The Honk pill (Clown World)


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Just look at the state of this. This is modern festival/concert. Looks like a ritual.

I know where Ive seen this before






I'm not normally a big James Lindsey fan, but here he's contronting clown world here in a very effective way...

He posted a pic on twitter of the 1619 project woman (who looks like a clown) with a clown emoji, she got pissed and complained about home making fun of her appearance, he made this twitter thred.

Clown fragility is a series of rhetorical maneuvers deployed by clowns to avoid engaging with the true fact of their clownery. Most clowns have not developed the necessary clown humility or clown stamina to long endure exposure of their clown tactics. Thus, they tend to lash out.

Clown fragility is a product of clown privilege, which arises in a Clownworld society that promotes and protects clowns from fair criticism. They come to believe clownery is merit and accomplishment because of corrupt clownlife awards, like the Pulitzer Prize.

It is uncomfortable for most clowns to face the reality of their clownery because they're made comfortable by the privileged position their clownish mediocrity is afforded by Clownworld. This is called clown comfort and is a dimension of clown privilege that requires disruption.

Complicity in Clownworld, which produces clownlife, arises from sustained access to the unearned benefits of being a clown in Clownworld, which are rationalized under clown terms such as "justice" that have been given a new clown definition in Clownworld. This is clown complicity

Clown complicity is a state of both being and dependence for clowns. They cannot participate fully in life outside of a Clownworld, so they maintain that Clownworld for their own benefit. There is no difference between being and doing for clowns in Clownworld. They're clowns.

Clownery is the ordinary state of affairs in Clownworld, not an aberration, its so-called "normal The Science." In Clownworld, the question is not "did clownery take place?" but "how did clownery manifest in this situation?" Clownlife must be intentionally engaged.

Clowns are afforded material and psychic benefits in Clownworld that they have no motivation to criticize or dismantle. Their system of clown-over-reality serves them. Clowns will therefore go to great lengths to maintain their clownlives, including violence and extortion.

I believe that clowns do the most daily damage to our society. There is no such thing as a positive clown identity. Clowns must actively strive to become less clown.

Critical Clown Theory questions the very foundations of the Clownworld order, including equity theory, clown concept of "justice," counter-Enlightenment irrationalism, and the biased principles of self-serving policy.

I have come to see clown privilege as an invisible clowncar of unearned assets which clowns can count on cashing in each day, but about which clowns do the work to remain oblivious about. Clown privilege is like an invisible weightless clowncar of special provisions and grifts.

Unfortunate that clowns like Nicole Hannah Jones or Ibam X. Kendi influence the culture, but treating them as the clowns they are is amusing and entertaining. Its definitely more effective then the autistic Ben "please debate me" Shapiro schtick.

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When a state goes after one of the worst companies you know for all the wrong reasons.

Not because they are a pro pedophile organization. Not because they are pro genital mutilation. Not because they are pro tear-down-the-Texas-Mexico-border. But because they don't like Israel.
It's more absurd than that. B&J (Two Jews at a Jewish Ice Cream Company) are halting sales of their ice cream in Jewish-occupied Palestinian territories. So the only people who can't buy their ice cream are the Palestinians and the Israeli "settlers" who are trespassers that are bulldozing Palestinian homes and then stealing them. You can buy all the B&J you want in Israel proper.

But this is too much an affront for Murican conservatards, and sends them into a frenzy. Can you imagine if they were this sensitive over *OUR* rights?