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National Geographic magazine's editor-in-chief (((Susan Goldberg))).


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Teachers and students across Spain continue to protest after a boy was removed from school for wearing a skirt.... In a video posted to TikTok last year, 15-year-old Mikel Gómez said he had been removed from class after wearing a skirt to support women’s liberation and challenge gender norms.



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The only thing that surprises me about this, is that the chick is Canadian...

Woman quits medicine to become a ‘Tradwife’

Cynthia Loewen gave up her career as a doctor to become a homemaker. Picture: Instagram/@_cynthialoewen.
This Canadian woman spends all day at home cleaning and lets her husband “lead” – insisting she is more happy as a result.

A woman who trained to be a doctor has revealed why she chucked it all in to become a homemaker.

Former Miss Canada, Cynthia Loewen, had been set for a high-flying career in medicine but just a few years ago she decided to leave it all behind.
Instead she donned her pinny and grabbed her rolling pin as she embraced the Tradwife movement, where wives do everything and their husbands are the main breadwinners.

Cynthia, who shares videos about ‘traditional living’, on YouTube, explains: “A couple of years ago I was really frustrated with my life.
“I was not really feeling the calling to become a boss-babe – I was feeling the calling to become a wife and a homemaker … I was supposed to be a doctor.”

After marrying her ex-army husband, Cynthia came to the agreement that she would take care of the home while he went out to work.
“My husband is the primary breadwinner and I am in charge of the home,” she explains.
“Working with my hands around my home does give me satisfaction, so much more compared to any other job that I had.”

As well as ‘serving’ her husband, Cynthia has relinquished control over decision-making, allowing her husband to ‘lead’ the relationship, though she insists it’s not oppressive.
Cynthia, who is expecting her first child, says: “I let my husband lead and that is so naturally difficult for me because I am a very stubborn person.

“My husband didn’t know when I began doing this, but he felt so much more appreciated and valued.”
For Cynthia her days start with a trip to the gym, followed by a dog walk before heading home to get ready for a day of housework.
Despite being faced with mountains of laundry and a whole house to clean, Cynthia applies a full face of make-up, curls her hair, and puts on a string of pearls to complete her chores.
She says: “I usually just wait around for my husband to come home and if he comes home late I will just wrap up the dinner and then head to bed.”

But despite the seeming mundanity of Cynthia’s everyday life, she insists that being a homemaker is more than fulfilling.
She says: “The more that you view homemaking as a job the more fulfilment you will get from it, just like any job just like any career you’re going to want to have goals.”