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This is in bat flu free South Australia.

That's not to say NSW is any better, they still recommend socially distanced masturbation as the safest sex.

Lol, the old mutual masturbation routine. I remember the Surgeon General back in the Eighties announcing that one to avoid becoming one of the millions that were going to die from AIDS.


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Lol, the old mutual masturbation routine. I remember the Surgeon General back in the Eighties announcing that one to avoid becoming one of the millions that were going to die from AIDS.
AIDS awareness has suddenly went silent these last few politicised years, especial in June for some reason.
I just want them to stop calling masturbation "solo sex", it makes me want to scream.
"Sex with someone I love"


The line for the past ten or so years has been that "stigma" is the big problem, because now there are all sorts of exciting chemicals that make HIV no big deal. So, instead of worrying about not contracting AIDS, the fight is to normalize having AIDS and how this all just goes to show that we need more billions for "healthcare".


Anybody in the US military that has the slightest connection to aviation wears a flight suit as their daily uniform. Besides not being a pilot, they may never get in a military aircraft other than for travel. Nevertheless, a flight suit is their daily uniform, and it is a jealously guarded perogative.

I'm surprised they haven't had maternity versions before.
Yes, that makes me think of what Martin van Creveld wrote about the Israeli army, which started this feminist genderbender nonsense already before the US did. So, in the Israeli army, women are formally part of the military, and receive training, wear uniforms, carry weapons, etcetera. Put when push comes to shove (= war with the Arabs), it is the male soldiers that have to do the dirty, dangerous work on the front lines. Feminism is all about women having their cake and eating it. And having men literally die for it.


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The Supreme Court is useless at this point, at least on any issue that will make a real difference.
It's worse than useless; it's outright subversive at this point. Who decides what cases the Supreme Court hears? It takes four affirming justices to do so. The court is now stacked with justices who have, at best, zero interest in upholding the Constitution (boomers) and at worst, an active interest in harming heritage Americans ( :alien: )


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Must be tough if you're reliant on an American (or any Western) military paycheck.

The degree to which 'They' are actively subverting & undermining Western militaries is obvious for all to see.
No reason to hang around in uniform if your commander is a crazy Tranny & you have to risk your life with a bunch of weak & woke folk.


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Soy is gay.

Voxday :

They want you weak, small, and stupid

Now, only a complete madman - or more likely, madwoman - would voluntarily forgo eating meat in the first place, but it is downright evil to deny growing children the sustenance necessary for their full development. If a plant-based diet is inhibiting their height to this extent, imagine how much it is inhibiting their intellectual capacity.

Vegans cut out all animal products, including dairy, eggs and even honey. But there is little evidence on the potential damage this does to children's health.
Lead author Professor Jonathan Wells, from UCL, said: 'We know that people are increasingly being drawn to plant-based diets for several reasons, including promoting animal welfare and reducing our impact on the climate.
'Indeed, a global shift towards plant-based diets is now recognised to be crucial for preventing climate breakdown, and we strongly support this effort.
'We also know that until now research into the health impact of these diets on children has been largely limited to assessments of height and weight and conducted only in vegetarian children.
'Our study provides a substantial insight into the health outcomes in children following vegetarian and vegan diets.'
The new study looked at 187 healthy five to ten-year-olds in Poland. Of these, 63 children were vegetarians, 52 vegans and 72 omnivores.
Children on vegan diets were on average three centimetres shorter. They also had four to six per cent lower bone mineral content and were more than three times more likely to be deficient in vitamin B-12 than omnivores.
For lunch today, I'll be having pepper sausage and bufalo mozzerella, washed down by a good Spanish tempranillo. Just in case....