book, the character of a typical strongman is subtly and cautiously embedded: His religion is power, and he sees himself as a god.


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I’m not surprised but I’ll be concerned if it actually works and MasterCard/visa/amex ban half the country or half the planet from their cc platforms for politics. The left wants to ban conservatives from selling goods or services, I’m guessing chick fil a and other openly “conservative” businesses that advertise on fox and are still pro immigration / pro Israel and whatnot are the target?

That’s ironic


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Fox News has a ban on naming George Soros resulting in this amusing host freeze-up whilst talking to Newt Gingrich.


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For those who are curious about the video of Newt calling out Soros...

Streisand Effect incoming.

This is interesting because Newt Gingrich has appeared on other Fox News shows and he was allowed to talk freely. The reaction of the news anchors indicates that the directive not to mention Soros came from very high up the chain of command at Fox. This speaks volumes on who’s really controlling things.


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On one hand. The Soycialist has no real moral standard.
They only care for their Soycialist Dystopia.

Yet they do seem to fear exposure & fear truth.
Anything which threatens the establishment of their Soycialist Dystopia definitely freaks them out.