"The Giant" Coming to 21 Cities Worldwide in 2021* - An End Times Image of the Beast?


The video is just a promotional mockup, is there any video of any part of this thing actually existing?

Image of the beast stuff aside, this looks like a lot of bluster, one of a bajillion kickstarter type projects that just fizzle, this one just happens to be getting some press before it does. There's only enough room in the world for a few Elon Musks and other types who can constantly promise stuff, never really deliver, but keep floating by. The tech world is full of vaporware, more and more all the time each promising more and more unrealistic wonders than the last.

Personally, I give this a 5% chance of ever happening at all, in even one place or as a traveling attraction, and if it does I'm sure it'll be lame and gay (even to the tastes of the bugman who might be excited by this kind of concept). People's expectations of what is possible and realistic are way, way off thanks to years of being promised eternal exponential growth.
This statue is obviously technology, like Disney animatronics, or like at Chucky Cheese. I don't think anyone will believe it has the breath of life. It's hard to see even more advanced automatons could ever be mistaken as anything other than a robot with a persona like Siri or Alexa.
Making AI indistinguishable from a real person has been a long time goal, and is a continuing research process involving billions of dollars and tens of thousands of people across the planet. Maybe they won't get there soon, but they're trying to do it.
This statue is obviously technology, like Disney animatronics, or like at Chucky Cheese. I don't think anyone will believe it has the breath of life.
Of course, this statue is not a statue from revelation. But in order to boil the frog, they have to begin at least with cold water.


Who knows what will come of this thing. However, the purely symbolic act of being made to kneel before some image is more than enough to satisfy the satanic elites. Literal belief in the statue being alive is not required for them to use this in nefarious ways as a proto-image. Some form of "legitimacy" is definitely not a requirement for worship in clown world.


This looks just like an art project. Must be super expensive at that size, who's financing this? Seems cool, but I doubt it will exist anytime soon. They say $18M for a 10 story animatronic statue with displays on its entire surface? Yeah right, there's no way it would be that "cheap"...


Unbelievably gimmicky—an artless 140-foot mannequin which mimics a giant TV screen, slowly moving its fake face and mannequin-ish arms, and with a single glitch can create loads of unintentional comedy.

In contrast, I have often envisioned a noble-looking Jesus statue at Fort Story, the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay on the Mid-Atlantic. This might replace one or both of the historic Cape Henry lighthouses on that location (even old lighthouses can be moved, proven by the entire Cape Hatteras Lighthouse being moved in 1999).

The largest statue in the world is the “Statue of Unity”, that of Indian statesman Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950), and sits in Gujarat, India, at a height of 597 feet. It was completed in 2018.

597 feet is about 42 storeys (a storey is most often interpreted as 14 feet).

The tallest Jesus statue in the world is the “Christ of Peace” statue in Cochabamba, Bolivia, at 112.2 feet. It was completed in 1997.

112 feet is about 8 storeys. The Statue of Liberty without its base is 151 feet. It doubles that with its base.

“The Motherland Calls” statue in Russia (completed in 1967) is 172 feet without its base. The statue is of a woman holding a sword above her head. The tip of the statue’s sword to the ground 280 feet.

A list of tall Jesus statues worldwide, with photos, can be found here: https://www.kuriositas.com/2013/02/the-tallest-statues-of-jesus-christ-in.html

The older Cape Henry lighthouse at Fort Story is 90 feet, and was completed in 1792.

The newer Cape Henry lighthouse at Fort Story is 157 feet, and was completed in 1881.

The Jesus statue I am envisioning at Fort Story would be about 350 feet (about 25 storeys), and be a more delicately sculpted version of the Roman Catholic “Christ The King” statue in Swiebodzin, western Poland (which is 108 feet).

Right now there are several Virgin Mary statues across the world that dwarf any of Jesus. The tallest is the “Monumento a la Virgen de la Paz” in Venezuela at 153 feet. It was completed in 1983, a concrete and steel statue.

Several of the other Marys approximate that 150 foot range.

And for comparison to skyscrapers, the height of the Seattle Space Needle is 605 feet, while the height of the Chicago Sears Tower (now “Willis Tower”) is 1450 feet (with 108 floors).

The currently tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is 2,717 feet (completed in 2009, with 163 floors).
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