The Honk pill (Clown World)

God bless the red flags of deranged chicks..

Tattoos, piercings, weird hair...

She attributes her feelings to unintended (so she says) internalization of her "ironic" man-hating feminism. I'm sure that's part of it.

But it's also true that like every woman, as she gets older the quality of men approaching her, and the amount of effort they expend, and the amount of BS they're willing to put up with all goes down. And that's frustrating for every woman. They feel entitled to certain things, and when they're young those things seem so firmly in their grasp. When they're older and they finally decide to take hold of "what they deserve" and realize they can't, their entitlement turns to hatred.

More irony: this is exactly what they accuse us of feeling. The big difference is, we never tell men they "deserve" anything. We tell men to figure out what women want, and try to mold yourself into that. This woman is frustrated and admitting she hates men - it never occurs to her to even ask what men actually want.


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The last paragraph makes me think it's not a troll. That feels too much like the desperation of realizing there is no normalcy in clown world.
I went to reddit and looked up the thread. The comment thread is hilarious too. You can tell this kind of situation puts these redditards into an extraordinarily painful state of cognitive dissonance. Their instincts are screaming at them that marrying a tranny is a huge mistake, but you can see the NPC programming kick in, and they're trying to walk around on eggshells about "transphobia".
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