The God pill


We have an Orthodox Christianity thread but I wanted to create a more general thread for believers.

This is not a thread for pedantic debate about the existence of God or which sect is best. This is for people who already believe in God and want to get closer to Him. (Atheists are free to create their own thread).

If you've been following my work for a while, you'll notice I've been warning up to faith in God over the years, especially the past year. This is due to witnessing the growth of evil in society, my personal experiences with unbridled hedonism, and my sister's death. This reached a climax when I received a message while on mushrooms which cemented that faith further, an experience which I will share in the future after I'm done processing it. Sure of my path, I decided to publicly "come out".


For me this means the Orthodox church (I was baptized in an Armenian Apostolic church). I expected most of my followers to be turned off, but a substantial portion are in a similar place as me:


Many comments from men said how the black pill was a gateway to the God pill. There seems to be a progression:

Blue pill: Ignorance, denial of nature
Red pill: Truth through materialism (muscles, women, money, status)
Black pill: Acceptance of one's powerlessness, withdrawal from materialist society
God pill: Submission to God's will

I believe that remaining black pilled is unsustainable because of the high degree of despair, meaninglessness, and hopelessless it requires, which goes beyond the human ability to handle. Some men who are black pilled may just revert back to the red pill, and seek renewed material gains from their masculine efforts and labor.

The God pill does feel like the final destination, where life becomes about asking Him for help and performing His will in a way that embraces good. My mind is currently buzzing with this new perspective, and I wouldn't be surprised if much of my new work will be framed around it.


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Investment Bro

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How do you plan to undertake this journey to grow closer to god? I am interested - however I was not raised religious and have only just begun my self-study.


I have always been God pilled. But I still needed to take the Red Pill to make my life bearable.

I don't think they substitute each other, but complement each other. This however comes form my perspective of someone born in religious family.

I understand that from a perspective of someone born in atheism or simply not having cared about God, they might seem like next stage of each other. Just remember that young men need to hear both things. There have been too many preachy old men trying to give young men the God pill without the red pil only for the young men to either end up miserable or reject it and become hateful of it in the process.


Investment Bro said:
How do you plan to undertake this journey to grow closer to god? I am interested - however I was not raised religious and have only just begun my self-study.

Through prayer and by asking Him for help. If you knock on God's door, I learned, he gives you answers. Those answers are in your own voice, but they are sharper and seem more intuitively "correct". If you don't ask Him for help, He doesn't bother you. He doesn't just give you "miracles" to convince you. You have to go to Him, and when you do, you realize He was always there, waiting for you.


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I feel the God pill is reflected in a story I heard a pastor tell years ago about Rabbis during WWII and the holocaust. i don't have the reference, and I didn't look it up at the time (so it's super easy if you'd like to criticize the story or the source), but for some reason OP made me thing of it.

The Rabbis, with the horrors of the genocide going on at the time, after discussing where God was and why he was allowing all of this, finally came to an agreement that God didn't exist. Then they prayed.


Ski pro said:
It’s April 1st on Monday. You’re early.

Actually, it wouldn't surprise me. When you reach the proverbial mountaintop it's natural to search around for greater sources of meaning rather than to keep pacing on the hedonic treadmill.


Very glad to hear it Roosh, but not the least bit surprised.

I'd like to repeat something AnonymousBosch said, before largely withdrawing to the contemplative life: that graces are being showered down right now for the small number willing to accept them. Something big is coming, and He wants us ready and able to do good when it all goes down. Society is becoming increasingly solipsistic and emotive - both the left and the right - and when it finally blows up, none of those fighting will be righteous.

Which is why it's so important that we hold on to what's right and true.

Any suffering you're going through right now is nothing more than Him preparing you. With every trial, we have a choice - turn to the world, and have our revenge - or turn to Him, and sanctify ourselves. The world will throw out snares, trying to capture your vanity, ego, or concupiscence, and enmesh you back into that endless brawl. Let it go; it's children fighting over toys.

Richard Turpin

I've seen the recent tweets from Roosh and sensed this was on the cards. I too am intrigued and looking forward to what comes from the Thread. I wasn't brought up with religion (wasn't 'brought up' much at all), so it's not something I understand all too well. Although, I have always prayed and spoken to God from an early age. But it's just something I've done independently 'cos it felt right.


This post is very timely for me. I'm going through the same progression, or stage of life (you and I are at a similar age so perhaps that has something to do with it).

Seeing lies, injustice, corruption being perpetrated on such a large scale (and against a group of people which I am part of) in front of my eyes, in the people around me and in the media and politics most of all has become intolerable emotionally. I have had to develop a rudimentary concept of good and evil without any real understanding of religion or God. I believe suffering, physical or emotional is required to become humble and seek the help of a higher power, a greater wisdom and guidance.

I try to process and respond to the external world (as opposed to my internal world of emotion and perception) to find peace despite dispiriting and unjust nature of the world I see.I am alone. I feel impotent. The world is not good, but I can be good and my internal world can be beautiful. But what is the right way?

The nature of people who are the products of a God-less, barren, political belief system (imposed upon them) leave me without faith in most humans. I want to live with love and hope and this is my nature, but I cannot find common ground with people who live an 'un-examined life'.

I feel boxed in and constrained. I still don't know what's next.

Maybe, when men at large reach this stage, this is when societies change. For the better.

I am interested in hearing more about this, Roosh.


Just a few ideas to ponder:
Does God really follow from Black Pill? Is God a reverse side of Black Pill?
In this sense, God would be necessary to our sense of balance. Also, the reality of Black Pill would imply the reality of God. Buddha did not go so far.

But is this what we want?
Certainly God has huge social proof.
And women are usually the most devoted believers. Does it mean that the deeper despair, the greater faith is?
Buddha excluded women from his community.


The "Black Pill" is nihilism. Nilihism is the belief that our lives are meaningless and despite our accomplishments, they and we will all be forgotten. "Like the snows of yesteryear; gone from this earth".

Roosh has taken the black pill. And I think he is taking the only path that can solve his problem. Religious faith. This thread has motivated me to explore that option.


You know Roosh, two weeks ago I had a religious experience that can only be described as a miracle. My fiancé told me that she had suddenly gotten a week of vacation coming up in a week. At my work place the rule is you must apply for a vacation two weeks in advance. My supervisor still said he would do his best to get it approved. I kept praying every night and day to Jesus but it still was not signed. I lied to my girl and said that it was approved so she could apply for a visa. Kept praying and was checking up in it, even got in trouble for going over my boss’s head. Than on the last day it still was not signed. I kept praying then my boss’s boss came up to me and asked me how I was doing. I told him that my vacation was denied and it was fixed. I was the happiest man in the world.


Roosh, I've been in somewhat of a similar transition myself and I am most curious about the regional and demographic considerations that could arise for you.

You mention that you're adopting the Orthodox Church and that you would also like to move back to the US at some point. To what extent do you think it will be difficult leaving areas of the world where the Orthodox Church is most strong and prevalent to where it is a very minor (population wise) denomination (less than 1 million members)?