"The Great Reset" plan by the World Economic Forum


I don't think the normalcy will ever return. Maybe this is the start of the change or the end?

Just remember, you (if Christian) cannot take the mark for buying/selling. That is the pushback line for us:

“And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelations, 13:16-17).


<chuckle>, if you want to ruin your day, have a listen to this guy blackpilling. And frankly I didn't hear anything from him that I could disagree with. As an overview: the Great Reset was predicted, is real and is worse than you could ever imagine; be diverse in investments and be tangible heavy (gold, silver, land, goods, etc) and don't put your faith in any man as saviour, if they reached the heights it's because they're part of the club that you ain't in.
Pretty much spot on. His wrong about gold though. Even physical gold is manipulated. They are not telling the truth in the amount of gold available or number of mines. A friend of mine his uncle sells diamonds in Antwerp. And told him just this.

One thing is certain. If no rival faction of the elite pushes back. This will get much worse than people think. Even black piled. Trump pushed back a little I think. Not for the people. At least in preventing supply chain food disruptions. But for selfish and personal gain maintaining a political leverage for when he would leave office.

Man have to take responsibility. Because when this shit starts unravelling nobody else will help you. Food and gas. All the rest is not essential.
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I like Francis Hunt and I have followed him for a few years. When you are in the financial markets you are at the epicenter of power, and he is right about many things in regards to macro politics and this Great Reset they are enforcing.

The problem is that he has made it a trademark to go on hour long doomium rants and now I rarely sit through a full video with him. Normally he grows when he speaks with guests/hosts but I thought this was a bit embarrassing. I expect people to have a dialogue when they team up, and this was a monologue. He had a great episode where he calmed down a bit and talked about macro-economics with Lyn Alden recently on The Market Sniper channel. Worth a listen.



This is one of the worst of the predictive documents I read - it contains everything:

The best part to read are the chat-comment-section to the right.

You can go into all those 4 scenarios - with very little info on the supposedly ideal scenario, but look at the slogans:

+ wellbeing standard established (poor, malnourished, freezing - don't worry peasant - your wellbeing ratio is shown as 10 out of 10)
+ many cannot afford the new energy tariffs. There have many deaths from hypothermia in poorer, elderly people. - that will soon be reality due to rising carbon taxes on energy, next will come the carbon energy tariffs
+ Section X being mentioned - cities and areas being divided into sections - likely with no entry for people from one section into another
+ sensors being mentioned that are implanted in the skin - wellbeing sensors !
+ pronouncements about the minimum global water, energy and shelter standards being rolled out in Section X - does that sound as global technocratic communism? Because it is!
+ possibilities of infectious diseases from Section X spreading to their neighbourhood. - sanitary dictatorship never going away - of course infectious diseases spreading from the poor is millennia old propaganda - all those diseases disappeared with plenty of food and clean water, heating or cooling in summer
+ a fault-free surveillance system that is able to detect any disease, and reminders to ensure that they have had their annual sensor checks (!!!!! - annual sensor - ake implanted chip check - the sensor tells you whether you are healthy, have met some infectious pathogen!)
+ many people in category C jobs, you know the ones on day contracts, are defaulting on these schemes and relying on small local telemedicine services when they have problems as they can’t afford the premiums. - telemedicine services are here to stay post covid - if you cannot afford private doctors, you get a zoom call - also job categories - they are coming - your job category will determine in which section you shall live
+ Elderly Workers Union for hosting our monthly meeting with business, global and state colleagues. - this was written by the Rockefeller Foundation - as many have reported - they were after communism after all
+ public authorities closed the last public hospital - already reality in many areas

.... there is way more in that - worth going into


This is just too much to take at once. I guess we can agree this is what they want but it doesn't mean they will get everything they hope for. It's not gospel and God laughs at their plans.
God works in decades and centuries. Their system will fall one day for sure, but human dictatorships - even the most brutal and removed from divine grace - have been upheld for quite a long time. Sometimes the system was destroyed from internal corruption and strife and sometimes it was wiped out by a mixture of climate or even conquerors as the conquerors were more benevolent than the previously ruling bunch (hijghly negative Aztecs being ended by the Christiana Spaniards despite all their faults still making life better for the 99,9% of the locals).

My personal guess is that they will manage many of their goals. The 4th most ideal scenario in this manifesto is the least defined - probably because it's stupid and ridiculous in the first place - like the communist fluff pieces written in the 1950s about the great socialist republics being able to abolish money some day and colonize all space.

It never works out as advertised:

There are so man statements about central planning in there that it sounds exactly like a communist system - a mix between giant corporations and big brother communist super-state.
Some notes I took today:

  • Farming

  • Precious metals

BE GLAD YOU ARE IN AMERICA by The Common Sense Show
  • America offers the carrot while other countries like Canada use the stick

  • Says China won't launch a EMP because they want our resources. But lesser nations would want to.
The problem is that he has made it a trademark to go on hour long doomium rants and now I rarely sit through a full video with him. Normally he grows when he speaks with guests/hosts but I thought this was a bit embarrassing. I expect people to have a dialogue when they team up, and this was a monologue. He had a great episode where he calmed down a bit and talked about macro-economics with Lyn Alden recently on The Market Sniper channel. Worth a listen.
Watching this now. That one is surely a tranny, right? No way that’s a biological female. Unless she’s on testosterone injections.



"A global currency governed by the incentives of a private company is something that will deserve and will receive the highest level of regulatory expectations,” the Fed chairman said.

One day in the future, the Fed might develop a digital dollar, Powell said, but not until after a lot of careful review and acceptance by the American public and government."


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Looks like New York vaccine pass "The Great Reset" based on NYS Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address.

Governor Cuomo Announces Pilot Program Testing the Excelsior Pass at Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center​

Initial Phase of Pilot Successful During Brooklyn Nets Game at Barclays Center

Excelsior Pass Will Be Tested Again During New York Rangers Game on March 2 at Madison Square Garden

Proven, Secure Technology Will Confirm an Individual's Vaccination or Recent Negative COVID Test; Will Help Fast-Track Reopening Theaters, Stadiums & Other Businesses as More New Yorkers are Vaccinated

Developed in Partnership with IBM

Screenshots of the Excelsior Pass are Available Here

Initiative First Announced in Governor's 2021 State of the State Address.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a pilot program to test the Excelsior Pass during events at Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center. First announced in the Governor's 2021 State of the State address and developed in partnership with IBM, the Excelsior Pass will use proven, secure technology to confirm an individual's vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test through a confidential data transfer to help fast-track the reopening of theaters, stadiums and other businesses in accordance with New York State guidelines. This new technology was successfully tested during the initial phase of the pilot during the Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center on February 27. It will now be tested for a second time during the New York Rangers game on March 2 at Madison Square Garden.

Similar to a mobile airline boarding pass, individuals will be able to either print out their pass or store it on their smartphones using the Excelsior Pass's "Wallet App." Each pass will have a secure QR code, which venues will scan using a companion app to confirm someone's COVID health status. The results of the pilot program will be used to enhance the quality of the application, maximizing return on investment and saving development time, prior to submission to Apple and Google for approval to go into their app stores.

"We're doing everything we can to vaccinate as many New Yorkers as possible, as quickly as possible, while keeping the infection rate down and reenergizing our economy in a safe, smart way," Governor Cuomo said. "As we begin reopening the valves on different sectors of our economy, we are putting guidelines in place to ensure individuals attending events involving larger gatherings have tested negative for COVID or have been vaccinated to avoid an outbreak of the virus. The Excelsior Pass will play a critical role in getting information to venues and sites in a secure and streamlined way, allowing us to fast-track the reopening of these businesses and getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal."

While some businesses have been able to operate by reducing capacity or by having their employees work from home, many others, like performing arts and sporting events with fans, which involve large, dense gatherings, have only just been able to re-open under strict health and safety guidelines. As more New Yorkers are being vaccinated, these activities will be permitted to resume in accordance with new public health guidelines, and this new mobile app can help to further fast-track the reopening of these venues.

As part of major stadium and arena reopening guidelines announced by the Governor on February 10, venues must ensure that all staff and spectators receive a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of the event. During this pilot program, a subset of predetermined participants will be able to use the pass to confirm their recent negative COVID-19 test and gain entry to these events at Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden.

Robust privacy protections are woven throughout the digital health pass solution, giving individuals a secure, verifiable and trusted way to maintain control of their personal health information using an encrypted digital smartphone wallet or printed credential. Each participant will be able to determine if they would like to use it -and if so, what passes they wish to use for which purpose -all without sharing their underlying personal data. User data is always kept completely confidential, and participation is voluntary. The QR code only informs the venue if a pass is valid or invalid.

Steve LaFleche, General Manager, IBM Public and Federal Market, said, "This solution can provide New York, and other states, a simple, secure, and voluntary method for showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test result or certification of vaccination. IBM is proud to support the State of New York with its efforts to apply innovative technologies to help residents and communities respond to COVID-19."

James Dolan, Executive Chairman, MSG Sports and Executive Chairman and CEO, MSG Entertainment, said, "We are pleased to partner with the state on this important pilot, which we hope will be another step forward in helping New York City to reopen."

John Abbamondi, CEO of BSE Global, said, "We applaud the State for developing the Excelsior Pass, which we believe can help New Yorkers quickly return to venues while keeping them safe from COVID-19. Barclays Center and the Nets are proud to participate in this effort."

The Excelsior Pass and its companion verification app are built on IBM's Digital Health Pass solution and is designed to enable the verification of health credentials such as test results and vaccination records. Using blockchain technology, individuals will be able to voluntarily share their health status through an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone without the need to share underlying medical and personal information. The technology is flexible and built to scale, allowing other states to join and help foster a safer, trusted transition to a post-pandemic reality.

IBM Digital Health Pass

How Orwellian. No thank you.