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Harvard University names a devout ATHEIST as its new head chaplain who describes himself as 'humanist rabbi': Ivy League school says it's catering to the 40% of students who are NOT religious or agnostic​

  • Greg Epstein will become the head of representatives of the religious community at the Ivy League School
  • Epstein, who has served as Harvard's 'humanist chaplain' since 2005, is a devout atheist and caters to atheists, agnostics and humanists
  • His elevation to the position is meant to be inclusive of larger and larger numbers of Americans who identify as spiritual but not religious
  • 'There is a rising group of people who no longer identify with any religious tradition but still experience a real need for conversation and su


Reddit's Leftists live in a Fantasy World.


There is more on STRONG WOMEN narrative in the modern media:
The fascinating story of Jiyan, a female guerrilla fighter who devoted twenty years of her life in the Kurdish militant struggle, reveals women’s determination for freedom not only against another oppressive regime, but also against the patriarchy. Jiyan Tolhildan is a young Kurdish woman living in the Kurdish region of Syria. After years of oppression by her family, her teachers and the society as a whole, Jiyan decides to go to the mountains to join the Kurdish struggle for freedom. When the Arab Spring breaks out Jiyan and her friends decide to go into the cities in Syria to join the protests. They also set out to educate Syrian women on women’s rights in the Rojava region. Now, six years after the Arab Spring, Kurdish forces have a semi-autonomous region in Syria. For the first time in history, women have an autonomous political organisation and an army in Syria. The women named creating this organisation “the women’s revolution.”




Jesus the community organizer. Those people reject the rest of the Bible which featured the pre-incarnate Christ and the Post-incarnate Christ speaking through the Apostles through his Spirit.

And how Jesus Christ isn't actually revolutionary as he fulfills rather and abolishes hierarchy:

Also there is no such thing as "Progressive Christianity". Christianity informs politics not the other way around.

Likewise Politics is the religion that they actually believe in. They don't believe in Christ. They believe in progressivism which informs their views about their made up false messiah.


I have a major concern that this thread will surpass the "memes and gifs that will instantly trigger leftists thread," it is at over 400 pages already and memes is hovering around 428.. This has been on my mind for some time now... lets make more memes to out last clown world... get creative in microsoft paint y'all!
And then to think that this topic is just a small selection of all the madness out there.

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It is probably fake (I cannot imagine it to be real), but this says a lot about the level of dumbness/superficiality we've descended to as a culture, that this is even ''entertaining'' instead of wise men smacking them on the head and sending them into the fields to do something productive.




She's been removed for now.

A Newport-Mesa Unified teacher is “no longer in the classroom” after a social media post about her removing the U.S. flag and suggesting students instead pledge allegiance to a pride flag went viral, causing an uproar in the school community.

“We are aware that one of our teachers posted a video on their personal social media that caused alarm and concern related to saluting the American flag,” district officials said in a statement released Monday afternoon. “Showing respect for our nation’s flag is an important value that we instill in our students and an expectation of our employees. The teacher is no longer in the classroom.”

“We follow due process and our investigation continues,” it said.