The great soy boy debate... which side will you choose?

None of them look like they can hold up the weight of their fists.

This thread makes me want to eat a steak for my breakfast, and then bench press a truck off my chest.
Mate, this is so true. I had a door to door sales job when I was 19, it completely changed my outlook on life. It was a real red pill beginning, and in a way kind of made me bitter to the world from such a young age.

I used to go from house to house and people would be so proud of their belongings, and then I'd go to the next house and see someone with a better TV and see how proud they were of it, and then someone else down the road with the same TV and how proud of it they were. And I used to think "don't you know everybody else has this TV?"

They didn't though. They thought they were special. I learned at such a young age that nobody is special, there is always someone either on your level to humble you or there is someone better, or something better to aim for. Always.

Look here too:

It's the famous crossing that The Beatles used for their album cover. It's a webcam that shows people there live. I literally just clicked on it and someone is posing there. Every day, almost all day, people doing the same poses at the same crossing, thinking that they are unique.

Anyway, sorry for derailing the soy-ness of the thread but it was a particularly thought provoking post!
Wow, they're still doing it to this day.

My boy has been breastfeeding for a year and a half with plans to continue until he turns at least 2. I make sure my wife eats plenty of grass-fed beef, free range eggs, and sustainable fish. She's Vietnamese, but we've outlawed all soy products.

He's crushing it by growing strong and healthy. No quackcines in his system either.