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They are creating this precedent that a black person can kill a white person with impunity by claiming that you used "the n-word".

Driver not charged:

Blacks calling for this guy to not be charged:

"Teens" kill a white father at fair in an unprovoked attack, and attempt the racial slur defence:

Despite there being no evidence that the white man used any forbidden words (not that it should matter) the "teens" were sentenced only to "anger management" - for an completed murder of a totally innocent person.

A white clerk was randomly beaten at Macy's. The black attacker claimed the clerk used a "racial slur":

The guy filming was the attacker's brother - so I'm betting this was just an attempt to get clout on world star hip hop, or maybe win the ghetto lottery on goFundMe,

Despite racial slur claim being a lie, the attacker got just 2 years probation:

This woman will face greater consequences than the majority of these black murderers:

But I suppose she should count herself lucky the guy didn't kill her.
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