The Honk pill (Clown World)

Muslim woman goes on reddit to say she does not feel comfortable removing headscarf around a trans woman who just recently transitioned and was invited to an all-girls bachelorette party. Reddit proceeds to call her a bigot.

On the other hand, the most upvoted posts, while still deranged, are in support of the OP. Probably why the thread was locked.


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Man....if this story is true (I never believe anything on reddit) that's some awesome Oppression Olympics that the lefties will have to do some mental gymnastics for. We need more of this kind of thing to cause NPC short circuiting.



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Looks like a Satanic ritual.

Excuse me. This is a beautiful traditional Samoan ceremony known as ifoga. When seeking penance for one's own or family's wrongdoings, it is appropriate for the wrongdoer to prostrate themselves and be covered in a rug until forgiven. Even though she wasn't born during the New Zealand genocide where visa overstayers where forcibly repatriated, it is of course entirely appropriate for a head of state to have their face covered while groveling for forgiveness. I think she looks pretty good with a blanket over her head and I hope the Samoans find more reasons for her to apologize. It's only fair.

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Hilarious comment section on this one. Why do the descendants of west Africans sperg out so hard about Egypt anyway? Whether or not Egyptians were black they still have nothing to do with black American kangz and kweenz.
Looks like they drew a picture of that dude from Underworld. Or maybe the midget’s dad from Game of Thrones.