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This is an Amazon thing not a Google thing but since this thread is hot I'll drop it here.

Is Amazon's Surveillance Machine Secretly Infiltrating Police Departments?

Big Tech has come under fire quite consistently for privacy concerns and has even faced big fines for violations (which they can afford). It seems that public attention on this matter has forced them to start going underground, with secret back-end deals with the government at local levels to expand their surveillance capabilities.

Long story short.
Amazon makes video capture doorbell and puts in a backdoor for police to use the cloud or realtime footage.
Amazon makes a deal with police to get them to push these devices in their community for what amounts to semi-legal surveillance options and possibly kickbacks.

So if you've ever wondered why your government keeps rolling out faster networks despite the fact you can already stream on 3 separate devices in your home then think about where all that extra bandwidth is actually going to go.




puckerman said:
Athanasius said: for search (I like it better than DDG. I've barely used google since I switched to qwant, whereas DDG's searches were lacking.)

Qwant is also part of the Christchurch Conspiracy. I will definitely avoid using that.

I like Duck Duck Go. You can still use Lycos and Excite, which were both out there several years before Google.

It's interesting to think about how or why Google got as big as it did. I naturally wonder what caused all this growth. It suddenly appeared and became the search engine.

Google just was way better than the other search engines back in the time period around 2000. Way way better. Faster, higher quality searches. They didn't start politicizing their searches much until the last few years. It was like a huge bait and switch operation, and that's not even discussing them collecting enough data to be a demonic tool for a leftist dictatorship.

Gab's browser uses Qwant. I've just found the quality of its searches higher than DDG, but both are a massive improvement on subsidizing Google's awfulness.


Google has really hamstrung themselves with the anti-politics input. These days, to get anything useful I need to search by the precise title, and author, to find what I'm looking for. Otherwise, it's nothing but "Officially Approved" sources that have little to do with what I'm searching for - either on Google or YouTube.


Aurini said:
Google has really hamstrung themselves with the anti-politics input. These days, to get anything useful I need to search by the precise title, and author, to find what I'm looking for. Otherwise, it's nothing but "Officially Approved" sources that have little to do with what I'm searching for - either on Google or YouTube.

Google's engine went from showing us what they think we're looking for to showing us what they think we should be looking for.
The same for their youtube searches. Nothing but checkmark users when I am trying to get something authentic. I use to find obscure people's stuff that was nice and homely. Now it's just over produced mainstream garbage.


ilostabet said:
Anyone has any experience with Open Tube?

I tried to switch to Bitchute permanently, but 9 out of 10 times I can't get any videos to play or upload.

Odd, I use BitChute whenever possible and have never had a problem (playback only; I have never tried to upload).


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BREAKING: 50 state attorneys genera led by ⁦@KenPaxtonTX⁩ announce antitrust investigation of Google

That's good and all but unless Google is broken up than it is just meaningless posturing.

Google controls 95%+ of search (#1 in search), a majority of online free video watching (#1 in free non-adult online video), the #1 online advertising platform, #1 phone operating system, and significant shares in other online services.

One company controlling one of those isn't too bad, maybe two, but having all those is simply too much power and control for one company.

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So google ad services continues to pump out soft-pornographic material, but this one caught my eye for a different reason.


Obviously I'm talking about the avatar for the game (or whatever it is) being the eye-in-the-hand symbol. They're getting pretty obvious about it these days.

I was going to make a thread about google-ads using soft-pornographic images to bolster their clicks but I realized the entire thread would simply end up filled with soft-porn, which is obviously not in keeping with the forum direction.


Google is censoring apps you'd never expect:

I use this app. It simply pulls podcasts from RSS feeds. It doesn't host the actual content.

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Meanwhile they still have this "Social Monitoring" app up for coronavirus patients recuperating at home (in Moscow). An app where you have to send your selfie to verify your location. Currently sitting at thousands of 1 star reviews.

This may have been posted on the coronavirus threads already (I'm not up to date on the threads).

Article :
Surrender everything Moscow officials are launching an app to monitor coronavirus patients’ compliance with home isolation. It requires access to geolocation, calls, and device settings. - source

After installing the app, the police will start monitoring self-isolation compliance by people diagnosed with coronavirus
, says Lysenko. Those who choose to recover from the disease at home will need to give their informed consent to installing and using the app. “This isn’t to track movements but to monitor when someone leaves their self-isolation address,” says Lysenko.

The app will send push notifications to verify users’ locations. After each notification, users must access the app using facial recognition and then upload a live selfie. The “Social Monitoring” app will log users’ geolocations automatically.

The app has come under fire for demanding broad access to device settings and transmitting personal data without encryption. ... Bloggers at different Telegram channels studied the app and reported that it demanded access to geolocation, cameras, memory, call histories, wearable sensor data, and permission to view any data on the device. To make matters worse, the software transmitted all this collected data without encryption to the city’s data servers, according to Vladislav Zdolnikov

Eduard Lysenko also confirmed earlier reports by Meduza that Moscow officials plan to use QR-codes to permit local residents to leave their homes while the city is under self-isolation.


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Is this zersetzung made by craptube?

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I've been working on a legal project which involves finding class action lawsuits against the big tech companies, and let me tell you, the amount of horrible shit that Google does is off the scale. Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are like little babies compared to the vast privacy-devouring juggernaut that is Google.

They've been sued (and convicted or forced into settlement) on all sorts of vile shit, from recording and distributing people's private conversations with Google Assistant, to tracking and storing location info despite them being turned off, to some absolutely mind-boggling stuff like spying on e-mails of users who don't even use Gmail.

You know how Gmail will scan your emails to serve you ads related to the content of your e-mails? Well, if you use Outlook or ProtonMail and send an e-mail to a gmail address, Google will still analyze your e-mail, open a file on your e-mail address as if it were a unique Google account ID, and use it to serve you ads all over the web.
@acco, I'm a fellow youtube-dl user.. (it even works on twitter videos and and others).

Recommend NOT using Chrome or Firefox.. (Firefox donates to antifa, btw.. don't know if that is widely known here).

I'm using Brave.. based on chromium.. built in ad blocking.. no uBlock origin or any third party nonsense needed.
Chromium is okay too.. neither of these send data to Google.. (Chrome does)