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Don't be so quick to assume he will win. He competed in the commonwealth games a few years ago and got nowhere due to getting injured. Apparently 43 year olds on test-blockers and estrogen aren't as resilient as an athlete in their prime. Who woulda thunk it?

I wouldn't be surprised if this clown is only in there so he won't win, then they can say "See? They DON'T have an unfair advantage at all!"
That we have this somewhat serious discussion makes me laugh out loud hahahahahahaha


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Welcome to the mental asylum. It's fringe right? Oh no, 1.5 billion views. Mercy, mercy, mercy

Thats siick.... this app is mainly aimed at kids I believe. An thirsty grown men who like watching girls in booty shorts do those stupid dances (I know a few guys who have TikTok for this)

"Smart" phones and social media are really really accelerating the decline of mankind


There's a horror 'Karen' movie in the works apparently... :sneaky:

Cool - now let's see that movie done in reverse. Let's make a "horror" movie about an idealistic white couple that moves into a black neighborhood only to find themselves dealing with constant break-ins and burglaries, random assaults, drugs, gang violence, drive-by shootings, being robbed at gunpoint, etc.


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Anyone ever use Indeed to look for employees? You get the same stupid applicants as Craigslist, sometimes worse because Indeed homogenizes their information so even the dumbest applicant looks like they have basic competence.

I remember posting for a qualified Marine Service Technician and cast a wide net with only requirements being MUST HAVE PRIOR MARINE SERVICE EXPERIENCE, MMI or OEM (Yamaha, Suzuki, Merc) certifications a PLUS, and must live in West Central Florida or be willing to relocate. I got applicants from Michigan, I got one applicant who asked if this was a remote position (?????), one who was 2 years in the Army as a Diesel mechanic but "I'm willing to learn", and one who literally put for Formal Certifications "Helped My Pawpaw Fix His Evinrude."

So, yeah, Indeed was worthless even before this.

I require a certain license to work in our state and every single one of the applicants was from either out of state or was not even remotely qualified. I used the free trial and then deleted my account.


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The ridiculousness of all this (even more than someone getting shot for not wearing a mask).

Is that the usually anti-gun / PC / Covid cultist types, will applaud & cheer on this type of gun use...

Bank Guard In India Shoots Patron For Entering Without Face Mask

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Shocking video aftermath shows security guard berating the man for not following "health protocol"...
A (((friend)))) claims '“Apparently a Misleading headline. This applies only to "wishes" that involve air travel or large gatherings. This is in keeping with health and safety guidelines (and laws, in many states). They don't have a ton of choice.“.
But kids in Florida, kids in Texas, dont get to make wishes? Or is de Santis allowing airlines to bar the unvaccinated from joining flights in Florida? large MakeaWish gatherings in Republican states now never happened,? theyve been photoshopped like proscribed comrades in Stalins pictures?


You know she's the kind of girl who enjoys a little white oppression every now and then. She probably hates white wimminz and took the role to get some white chads, who she has that secret love & open hate kind of relationship with. A lot of these melanated princessas seem to suffer from this syndrome. I'm delving into tractor territory here, and though I'm not advocating it, there's a reason the tribals say "shiksas are for practice" which is oddly comparable to women like this who often find themselves in my personal life but don't seem to stay around long enough when they realize I won't take advantage of them. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wife-material darker-skinned women out there but not these ones.

Disney just seems to be in this for the shock value now. The original cartoon was alright, but the best version of Snow White is the one from 1997 with Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neill, was closest to the original Brothers Grimm fairytale.
I agree that Disney is doing this on purpose. How hard would it be to make a modern version of Snow White but have the woman named Ebony Black and take place in Congo or Sudan instead or Cocoa Brown and take place in Mexico? This would require only a tiny amount of creativity to think of a different time period/setting/villain/etc... but the main plot ideas could stay the same and Disney would make people happy by exposing the audience to a new culture instead (as long as they properly researched the culture) of just rehashing the same story over and over again.

The actress is attractive but I am unsure how many German woman looked like her in the 15th century and she is certainly not white as snow.


What's the problem, that's what black people eat.......?

What they wanted filet mignon and lobster? Or did they want kielbasa and schnitzel?
Black people never eat watermelon and fried chicken. This is just a hurtful stereotype that out of touch white people (and the blacks that helped plan the menu) have about black people! How dare they serve food that many people enjoy and that is easy to prepare and affordable. The store is in Atlanta and it is summer. This is a southern menu good for picnics.

Now, companies will no longer have parties at all. You try to be nice to some Americans and they spit in your face and whine. I say let them quit, they have proven themselves worthless ungrateful troublemaking losers who will only bring down the company. Of course, IKEA is Swedish and that means kowtowing to all snowflakes.
I had dinner with my wife and some friends last week. We went to see the friends new house which they bought at the beginning of COVID. Their house is beautiful and enormous and honestly, way too much for them. A childless couple in their 30s living in a half million dollar house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms sitting on a half acre. They live in white-topia out in the burbs. Your only chance of seeing someone with a duskier complexion is when the landscaping crew comes by.

When we arrived, there was actually a crew of landscapers working on their house, 4 men putting work to keep the lawn manicured and the gardens look nice because the husband is too . They were out there working in the rain.

I noticed "How to Be an Antiracist" sitting on their counter.

The juxtaposition of their actions and bougie leftwing attitudes was too much for me, but a perfect encapsulation of clown world.