"The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum


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They're not hiding the feudalist aspects anymore.

There is an "official" list of attendees as well. Not sure if the two lists are the same since the one went behind a paywall.


Man, this list really fails to capture the depth of the tentacles in some of these cases. Kissinger is listed as "Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc." How's that for innocuous? How about arch-globalist oppressor or something slightly more descriptive? Makes me wonder what some of these other "Chairmen" and "Board Members" are really up to.

I also wonder if the Ukraine representation is normal or if they're being elevated into the upper echelons thanks to its pitiable victimhood caused by the Evil Empire for which reason we must all stand in solidarity with it and fly its flag from our front door.


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Good intro to the great reset by a credible guy. May be worthwhile to share with normie friends. There's swearing though so take heed if that's an issue for you.



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C.J. Hopkins has published an extended essay on what he thinks is going on with all of this. Here's a review of the book:



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I’d like to share a theory with you. It’s just a theory, and I lack concrete evidence to support it, but there is substantial circumstantial evidence which makes it hard to believe the related facts are mere coincidence.

Have you heard of Alpha-Gal syndrome? No, this has nothing do with a bad-b***h feminist leader. It’s a recently identified condition that prevents people from eating red meat and possibly dairy after being bitten by one or more types of ticks, named after a carbohydrate molecule transmitted from the tick which elicits an immune response in humans. The reaction can range from mild gastrointestinal discomfort to death via anaphylactic shock. There is no cure for this condition, and those afflicted by it must avoid mammalian food products for life.

First identified in 2007, the condition has only entered the public consciousness in the last few years probably due to the exponential explosion in the number of cases of identified cases – an increase from 12 in 2009 to 34,000 in 2019.

Ah, 2019, the most treasured year for the proponents of the Great Reset which signified the introduction of the killer virus which has allowed them to explicitly declare their long-held and long-planned (i.e. before 2007) intentions to implement their plan for humanity which include the abolition of carnivory and to begin said implementation. MSM outlets including noted gatekeepers/shills read daily by millions (Bezos Post and New York Times) are directing the attention of the indoctrinated masses to the new disorder. Note that these articles as well as this one from Scientific American were all published in a span of 3 weeks in May. Probably just a coincidence that wasn't coordinated.

What a convenient development for Louse Swab and his minions that people in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia will now be forced to give up red meat possibly under punishment of death.

You might argue that the idea of using ticks as bioweapons is some sort of science fiction scenario, however, the idea goes back to the days of World War II and was actively investigated by the US government (and the Japanese government for that matter) including research performed by Nazi scientists imported under the auspices of Operation Paper Clip.

The government acknowledges that tick-borne disease research was carried out at a high security level research lab on Plum Island located in the Long Island Sound. It’s surely a coincidence that just a few miles from this island lies Old Lyme, Connecticut which is the namesake for Lyme disease which was discovered in this small community in the 1970’s. It’s probably a coincidence that most patients with Lyme disease also test positive for a patented strain of mycoplasma. It’s also probably a coincidence that the government all but refuses to acknowledge the existence of this disease, why doctors generally refuse to test for it or diagnose it, and why insurance companies are hesitant cover treatments for it.

Alpha-gal is no longer confined to the southeastern US or the Lone Star tick which is believed to be the main vector in North America. I have personally heard multiple reports from people north of the 40th parallel who have fallen victim to this condition, and range maps show that the Lone Star is spreading throughout the continent although other tick species are also suspected of transmitting this disorder which magically came into being within the last 15 years. We can expect case numbers of this syndrome, which are surely being grossly underreported, to continue to skyrocket in the coming years, especially as habitat destruction brings ticks into closer contact with the condo-dwelling masses of the American urban monstrosities of the future.

Yes, it’s probably all a great coincidence that this condition appeared out of nowhere and began proliferating just as the Great Reset was introduced into public consciousness and that it will prevent tens of thousands of individuals from eating red meat for the rest of their lives just as certain actors begin investing massive fortunes in synthetic meat production and calling for a worldwide ban on carnivory. I’m sure it will also be impossible for pharmaceutical companies to include this little bitty sugar in certain “hot lots” of certain concoctions consisting of dozens of unknown ingredients which are being forcibly injected into billions of people worldwide after experiments using seemingly natural means of infection are completed to their satisfaction.

It must be nice to be among the ruling elite and to have so many fortuitous coincidences that work directly in favor of your agenda to occur all at once like so many dominoes falling into place.

More reading about Plum Island, Lyme disease, tick borne diseases and Operation Paper Clip:

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I’d like to share a theory with you. It’s just a theory, and I lack concrete evidence to support it, but there is substantial circumstantial evidence which makes it hard to believe the related facts are mere coincidence.

Alpha-Gal is no coincidence, as you say.

This is one of the reasons why we decided not to relocate to the midwest. In the west there are ticks but last summer as we were touring properties in the midwest there were thousands of nymph ticks crawling up my legs in every field I visited.

Tick-borne diseases appear to be a major tool in their arsenal to push different agendas. Including depopulating the countryside.


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I did a little more research into the Alpha-Gal phenomenon, and it seems that like with so many other things, the truth is hiding in plain sight and that the elites have left a bread crumb trail for those who are willing to connect the dots to follow.

The first eyebrow raising statement in this 2018 piece from NYT is:
In meat allergy, the tick seems to break an already established tolerance, causing the immune system to attack what it previously ignored. One way to understand how the parasite pulls this off is to consider its bite as a kind of inadvertent vaccine.

Hmm. How interesting that the gain of function research at the Wuhan lab was probably complete or nearly so when this article was published which also suggests that the research into the current crop of poison injections was well under way. After all, the explicit purpose of the gain of function research was to patent potential new pharmaceutical concoctions.

Now for the critical part:

As it happens, an immune response to alpha-gal is also what drives, in part, the rejection of tissue transplanted from animals to people. Scientists have developed genetically modified pigs meant to supply parts that can be grafted onto human bodies without eliciting an anti-alpha-gal immune reaction

Here they admit that genetic engineering allows for breeding large mammals that don't produce alpha-gal. Therefore the obvious converse is that they're equally capable of engineering small arthropods (presumably with shorter genomes) that do produce alpha-gal. Meaning that breeding and unleashing the alpha-gal producing ticks would be an entirely feasible scenario.

Now, how about that depopulation agenda?

A recent study by scientists at the National Institutes of Health, which included Commins and Platts-Mills as co-authors, linked allergic sensitization to alpha-gal with a greater risk of arterial plaques, a hallmark of heart disease. It’s unclear whether having alpha-gal antibodies specifically increases your risk of developing plaques or whether some other factor increases a person’s risk of heart disease and sensitization to alpha-gal. But if it turns out that meat allergy pushes people toward cardiac arrest, it would imply that encounters with the lone-star tick contribute to the leading cause of death in the United States.

So you don't even need to be a sinful meat eater to be killed as a result of the tick bite. Here's a convenient way to boost the occurrence of the leading cause of death and to do it in a way that would be totally undetectable.

The big, unanswered question is why meat allergy is on the rise today...Ticks are not new. Neither is the human consumption of meat. Why the sudden problem for so many?

That is the big question indeed.

One possibility is that the ticks have changed somehow. Maybe they’ve acquired a pathogen we don’t understand yet, and this infection is causing the allergy.

Or maybe they "acquired" the pathogen through artificial and intentional means. Considering tick-borne diseases have been researched in high security level biolabs in this country for over 7 decades, this "acquisition" could have happened very easily.

The piece offers a "natural" explanation that strains credulity, only to acknowledge its implausibility in the following paragraph:

Or perhaps, Commins says, changes to the insect’s microbiome, the collection of symbiotic microbes that it carries in its body, have somehow made its bites more allergenic. The idea is plausible and could nicely explain how an arachnid that has been around for a long time could begin causing a new set of complications...
What such an account fails to address, however, is why the meat allergy has increased in other parts of the world, like Australia and Europe.

That is quite a strange coincidence. It's also strange that this increase occurred in traditionally white places that consume a lot of meat. What does the great scientist have to say in response?
“I don’t for the life of me have a unifying hypothesis for why it’s happening everywhere,” Commins told me, although he added that pesticides could be one factor changing tick microbiomes globally.

Wow, what a powerful statement of confidence. Pesticides.

It may simply be that an increase in the number of ticks has turned a problem once so rare that it went scientifically unnoticed into an observable epidemic. “I think we’ve got far more tick bites today than people had as recently as 35 years ago,” Platts-Mills told me. He lays the blame for the growing spread of ticks on newly abundant deer. In Virginia, he thinks new laws requiring dogs to remain on leashes have emboldened deer, which then bring ticks closer to people.

Yeah, deer. And leash laws. :laughter:

Of course, no agenda of the Great Reset would be complete without the mention of...

Climate change may be aiding the lone-star tick’s move northward too, Rick Ostfeld, a disease ecologist at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, told me. Hundreds of cases of meat allergy have been diagnosed on Long Island in recent years, which wasn’t part of the tick’s range in recent history. The tick has been spotted as far north as Maine
Remember that Plum Island is located in the Long Island Sound. But let's go ahead and debunk that while we're at it
But what’s happening in the American East can’t account for the full extent of the phenomenon elsewhere in the world.

Shucks. But fear not my friends, science has the answer.

Soares is currently working on a vaccine to spur the immune system to attack alpha-gal more actively

Oh thank Darwin. I'll just go ahead and receive another injection and everything will be fine.

So there you have it. My research has indicated the first reports of this disease were in the late 1990's. Even if the implausible "natural" scenarios are true, it doesn't discount the possibility of the exponential rise of alpha-gal syndrome being caused by intentional tinkering. We can file this under never let a good crisis go to waste, and it wouldn't take a very astute Resetter to figure out how to use this situation to their advantage.

Let's also not forget the the assault on meat consumption goes much further back than the current iteration of the WEF. Remember meatless mondays? Cow farts? That's all late 1990's and early 2000's so these ideas have been brewing for decades. This didn't just start when Louse Swab and disgusting Harari were made into media darlings. This has been in the works for awhile, and boy what an amazing bunch of coincidences we see here. Gaia sure is funny like that.

Some interesting food for thought - as long as the food isn't of mammalian origin.


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I'm not meaning to blow up this thread and I'll start a new one if there's enough demand, but reading the following really brought it all into focus for me.

“Alpha-gal allergy appears to be yet another reason to protect oneself from tick bites,” said NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. “Food allergies can range from an inconvenience to a life-threatening condition and pose a serious and growing public health problem that urgently requires more research.”

Enough said.


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I'm not meaning to blow up this thread and I'll start a new one if there's enough demand, but reading the following really brought it all into focus for me.

Enough said.
I recall seeing a clip of one of these "intellectuals" talking about how they could synthesize this meat allergy, and essentially give it to multitudes of people who still want meat. They know we won't give our meat he mentioned, so they'll have to use other methods.

Evil people. Does it even need to be said.