"The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum


You have to understand this, nerds want to get what they didn't get when they were young. So that is why the are very vindictive. So give them what they want and you get the ultimate authoritarian useful idiot who will control others while being controlled by the puppet master. Paradoxically this is both their strength and weakness.

But they are not really nerds in the popular sense. All these people in top positions come from the families, usually listed in the Peerage. Miles Mathis does a great job at connecting the dots. So although they might look nerdy because of the constant inbreeding in the families but they are simply trained from very early age to be psychopaths.

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Important interview about the financial reset. Something I hear very much lately is that the financial system is at its end (or has even surpassed its end already). Frankly, because so much money has been and is printed, and there's no foundation such as gold for it, all is artificial now.

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First Article (of two) by Strategic Culture connecting the dots between 1. Schwab/the WEF, 2. the neo-cons/ Burnham, 3. Trotskyism and 4. Malthusian ideology/ Club of Rome

According to Burnham that would have to culminate in the 'Managerial Revolution', which sounds very much like the totalitarian, neo-feudal The Great Reset

Also note how most of Burnham's predictionshave been horribly off the mark.

Would strongly suggest anyone interested in the ideology and people behind The Great Reset to read this article.

Funny the ubiquitousness of Kissinger.

He was a big part, along with Kristol and Boot, in propagating the PNAC that came to the fore after 9/11.

Supposedly Covid was first released or whatever into the world in September/October 2019, around the time of the World Military Games.

I was in China at the time and guess who else was there?

Kissinger was sitting there in a CCP armchair, filmed holding forth to CCP officials on State Television news. Flying visit to China.