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Yelp Hires Workers With Megaphones To Follow People Around And Call Them Racists



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A little clown confectionary bleach.


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The New York Times Guild just put out a Tweet
I've heard of this crap before, but I didn't realize it was produced by BabyCenter:

I'm pretty amazed that the video doesn't have overwhelming dislikes, even though the comments are pretty negative.

It's gotten very few dislikes because it has very few views. There's less than 700 views as of Sunday afternoon. I'd say that in and of itself is a good sign. She put this out five days ago. Most of the clicks are probably guys just curious to see what she looks like.

Most normal people of any race don't log onto YouTube to get lectured about this stuff. If this was getting 300,000 views, I'd lose hope, but I'm thinking that unless you're already someone famous spouting this stuff, most people don't care.

I hate to say that we're giving it more publicity than anyone by posting it here and commenting on it, but...
These are soulless creatures, they really are. The attack on the man is one thing, but the use of a puppy that a natural woman should have feelings of kindness towards shows just how depraved and unhinged they have become.

The cocktails of pharmaceuticals that they have ingested since their first period (birth control) to the food that isnt really food. These women have become open vessels inviting in evil.




A seven-foot statue of Medusa holding the head of a Greek hero will soon stand across from a Manhattan courthouse where Harvey Weinstein was convicted to honor the #MeToo movement.

The 1,000-pound bronze sculpture is a reimagined version of Medusa, a figure of ancient Greek mythology who was raped by one of the most powerful gods, Poseidon.

But instead of Poseidon being punished, Medusa was blamed and transformed into a monstrous beast with snakes for hair, as well as a gaze that could turn men into stone.

She was exiled and later hunted down by Perseus, who then displayed her head on his shield as a trophy.

The new effigy, however, gives Medusa a different ending, depicting her as empowered as she holds Perseus’ severed head in defiance.
Teenager dies after 14 month coma from botched breast enlargement surgery:

Worst thing is her parent (yep mother) was totally fine with it beforehand.


So the Beltway Boyz and Goirls can have a three day weekend, that's the only reason. Ever notice there is one every month now. I would not be surprised if Congress passes into law a bill creating a federal 3-day monday holiday honoring Millard Fillmore.