The growing reparations movement


If you want to end black American whining remove the incentives.

End affirmative action. If a black rapist gets shot fighting police treat the people complaining like a joke. If someone makes an unprovable accusation involving race at work make it easy to fire them. Keep black career criminals in prison. Etc
Anyway, this is the job of white people and their various NGOs to remove the incentives, they brought and enticed black people with the incentives in exchange for votes.


While conditions will change from the increasing percentage of red pilled Americans, if reperations passed today I would bet a years salary the vast majority of black Americans wouldn't be greatful ("about time I get what's mine, cracka ### n-words") and the white devil agenda returns to cable news in under one month.
Of course the complaining/blame game would return. But it would fall on many more deaf ears due to the number of nonblack Americans who would still be furious about it and then faced with being told it still was not good enough.


I will use your argument for the holocaust.

Not every Germans were Nazists but nazists and non nazists had to pay for the holocaust.

The reality is reparations isn't about fixing race relations but about paying for a past mistake committed by most of the political and business class.

Will reparation stop black Americans from whinin? No

Will it make blacks more entitled? Yes. But then payment of reparations, will remove all the media manufactured guilt from white people.

I have this opinion that if you pay someone off over a past sin, then the person lose his or her right to complain over that sin.
What a cute opinion. "Most of the political and business class". What does that even mean? My ancestors were farmers in the north. Did all the slave labor themselves.

You think the media will stop bombarding "white people racist" over reparations payments?

Very few white people actually think they owe reparations, or feel any guilt whatsoever about slavery. Spam the early life on the "white" people talking about reparations.


What a cute opinion. "Most of the political and business class". What does that even mean? My ancestors were farmers in the north. Did all the slave labor themselves.

You think the media will stop bombarding "white people racist" over reparations payments?

Very few white people actually think they owe reparations, or feel any guilt whatsoever about slavery. Spam the early life on the "white" people talking about reparations.
If i was to use Africa for example, most of the traders of slaves were the business class working together with the political class( Monarchs)who also benefited from the trade.

I believe it is similar in the United sstates, the politicians created the laws for slavery, the business class did the business.

What i learnt from history is simple, anytime the political and business class made some catastrophic mistakes, the masses in the future, eventually pay for the mistake through tax.



Evanston, Illinois, on Monday became the first U.S. city to make reparations available to its Black residents for past discrimination and the lingering effects of slavery.

The Chicago suburb’s City Council voted 8-1 to distribute $400,000 to eligible black households. Each qualifying household would receive $25,000 for home repairs or down payments on property.

The program is being funded through donations and revenue from a 3% tax on the sale of recreational marijuana. The city has pledged to distribute $10 million over 10 years.

Qualifying residents must either have lived in or been a direct descendant of a Black person who lived in Evanston between 1919 to 1969 and who suffered discrimination in housing because of city ordinances, policies or practices.


Not quite the definition of reparations, per se, but:

Low-income families of color eligible for free cash under Oakland program​

Some low-income families of color in Oakland will soon receive $500 a month in no-strings-attached cash as part of a privately funded program, Mayor Libby Schaaf said in a Tuesday announcement.

The Oakland Resilient Families program has raised nearly $7 million dollars to help families of color with at least one minor child making less than $30,000 a year.

Under the plan, participants will be randomly selected, and white people — who earn three times as much as blacks on average in the city — are not eligible.

“We have designed this demonstration project to add to the body of evidence, and to begin this relentless campaign to adopt a guaranteed income federally,” Schaaf, a Democrat, said.

The program is the latest test of an idea that has gained traction around the country. More than two dozen mayors from around the country have signed on to “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income,” an organization that seeks to mitigate the effects of urban poverty with free cash.

An expanded philosophy of a universal basic income is a tenant of Democrat Andrew Yang’s bid for New York mayor and failed presidential run.

Former Stockton, Calif. Mayor Michael Tubbs founded the organization and said six similar programs in other cities should be rolled out by the summer.

The Oakland project is one of the largest in the US so far, targeting up to 600 families.

It’s the first program to limit participation to people of color and indigenous communities — a nod to the legacy of the Black Panther Party, which was founded in Oakland.

A person walks by a boarded-up shop in Oakland, California on February 12, 2021.AFP via Getty Images
“Guaranteed income has been a goal of the Black Panther platform since its founding,” said Jesús Gerena, CEO of Family Independence Initiative, which is partnering with the program. “Direct investment in the community in response to systemic injustices isn’t new.”

Guaranteed income proposals in the US date back to the 1700’s, and the Nixon administration proposed several family assistance programs to replace welfare and shore up blue collar political support.

Studies found the extra money did not deter people from working, but the measures were never passed by Congress.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is testing out a universal basic income program idea promoted by Andrew Yang during his failed presidential campaign.AP Photo/Ben Margot
An independent review of Stockton’s lapsed guaranteed income plan found 40 percent of recipients had full-time jobs within a year compared with 28 percent before the program started

“The fact that mayors are piloting (guaranteed income programs), using political capital to raise capital to allow their constituents to have basic necessities, is a policy failure,” Tubbs said. “It’s an admission that we need to do more.”

A form of guaranteed income has taken effect during the last year with three stimulus checks sent to middle class and low-income workers across the US. In addition, the expansion of the child tax credit in President Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package gives parents temporary monthly payments of up to $300 per child.

A mural called “u201cLake Merritt, Black Structures, and Colorful Streets,” by Oakland artist Muzae Sesay is painted on the back of the Uptown Station building in Oakland, California on March 4, 2021.

A proposal by California Assemblyman Evan Low, a Democrat, would give $1,000 a month to adults with certain incomes paid for by a new tax on multi-millionaires.

Low admits the $129 billion proposal is unlikely to pass, but his plan is to get people used to the idea.

“The initial shock seems to wear off the more people are educated and realize the benefits of having more control over their lives,” Low said.

Participating families will be randomly selected under Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s income program, but white people will not be eligible.


One obvious argument I don't see being addressed in this thread yet; America has an equal if not greater history of being built on White slavery, in addition to Black and Indian slavery.

"Most Slaves in America Were White" (admittedly poorly sourced)
The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America
White Cargo
The Irish Slaves: Slavery, indenture and Contract labor Among Irish Immigrants
White Slavery: An American Paradox
White Slavery, Maternal Descent, And The Politics Of Slavery In The Antebellum U.S.
The Hidden History & Truth Of White Slavery In The North America!
Capitalism and Slavery
White Slavery in Colonial America

Now I am new to the topic, which is admittedly as explosive as topics come, but the above is what I found from a cursory search. Also, I am of the EMJ school of thought that doesn't see race as a particularly useful conversation. But for this topic, it seems there's more subverted history. Some of the above sources may well be fabricated to some degree, I honestly don't know, but there sure is a ton of smoke. And for me, if it were true that white slavery existed in such a massive extent as suggested above, then reparations would only be one of many different fascinating angles for which the entire American narrative is brought into question, such as: 1) Obviously "white" slave owners treated "white" slaves just as, if not worse, than black slaves, so yet another example of Elites displaying the worst forms of class warfare against their own 2) this subtle slander of "whites were indentured servants", as if that means something better than chattel slaves? Both situations generally resulted in gruesome death, so I fail to see why it's useful to distinguish and promote this phrase "indentured servitude" when regarding whites, 3) the idea that blacks were seen as "subhuman" doesn't seem to have been a thing until after slavery ended, or well into the African slave trade era. Black slaves were preferred to white and indian slaves during plantation days because they were more fit, had better endurance, and had better heat tolerance than the average white and indian slave. Black slaves were quite literally the preferred slave from an economics standpoint, in an era of rampant slavery. Anyway, there's probably more angles I'm not seeing, and I'd love to know more sources on the topic because it really turns American popular history on it's head if true. However I also recognize that, as with any SJW topic on the Left, logic and reason have nothing to do with the cause, and so Reparations will endure regardless.

”Home Repairs or down payments on property”.

Im guessing a local real estate developer took some city council members out to some nice lobster dinners.

A lobster dinner wouldn't get anything done. I am guessing some local developer agreed to put a city councilman's son or nephew on the payroll of his company for $400,000 for consulting and that it is understood the city councilman is going to get a $300,000 slice of the $400,000 kickback while the nephew gets $100,000 for being a name on a payroll ledger and taking part in a fraud.

The only thing happening at the dinner is perhaps a discussion. "I hear your son just graduated with a degree in political science and can't find a job, perhaps he could work for my company for the next year as a consultant. If we get that contract we'll need more people around and we'll be hiring. How about we start him at $200,000 in recognition of his skills and academic performance?" "I like the idea but I really think my son should start around $500,000 in light of how skilled he is..." "That seems a bit much, how about $400,000 for the year?"

The speaker of the general assembly in Ohio was recently arrested by the FBI [and is now under indictment- RICO charges] for his central role in a $60+ MILLION dollar bribery scandal whereby First Energy allegedly paid him and 5 other assemblymen $60+ million dollars to introduce and pass legislation for a $1.3 billion dollar bailout that saw rates on energy-consumers hiked so First Energy would receive $1.3 billion.

The people making these moves are well beyond lobster dinners. They get into bribery territory where you need a large pickup truck or a U-haul to handle the cash.

I've seen obvious fronts for organized crime make what were clearly bribery payments to officials by employing relatives of officials in jobs that clearly entailed doing nothing except collecting payment, I've seen situations where developer disputes were resolved when the belligerent individual went missing and finally turned up 2-3 weeks later with multiple bullets in him.

I've seen police officials resign in shame after employing their children as auxiliary police for $125,000 per year to wash police cars.

I've seen a man under an obviously bogus indictment for rape on a minor make it known that if the prosecutor continued to prosecute him he was going to release ledgers and information on the jail wardens, jail captains, police officials, city and county officials, that he collected over 15 years of trafficking heroin that would show payouts he made to them and the help he received from them. I was told he had enough evidence to take down most of the police officials, jail officials, and city and county officials who had involvement in law enforcement, corrections, and the justice system. The guy was a locally known heroin king who was untouched by police for 15+ years but he was not well-liked. He was eventually accused of raping his step-daughter during a contentious divorce by a [soon-to-be] single mother who wanted to leverage as much as she possibly could and wanted as much of his money as possible. They originally claimed he vaginally raped the girl [13 year old] but then a doctor examined her, the girl was intact with zero evidence of trauma/penetration and so the girl and the mother changed the story to anal rape, which was also problematic because there was zero evidence of tearing, trauma, damage, and the man was shall we say, built in such a way that nobody his size would be able to do the deed without causing some pain and damage. The man adopted the attitude of, "If I am going to rot in jail awaiting trial for something I didn't do, and might wind up in prison for something I didn't do, I am just going to release everything and the prosecutor's office, judges, and police, can explain to the media why I was allowed to move weight for 15 years with the help of police and jailers who brought my stuff into the jails and ran cover me for and kept me one-step ahead of the feds." Ballsy move, I half-expected them to arrange for him to have an accident in prison or to get suddenly depressed and hang himself in his cell without a warning of onset of depression. Last I heard the rape case against him died/crumbled, he was alive, and he was free.

There's plenty of corruption in suburbs around major cities, more than plenty.


A lobster dinner wouldn't get anything done. I am guessing some local developer agreed to put a city councilman's son or nephew on the payroll of his company for $400,000 for consulting and that it is understood the city councilman is going to get a $300,000 slice of the $400,000 kickback while the nephew gets $100,000 for being a name on a payroll ledger and taking part in a fraud.
I’m aware, it’s a figure of speech. The team I work for is trying to get a contract involving a state government and the only way to do that is by getting a lobbyist who somehow ends up with a piece of equity when the deal is closed.

A good example of suburbs corruption would be Edgewater, NJ which got some coverage from right wing publications.


As I’ve been known to point out, the “equity” that the all-conquering Diversity-Inclusion-Equity (DIE) crusade truly wants is your equity in your home.
Personally, I think diverting sales tax on marijuana is the wrong way to aid African-Americans. Instead, give them a monopoly on retail weed sales like American Indian tribes get a monopoly on casinos.


Ridiculing, lampooning, pointing out ironies in and inconsistencies with, the reparations movement only put you on the defensive. Then you lose.

To win, you need to ask for reparations from blacks and Jews. A better case can be made for the latter (reparations to white people) than the former. How much has 20 centuries of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit cost us? And how much has black misbehavior cost us??


Just this month:
  1. $27m of white taxpayer money to pay settlement to Floyd family, which shouldnt even be possible. Plus the cost of this criminal show-trial right now.
  2. Edward Jones investment firm pays $34m to a black financial adviser and Jewish law firm. Allegation: didnt do enough to help him "develop his client roster". :laughter:. Of course he was probably advanced to that position through affirmative action to begin with. And how many of you would risk your retirement to be a racial pioneer and having a black guy do it?
  3. Oldie but goodie (see photo): How about reparations for all the Harriett Kavanaughs out there, serving their country, while a negro deserts his country and puts Harriett in for a long dirt-nap?
  4. Ntower.PNG