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Does Brave use any other aspect of Chrome other than this User Agent?

The article I linked up above states Chrome is a Google product ( and obviously has been caught spying )

I like Brave, it's really fast. Won't load comments to youtube videos though, which is fine most of the time, if I wish to read comments I'll switch to Firefox. But Firefox is horrible these days on Win 10 for some reason, the audio and video is out of whack on it. Brave plays back Youtube videos perfectly. I just don't want to conned into thinking Brave is not a Google product, when essentially it is.
The code to build Chrome was open sourced a few years

This is why Brave is similar to Chrome.

Google does not have your data.

But who knows with Brave. This is Brave's Privacy Policy, which they might or might not be adhering too


Brave browser is also open source..

The comments go away because Brave's code tries to block any third party content, which often times can also lead to pages not loading the same way you would see on Chrome.
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I think there is like 20-30 states that were talking about filing antitrust suit against google and it may go further than what the EU has done.

The advertising monopoly of google + facebook needs to be broken.

Also its perfect timing with covid, all major companies have slashed their ad budgets and with so much few add dollar spend the acquisition costs have plummeted.
Love to see folks getting into this issue.
As someone who interviewed successfully at google a few years ago prior to waking up in Christ, I'm ashamed to say that I was at one time a google fanboy..
I have since repented and no longer use any google service.. no chrome, no gmail, no google drive (that was a hard one).. I changed the password to my 10+ year google account to something random, didn't write it down, turned off account recovery, and boom.. cold turkey.. Highly suggest doing the same.
I also suggest not using Windows (Gill Bates) or Mac OS (sodomy central). I've been running Linux (try Manjaro or Artix or Arch or something good) for the past few years.. I'm torn from an opsec standpoint about what I can say, but let's just say that it is possible to run Linux in certain hostile (corporate) settings if you're committed (and good at figuring things out). Free / Libre software is more important than is commonly understood.

regarding browsers, check this out if you want a good run down of Brave

Much Love
Very recently (last 24h) people noticed that when you type "demon" into google translate, the first definition returned is:
a police officer.
Google disabled the popup definitions for this word and only shows examples and synonyms instead. However, if you try other words the definitions will still come up as they normally do.



I have been moving away from Google over the last 6-7 years. It all started when they delisted my small Blog from search results. Then, they instituted policies about editing posts, on my Blog, if I wanted to stay in the Google Adsense program. So, I dropped Adsense for Amazon. Now, they advertise their social justice policies, disguised as email, in my Gmail account, which I am now switching to Protonmail. And, I dropped Chrome for Brave, because Google had so much tracking software on Chrome. I swear it is a bunch of green haired harpies who work at Google. Everything they do is anti-user.