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I generally use Brave for a browser, ProtonMail for email, DuckDuckGo or SwissCows for search, and and Bitchute for video. Got rid of FaceBook a year or two ago. Never thought Twitter was worthwhile to begin with--basically people throwing bumper stickers at each other.

Have to confess, I do use Google and YouTube on occasion -- when I am waiting for something else, it is amusing to search for things I will never, ever buy. Google is trained to think I am in the market for Rolex watches, fancy jewelry, and private jet flights, when in reality I am not. Even if I had the money I would not buy such things. The all-knowing Google thought I might be interested in a Bently yesterday. They even ran ads from the Biden campaign asking for donations--if that ain't hilarious. May seem petty, but if enough people convince Google to advertise things that the viewer will never buy--the advertisers may move on to something else. is a growing alternative to youtube. And Gab is a viable alternative to twitter.


I've been trying out and think I'll be eventually fully replacing gmail with it. The domain is sensible and easy to remember, it allows for customized mailboxes, and is relatively inexpensive- you can get 25GB of mailbox space and 25GB of cloud storage (replaces Google Drive) for about 4.50 euros (about $4.50/US per month). You pay the money in advance and they withdraw it. You can get add'l accounts for family on the same account-- adding a mailbox for the wife gave us another 5GB mailbox space and didn't cost extra- the size ends up being shared. It uses common mail protocols. It has a calendar feature and you can tie that in with your phone's calendar app. By contrast, Protonmail was more expensive-- something like $20/mon to for 20GB of storage. The only downside so far is that takes some perseverance to initially set up. It doesn't have the professional sheen of big corporate sites- it wasn't always easy to find appropriate instructions. But now that it's set up it seems to function well.

I second others who've promoted Brave. I use the browser and phone app. It works for 99% of sites and kills ads on Youtube. I just use firefox for the occasional site that misbehaves in Brave. Chrome has been completely uninstalled for probably a year off all my machines and I don't miss it at all.

Duckduckgo or works for most searches.


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Cross posting from the "When EVERY Search Topic is a COVID Topic"

So I've spoken about this once before in another thread, but I am wondering how many people have become frustrated and infuriated with the amount of times you enter a search topic online and find nearly EVERY listing in the Search to be all about "COVID" even though what you enter in the search has absolutely nothing to do with COVID. There are literally articles flooding away any of the results related more relevantly to the search topic you entered.

That's how powerful the COVID psyop is, and how much AI is integrated in it to manipulate everyone and to tie "COVID" into everyone's way of life.

Every time I see this happens it makes me breathe heavily in frustration and despair. It's sickening how many people can't see through the nonsense in everyday life.

Even if "COVID" were a thing, and even if over 500,000 people in this country died, so what!? There's no way that even if all of that were true that something this ridiculous would dominate every part of people's every day life and thoughts the way it has, and to give me Search Results Like these.

Who else has been losing their mind over these occurrences?


My reply...

Wow that search results page is gross. What I would expect from a search engine run in someone's garage who is scared of the c'vid.

Google has become pretty bad since early 2016 and in the last 2 years its become remarkably bad. Now always need to minus things they keep forcing into the top results. Besides Covid, not too long ago any news related query would be flooded with anti-Trump articles even if the query wasn't related to Trump at all.

Google in an effort to "correct wrong think" is leaving open a big gap for competitors in search and video hosting. Duck Duck Go, at least the search part, is taking advantage of it and growing pretty rapidly.