The Honk pill (Clown World)


Muslims must be sterilized as well.
Now, I know I was wrong. Queer Muslims exist and have for centuries - I just wasn’t told about it.

This is partly due to the cultural norms I absorbed as a child growing up in an Uzbek household, and partly due to the mainstream conversation on LGBTQ+ rights within Muslim communities. Whenever this topic gets brought up, it’s viewed through an Islam vs. Queerness lens - when in reality, for many of us these two truths are core parts of our whole identities and cannot be separated.


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I'm currently reading through Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future by Fr. Seraphim Rose on an Amazon Kindle(I know, I got it as a gift years ago and find e-readers convenient since I'm on the move a lot and mostly read religious books that are often available as free PDFs). Just finished the chapter addressing the 'New Age' movement and immediately upon closing the screen got an ad for a book pushing that very same occult garbage. I closed out of the ad and the very next one to pop up was for the "#1 best seller in gay-fiction". Thanks Bezos.

I'm going to have to pick up a new e-reader from another brand(maybe Rakuten) and trash this thing.