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My facebook feed:

Yesterday's event of Trump taking a picture in front of the church with the Bible really triggered them for some reason. They're posting how he's not a real Christian who's never read the Bible, why this should offend me as a Christian, etc.

Similar to this tweet.

I didn't see anybody upset and post about the burning of the churches. Yet this should offend me? I expect to see the usual leftist outrage on my feed but not on this particular (non)issue.

They are my fellow Christians, some of whom I'm pretty close to so this has been somewhat disappointing.

La Águila Negra

Amsterdam cucks.

There is a positive for every negative. The extremely leftist mayor of the GreenLeft will probably resign as a result of this. She assessed the situation horribly (expected 200-300 people), and on top of that showed up not wearing a face mask and not practicing social distancing (lol)

It will also help turning public opinion on Covid19. Fortunately that is finally happening. If next week there won't be a spike in cases (and there won't) even more people will come to realize that Covid19 is part of an agenda

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At some point he mentioned that we need to start seeing each other as Americans and not as black, white, asian, etc. I agree with the sentiment, but I also think it's not the whites you have to convince, and feel that is overlooked in this otherwise excellent segment of his.
An nice sentiment but are those people causing trouble really Americans in any functional sense? Red America is America. The rest are merely American passport/birth-certificate holders with no ideological loyalty to any principle under which America was founded or built. They are global citizens using their American citizenship to outlaw the expression of anything other than globalism.

Imagine being in Yugoslavia and telling a bunch of people that want the other people dead "we need to start seeing each other as fellow Yugoslavians".

It doesn't work, because you cannot have peace when your fundamental principles are in direct opposition to the fundamental principles of the other team. If you want to imagine the way these people see you then imagine having to watch them as they aborted a baby as it was exiting the birth canal, entirely conscious and sentient. Imagine how you would feel having to think of that person as a "fellow American".

Well when you vote for gun rights and actual free speech that is how these people see you.

Not as someone with a different opinion.

But as an evil murderer.

They are not your "fellow" anything.


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New Zealand cucks.

In response to COVID-19 and 40 million + unemployed Americans, it should be the policy of the US Government to send all looters and rioters to New Zealand, free of charge. New Zealanders can grab a taste of diversity and we can rebuild knowing we won't have more riots. Win-win all around.


An initiative has gained momentum amongst left wing figures today in the UK imploring people to stand outside their front doors at 6pm and take a knee to show solidarity.

The particular gesture of kneeling on the ground is so disgusting to me, I can't think of anything more humiliating or servile than kneeling on command.
White women in Louisville form human shield to block police from Black protesters

That's the common theme here: White women. Psyops studies during the cold war showed that women were more susceptible to propaganda and were the main recipients of CIA propaganda; however, in those days, women were more conservative, and that is the extent the propaganda took place.
In the 21st Century we have a new elite with dual citizenship and the propaganda is of the most self-immolating imaginable.
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But their ancestors invented slavery, and subsequently enslaved these black people's ancestors, who were the only people ever enslaved in the history of the world. The very word "slave" in the English language comes from the medieval word for "African." I'm pretty sure that's accurate. I remember reading that "slave" comes from the name of a specific ethnic group, and since only black people have ever been slaves, it must have been African, although I guess "slave" and "African" don't sound very similar. But it probably comes from "African."

Anyway, definitely cringe, but that's a small price to pay for the unique crimes of their ancestors that no other group of darker skinned people have ever committed and certainly don't continue to commit to this day.
The issue is there is a hostile media that created a fake narrative that this man died exclusively from the cops miss-action, as opposed to drugs and heart condition being variables. This was the excuse for elite NGOs (e.g. Ford Foundation) groups, like BLM acted as agitators creating riots, which were allowed to happen by mayor stand-down orders. The whole society has been coopted.


White girl makes entire video thread of herself lecturing her own parents about racism and oppression.

So stunning. So brave.
It seems to be a form of arrogance particular to my generation, that they think they are the first ones ever to be 'progressive' and that everyone older than them is completely ignorant.

In this case we have a completely sheltered girl who has probably experienced little to no hardship in her life lecturing her father (who she clearly has no respect for) on a matter that he has dealt with personally. As for the father it is probably very saddening for him to see his daughter poisoned and radicalised by online rhetoric.


My soul is hurting when I realise that everyone around me is race-cucking, virtue-signaling, and blabbering the usual mind-controlled white-guilt intersectionality talking soy-points. I'm not even fully white.

I hate how anxious I'm feeling lately due to that.

My Lord please give me strength.
I'm with you. This has gotten to me as well. 2020 feels like it's straight from Rod Serling's mind. But as other's have said this and other 2020 events have been incredibly eye opening to help us realize all those who's ideologies need to go the way of the dodo as they simply can't help but jump at an opportunity to do all the things you described.

The Lord will give you the strength. Let this undeniable evil and easy capitulation of the ignorant and illogical further increase your faith through perseverance.



The kneeling has issue has been settled and the good guys lost. Kaepernick put in the early work to get it on peoples radar (albeit with a lot of pushback), now thanks to the riots it's been normalized and accepted as the newest ultimate virtue signal. The subtle distinction of kneeling during a protest vs. kneeling for the national anthem and flag raising will be lost to most. When live Sportsball games resume, a high proportion of Normie attending fans will now think nothing of taking a knee during the national anthem.

'Taking a knee is not about disrespecting the flag, it's about showing support for the cause of equality'- Pretty much guaranteed future default position of the sports franchises from now on.

And with cameras rolling, anyone can pick out who is resisting. Kneel before your masters, bigot



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Portland, OR -- the 90% white crowd chants, "No justice, no peace."

Upon reflecting on my post the other day where I mentioned how grave I thought this all was, it's clear to me that it's all about the reaction. You have white people, many of whom are normal every day taxpayers and workers, saying "No justice, no peace," in effect condoning the rioting and looting, as well as the outright beating of white people and police officers of every color.

When these people have the "no peace" portion of this brought to their neighborhoods, they will turn to the police, who may not even exist.

This is psychosis, and it really appears that a significant amount of people are rooting for their own demise, as well as the country's. And as far as I can tell, not one politician is actually calling this what it actually is.

"We're on your side!" they'll say. Here's the thing: They *know* you're on their side, yet they will destroy you anyway. Why are so many blinded by that?

Want to be a millionaire in a few years? I highly recommend investing in the Chinese Yuan. You may want to learn to speak Mandarin as well. I believe we are witnessing the actual fall of Western Civilization, and desperately want someone to point out to me why I'm wrong in a way that I will believe them.