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The educational publishing company Penguin Classroom has put out a book called "A Learning Guide To Antiracist Baby." It's a book designed to guide parents through "conversations and activities" with very young children. It was written by "four women of color educators."

From the press release: "In his adult book "How To Be An Antiracist," Dr. (Imram X) Kendi argues that we are either racist or antiracist; there is no in-between. Because research has shown that babies as young as six months old show racial preferences, learning to be antiracist is work that even our youngest of children can and must do."

This might sound like something out of a Kafka-esque dystopian novel, but it's real. Follow the links.I

Anyway, on Penguin Classrooms' Twitter feed, this isn't going down well. One of the funniest comments is "If there was ever a book that needed burning, this would be it."

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La Águila Negra

Cross dressing, tranny-ism and buttsex have been around for centuries in the Muslim world

The Pashtun areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan are known worldwide for their 'custom' of dressing up young boys as girls before sodomizing them

The streets of Kuala Lumpur, Dhaka and Karachi are filled with transvestite hookers

If you walk up and down Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok you'll quickly notice that all the ladyboys hang around Soi Arab (where all the local Muslims and greasy Arab tourists are). You wonder why that is?

In the Arab Gulf countries there are many low SMV men that have problems securing a wife. Premarital sex is illegal in most countries. There are entire networks of horny men trying to find a foreign bottoms (usually Filipinos)

The Ottoman used to have a saying that girls were for procreation, and boys were for fun.

These are all degeneracies. Degeneracies happen in any era and culture

Even ISIS, which was known for throwing gays off roofs or nailing them on crosses, distributed debatable videos. Hairy men caressing each other chest whilst having a shared meal

99 percent of the contemporary Muslims will reject stuff like the tranny above though. In many immigrant infested European cities gays have to move back into the closet to avoid insults, threats and even beatings..

There is no such thing as the pozzing of Islam. If anything they are getting more radical, more violent, less reasonable


On Sunday in the UK a Libyan Muslim immigrant who was known to security services for aspiring to travel to Syria and join IS went on a stabbing spree in a park, killing 3 and injuring several more.

Tonight the BBC is broadcasting an investigative journalism special about the dangers of far-right terrorism.


Clown World is quite possibly the most successful psyop imaginable, because it actively suppresses human nature and its responses. When you see something horrible, it offers you a convenient out to escape reality. Since most are steeped in popular culture, imagine Theoden in LotR being freed from the influence of Wormtongue, and when informed of the death of his son, his response was 'honk honk'.