The Honk pill (Clown World)


The new Victoria Secret Angels have been given a sneak peek. On the plus side (oops, accidental joke), this is the first time that I have seen a white male in any sort of advertising in about a month (via Ben Garrison on Gab): :vomit:

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This is ego plain and simple. None of those people deserve to be there. What you're looking at above are people who think they're entitled to be a "model".

Its one thing to encounter a prima-donna, like some egotistical athlete or corporate executive. They're insufferable enough, but, they can back it up and that makes all the difference. These people, on the other hand, cannot back it up, if you will, and so this is just pure entitlement and unfounded ego. Given a choice, I'd choose the mouthy blowhard, but, competent, egotist over these people every time.

I ask, other than placating someone's "sensitivities", what good is this? Similar to other "woke" initiatives that mandate diversity, equity, and inclusion justifications, all this does is reduces the value of being a model down to the lowest common denominator. And so, being a model means nothing. The same way being a doctor, Marine, Fighter Pilot, NASA engineer, lawyer etc, don't really matter anymore because we've removed any and all of the qualifiers that distinguish them in the first place.

No matter how hard they try, people know what beauty is. They know what competency is too.

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
None of the VS models belong there, because we are seeing a celebration of ugliness. A Satanic Inversion.
Tranny Watch (formerly daily stormer) has an excellent article on this

Basically, pornography was allowed into public spaces (the old VS, which was essentially pornographic), due to the complete banning of prostitution. It's very wrongthink to even consider this, but prostitution did exist in all societies throughout history, and was even tolerated by, and (this was new to me) accepted by Thomas Aquinas and Saint Augustine.

Their argument basically boils down to: We are imperfect and lustful humans, and that officials tolerate a certain amount of evil, as humans *cannot* be perfect, and so legalized brothels were allowed in Christian countries and even in Rome itself, and that if it were not tolerated, then we would see filth and smut overflow society, which we indeed have today.

In human government . . . those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain greater evils be incurred: thus Augustine says: “If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.” Hence, though unbelievers sin in their rites, they may be tolerated, either on account of some good that ensues therefrom, or because of some evil avoided.

This is a discussion that should definitely be had, and is, of course, completely prohibited. What if the amount of fornication and lustfullness in society would be lower than it is today, if we tolerated brothels? Would that be a good thing?

Anglin then goes on about how women actually prefer a non-sexualized society, or at least are happier in one (you can see this in Saudi Arabia, where most women like wearing the hijab, outside of a few independent feminists who want to rebel against the social order).

Since women do not like the porno society they have in large part created, they rebel against it by making themselves totally nonsexual (ugly). And so we have the ugliness as beauty, the Satanic inversion, all throughout society, even in the formerly pornographic Victorias Secret.

It's a fantastic article and I strongly recommend it.


We hate this clown world we live in. But imagine being this guy:
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He has long ago left God and is living the chastisement. For a long time now the devil has cursed and humiliated him with an obsession for other men's anuses. But there is no bottom to this humiliation. He can, and will, always go lower.