The Honk pill (Clown World)


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I think pansexual just means you’re attracted to anything that moves (bisexual implies you’re not attracted to anything outside of men and women).

This “demisexual” orientation seems to imply that you have to have an emotional bond with who you’re attracted to, so it’s some weird extension of every other sexuality that exists.

I mean how does that work? Do you say “i’m a gay demisexual” or “i’m a pansexual demisexual”?

Or maybe I misread it and she means that any emotional bond automatically = sexual attraction. But that can’t be right, then she’d presumably be attracted to her family and all close friends...
As Mersh from Revenge of the Cis likes to say, it's all made up nonsense.


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FBI is currently looking for these Capitol Rioters:



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At this point in the world we live in it takes a lot to shock me.... but this here does just that. Back in the day in my misguided and foolish youth I loved this song and cash money records.... That is probably why this monstrosity leaves me feeling dumbfounded.
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I think I do remember reading that eunuchs were known for looking youthful. Of course, the proposed cure is worse than the disease in this case.

It reminds of how centipedes eat cockroaches. It's interesting to know, but not very useful in dealing with cockroaches because although it might work in theory, then you just have centipedes.


Has this already been shared? Liberals prefer rocks to their own family:



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I can’t wait to stop seeing that loser in that dumb outfit, he’s no different from any antifa attention whore idiot I don’t care that he’s supposedly on the same side as me.

You’re there to protest and show support against a grave injustice to your rights in the country that you live in and you looked in the mirror and left the house wearing that? Not to mention it’s freezing cold outside! Loser weirdo….


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"Banks not tanks."

Perched atop massive cement pillars that tower above Montenegro's picturesque Moraca river canyon is an incomplete highway that threatens to bankrupt the little Balkan nation.

China Road and Bridge Corporation, the state-owned company which is building the bridge with imported Chinese workers, has not yet finished constructing the first section of the 270-mile highway to the Serbian capital Belgrade.

The first instalment on a $1 billion loan from China's state bank is due this month but it's unclear whether Montenegro, whose debt has soared to more than double its GDP because of the project, will be able to pay it back.

A copy of the loan contract reviewed by NPR shows that if Montenegro misses the deadline, Beijing has the right to seize land inside the country - as long as it doesn't belong to the military or is used for diplomatic purposes.

Furthermore, the country's former government green-lighted for a Chinese court of arbitration to have the final say on any contractual disputes.

*Emphasis added.

"Clowns to the left of me; jokers to the right..."