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Oriental Orthodox
The hype merchant extraordinaire - Effete Elon, strikes again.

Tesla Delays Cybertruck To "Late 2022"

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How soon until this becomes 2023?

You're laughing.
Consumers are literally dying for muh Future Truck, and you're laughing.



Other Christian
I think it's fantastic propaganda if you tie it to the Biden-Harris administration, not just Biden or the Biden admin. Delegitimize everything, not just the current figurehead.

Regarding the dog thing, this is one of the few things I bring up to people I know in real life that gets them upset. Over 70 million dogs in the US, meanwhile white women are stuck at 1.6 children per woman. I have many friends who are dating or engaged, or even married and the way modern millennial relationships go is this: date for a few years, move in together, get a dog, get engaged, get married, maybe have a kid or two spaced apart a few years in her last remaining fertile years.

The dog is a coping mechanism for barren women and a tool for noncommittal men who don't want that level of attachment to a woman, at least not at that moment. Since modern secular marriage is hardly even a contract anymore, the dog is part of an implied, nonverbal contract.

You will never watch a dog grow and write you a card. You will never go to its wedding. It will never provide for you in your old age.

When not used in the above way I don't have a problem with dogs. They're useful for a number of reasons, especially if it's a working dog or is useful in home defense.

I think it confuses my family how I can be best friends with the family dogs, wrestle with them, walk them, but I don't treat them as a human or a member of the family. It is simply not. It is one of the western delusions. You will find 5 times more dog movies, at least twice as many horse movies, than you will find Christian movies from the past four decades. This is not emblematic of a healthy society.

There was a survey that found half of Americans would choose to rescue their dog instead of a stranger in a life or death situation. If you are reading this and are one of those people, you need to repent. That person may have needed more time to save their soul, something a dog doesn't have to worry about.
Mathew 8:28-34 Jesus had a herd of pigs killed just so he could rescue the souls of 2 men possessed. Tell that one to a tree hugging SJW “Christian” and see what sort of response you get!