"The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum

Some people say that 2020 was a bad year, but from the beginning of the year I had a feeling that this sets the tone for the decade of the 2020s, and how they gonna spell trouble. An intelligent person prepares for war during peace time, and thats what we all should be doing.

Regarding the world economic forum, in my mind, the 4 years of Donald Trump were seen as a bump in the road to the desired outcome by the asset holding classes of our time: To guarantee the higher return on investment of assets over the reward of labour.

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In our circles we often talk about the long march through the institutions, well the United Nations took the long march through our municipalities. It was a blogger, Niki Raapana, who alerted me to the UN strategy of infiltration at the local level to promote their global agenda of sustainable development. Simply do a search for you local council, add the word sustainable and you'll get hits. I'd call it the water melon revolution, in that they co-opted the green movement to give it a patina of appeal to the middle-class. Saving the world by recycling, bicycling, emissions control, and all that good stuff, what's not to like right? The hyrdra never sleeps.


Mink flu to shut down mink furs.

Swine Flu to shut down pork production;

Bird Flu to shut down all poultry and turkey production:

So far nothing on the cow-viral front, but it's the most expensive meat already anyway, so they can easily invent another viral disease and cull 80% of the cattle population in order to wipe it out.

Tyson foods here focusing on sustainable - aka - very expensive beef - or for most peasants it will be insect protein:

Tyson Foods Unveils Alternative Protein Products and New Raised & Rooted® Brand

Company uniquely positioned; offers plant-based and blended protein products​

They already rebranded themselves as a protein company recently, because they are about to switch to plant and insect protein.

Nevermind that we know now from human test trials called vegans that consuming only plant protein makes you sick - it is not only uncomplete, you have to eat far more of it, it also creates homocysteine in the body which is a toxin that causes heart attacks, neuralogical damage and other goodies. It explains why many long-term vegans experience heart attacks while having the supposedly 'heart attack proof diet'. Nothing could be further from the truth - the lack of vitamins and minerals extends well beyond B12. The very protein itself is only partially useful.

That is why I said that the worst part isn't the masks or a chipping of the population. Limiting meat alone will shorten life expectancy and return health back to early 20th century levels for the malnourished factory workers.

This change will just be using the covid crap (aka the fake viral scare and the few deaths caused by lockdowns and insane treatments). But since the peasants were lapping up the covid viral fear, then they can use it to shut down every meat production. Then if they want you to reduce travel, then they come up with some other covid2023 scare followed by some other bullshit. Most tourism will go bust anyway since they want you to remain set in place in your rental appartments in the big cities that you will never own. Travel is to be a privilege for the wealthy like it used to be in the 1920s - even more than that. And I mean it - it won't be even the 1950s because you had cars to drive across the country even if airtravel was too expensive. Your electric cars won't do any of that decently.

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We've been here before. Interestingly, it was Professor Neil Ferguson, the chap who scared much of the world into lockdown, who panicked the UK government into a totally unnecessary, mass cull (6 million;)) of sheep and cattle in the UK during the foot & mouth disease outbreak. It devastated farming communities and more than a few farmers committed suicide as a result. With CV19 he sure factored in bridge jumping. Here's a Spectator article on Ferguson, the photos don't show a man I'd ever want beside me, or anywhere near me frankly, in a crisis.


The Canadian email was written in a way that no government official would write - at best an immigrant diversity hire. The other detail is the speed of the transformation. It alleged that by next year Canadians or Americans would say goodbye to all property - this is essentially impossible unless you threaten to nuke them. Not an economic collapse, not even food collapse would accomplish that this fast.

The probablity is that the model will be phased in by offering a lifelong UBI on the grounds of future inability to acquire any property, car or even an electronic device. Then you will be provided with a rental car access and some cheap electronics. They need however an economic collapse for that - a long-term brutal recession - one that makes almost half the population destitute. Those will accept the property-less UBI. It's possible that higher-tier employed workers might do so to, but the guy made the claim that millions of paid-off property owners will just say good-bye to their real estate property. That is not logical - not even during a depression - however brutal it may be. Corporations may for example offer the same rent-only own-nothing scheme to new hires giving them 50% more pay if they agree to that. Also the corporation pays off all their student debt instantly. I could imagine this to work for an ever greater part of the people until you got Communism 2.0.


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Video description:
Sky News host Rowan Dean says the slogan “Build Back Better” has been harnessed by political and environment-conscious institutions – such as the United Nations – as a tool to push the so-called Great Reset.

Mr Dean referred to a description produced by the World Economic Forum – a champion of the Great Reset idea – where they “fantasised” of the “utopia” it would bring about, which read “I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life has never been better”.

“The World Economic Forum's experts predicted, and went on to fantasise that there will be a global carbon tax, US dominance will be a thing of the past, we'll have stopped eating meat and, wait for it, a global displacement of a billion people because of climate change,” he said.

“But how do the World Economic Forum and the United Nations intend to bring about this utopia of theirs, this Great Reset they keep promising us? Well, they need national and state governments to play along.

“And one of the key tools is a three word slogan... Build Back Better.”

Mr Dean said in a “lightbulb” moment, the World Economic Forum, among numerous bodies, recognized “the power of this innocuous sounding slogan”.

“With a simple sleight of hand they realised any disaster can be the perfect excuse to build back better," he said.

"Meaning build back greener but using the money that should be going to disaster relief to instead subsidise the eco-Marxist, anti-capitalist UN agenda at the same time as making renewables investors very rich."


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Wow - 2030 - and most won't own anything - can't wait for that happiness:

7. Mars and colonies

Translation: Pure gibberish - as if we would ever let you escape this prison planet. We would never ever let you escape from our grasp alive. It's just guff for peasants.

#7 shows how much they think were all such morons. Human beings most likely can't survive outside the Van Allen belt. We never went to the moon (there was no dust displacement under the landers from retro rockets). How the hell can we make it to mars?


If you want to look at how the future gulags might look like - here in the middle of nowhere in Canada:

Around minute 1000:

And Liverpool just announced that the military will be forcibly testing everyone in the city in a nice project. What adds a nice touch to it is that the kids will be tested by the military in school - each kid goy will be given a bar code. Bar code tattoos coming later or will they just go to chips?


The children will be obedient for life after this and already used to the sanitary police state. I am pretty sure that this militarized testing which was already happening in some third world countries - that this is a prelude to mandatory militarized vaxxing. So no friendly neighborhood doctor giving you an out. It's taking a shot or straight to the gulag. Nice.


Wow - 2030 - and most won't own anything - can't wait for that happiness:

This is no satire btw - this is by the World Economic Forum:

1. You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy.

Translation: We would have made you bankrupt or unemployed, you would have starved even for a few months, then we would have come with a UBI solution, given you some potent weed and you would put on a happy grin not realizing that you are our slave forever. You will rent everything and get your stuff delivered to you by Amazon and Walmart drones.

And that exact refrain has been used for years now. This Danish MEP wrote a hilarious but terrifying article using much of the same verbiage word for word:


Chains of Peter

Which is more or less my plan. I’m actually burning the candle from both ends My day job is a cushy office job in a sector that actually benefits from all this, and my other job is focused on deal making (we’re a small team connects with some of the people involved in this Great Reset) that offers me the opportunity to do some actual good and get a good cut of the benefit we provide, while being location independent if it works.
"If I just collaborate a little, the Nazis will leave me alone."

This post really harkens back to this forum's roots as an international sexual arbitrage forum. "Screw you, got mine" is not a Christian disposition.


4. You will eat much less meat.

Translation: We will ban most meat production - it will be so expensive that you serfs won't be able to afford it. Vegan food will make you malnourished and sterile just as we want it. And the replacement cricket protein will keep you alive longer, but we will make sure that you will remain sickly and weak with a target expiration date around 60. That is how we like it.

And if that does not scare you enough - how about a major UK retail chain declaring that it will close all meat counters permanently:

The meat thing is something I've been thinking about for a while. I think that'll be the next step, honestly - many seem to think open child sexual abuse being normalized is the next (and kind of ultimate) step, but I think first will be effectively mandatory veganism. They'll start with prisons, then schools, then workplaces. Meanwhile, cheap slurry food will be everywhere and rather than going to a butcher because you like nice cuts of higher-quality meat you'll have to go to that butcher to get meat at all that's not in nugget form.


"If I just collaborate a little, the Nazis will leave me alone."

This post really harkens back to this forum's roots as an international sexual arbitrage forum. "Screw you, got mine" is not a Christian disposition.
I don’t think you quite understand what we’re doing. In no way shape or form am I involved in anything that supports the agenda and I have plans on how to use a windfall. We’re working on another type of project.

And I don’t expect to be left alone. There’s other chips on the table here.



They've been using that line for years now (above skeleton wrote an article about this in 2015 or so, I think).

Turns out you don't even have to use drugs - just constant reconditioning and prodding of the system.

And you have to realize that the own nothing element is maybe close to irrelevant to the bottom 80% because they own little. But you should ask why the super-elite wants this? They want this because if they eliminate accumulation of capital, then no upstart family will ever endanger the rule of their progeny in the future. Essentially you simply will never be able to invest your capital in the next best thing because there is no capital left except in their hands. Your ancestors have essentially turned themselves into slaves and doomed their children to this fate as well.

That kind of rhetoric is as insane as it sounds. And obviously no one is going to be retrained to do anything. They will be unemployed receiving a bare-bones UBI with the few lucky ones having a job giving them a better lifestyle. It's just communism 3.0 - next attempt - I am sure that it will work out great just because only big companies are allowed to rape you together with the state.


1. You'll own nothing. And you'll be happy.

Translation: We would have made you bankrupt or unemployed, you would have starved even for a few months, then we would have come with a UBI solution, given you some potent weed and you would put on a happy grin not realizing that you are our slave forever. You will rent everything and get your stuff delivered to you by Amazon and Walmart drones.

Basically if you're not living off grid in the forest far away you either accept the beast system or die in a year's time either from starvation or in the medical gulag. The Canadian Leak will play out as it says.

So, this brings me to the next question:
If you can't own private property, than how can you possibly escape this by going off grid ? According to this theory doesn't that mean you'll also loose the rights to your off grid land and property ?

I'm not coming to any conclusions here, just brainstorming the best way to counter this.
Yes. This is the problem with preppers and off grid types. They assume that since they are not bothering the govt they will be left alone. This level of naivety is sad. The reality is they must have everyone because if they let a few off others may join them or be curious about that lifestyle. Eventually it will be comply or death, thus the only question is how will they take you, on your feet or on your knees.