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One reason why I'll never have any inclination to ever visit Las Vegas again.

To walk past the most wretched homeless* I've ever seen & to then look up at the tall casinos / hotels knowing full well, the amount of money being frivolously wasted on vices...

*Not to criticize them. Just that of all the homeless I've ever seen. The LV homeless were the most downtrodden & wretched looking.
This is the same woman who advocated throwing out objective standards for firefighter tests because too many working class white guys benefited from being the sons or firefighters - a brief read of her bio shows she is a huge beneficiary of ethnic nepotism and networking and her father was a lawyer and her grandfather was a judge. The hypocrisy of these people is mind numbing.

The family is one of the most notorious Jewish law families - made a ton of money liquidating Japanese American assets during WWII, close connections to jewish crime families (not mentioned in Wiki) and her father advocated the first wave of 'let blacks off' laws that created the crime wave of the 60s and 70s which was really the assertion of Jewish power and driving out remaining wasp and ethnic white power from cities.

In short her whole story can be summed up: Every. Single. Time.


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As as been noted in the past.

Small team of engineers create amazing product.
Have no experience nor expertise in marketing & sales.
Develop company featuring their small engineering department & a marketing department.
Eventually, the core engineers are pushed aside as the marketing, sales & HR Clowns take over, thinking that they know better than the men who created both product & company.




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From holding off the Soviets to this...

Sanna Marin: Finnish PM’s photo shoot for Trendi magazine sparks social media outcry
A plunging neckline worn by Finland’s youngest ever female PM on the cover of a fashion magazine has sparked a social media outcry over the look.




What's with Netflix and interracial relationships?

I started two Netflix productions this week only to stop watching when there was a black man dating a white woman. In fact, in the first instance the black man was in bed with the white woman in the opening shot. There are many other examples of this on Netflix.

The only thing I have a problem with here is the fact it's being consciously pushed by liberals for some reason.

I don't get what they're trying to advocate for. It's never an Indian/Chinese combo or White/Inidian or Asian/White (which would actually be statistically more relevant). It's always a black man dating a white woman - or occasionally a black woman dating a white man.

This kind of interracial pairing in Europe and America is so statistically rare. It is obviously not a decision made by the filmmakers but instead Netflix corporate policy. But why? What goes through the head of someone at the highest levels of Netflix to demand the love interest of a white female character must be black. What is the reasoning?