The Honk pill (Clown World)

Leonard D Neubache

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Sooo. I was away from home for a few days and ended up having the opportunity to watch some boomervision, otherwise known as "free-to-air-TV".

Oddly enough it's interdasting how poorly they've scrubbed these networks for wrongthink. I caught an episode of the A-Team which was set in Miami and contained a great deal of inappropriate content in regards to respecting wahmen. But by far the most confronting find was an episode of NCIS, which is like burgerboomer crack cocaine and was apparently still being filmed right up 'til CV19 started killing off their primary audience.

I was thoroughly shocked, shocked I say, to watch a scene where the young female character Abby goes to the house of her much older male supervisor Gibbs, after hours, after dark, on a non work related personal matter.

I recoiled in horror that this Gibbs character not only invited her in, but proceeded to cuddle her on his couch and even kiss her on the head.

The power differential alone traumatized me beyond words and I immediately launched legal action against the network responsible for airing this filth without trigger warnings.

Further investigation reveals the series is rife with this abusive content.

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That is pre-tax, and healthcare is very expensive in the US. Also, even in my midsized non-coastal city you're hard pressed to find even a small 1 bedroom apartment for less than $1,000/month.
Hmm yeah then that sucks.
Also here education is free so you don't start your carreer with debt.



I think she was trying to change the skin covers only, not realizing you need to remove the screws. To make it worse, when she realizes that, she continues to unscrew without knowing you have to lift the car with a car jack before removing the screws.