"The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum


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Even though it doesn't outright come and say it, but that's the implication when Trump/QAnon are mentioned.

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Another excellent interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts. She lays it all out very clearly and chronologically. I like that around 118 minutes in she states that there is no government as such, meaning they're just the Italian restaurant that deals with the public, while the mafia sit in their own private room at the back taking the dictating how the restaurant runs and creaming off the profit.
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Her insight is mind blowing. Everyone has to watch this.
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Interesting. She knows what she's talking about and corroborates some information elsewhere:



ESG - Environment and Social Governance

Already popular among corporations, this is coming down to the personal level.

Biden had a recent announcement regarding how Climate Change could necessitate changes in banking?

"Comply or Explain" - Glen Beck repeats which made me think, when you have to give an explanation why your business is fine with ESG, then you have already lost your freedoms.