The Honk pill (Clown World)

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Society will not improve until cycles of abuse are ended.


Imagine the demonic nature of letting these people, who need to be helped for their fall into this perversion, having adopting children.


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Ok, my neighbor at the bottom of the street has a BLM sign on his front lawn. He has also put up a lawn sign endorsing a Democrat for local Sheriff. Who takes law enforcement advice from a man advocating for a group who's stated objective is to defund law enforcement? Peak clown world?


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Just watch this space. I would not be surprised to see a reversal on WFH, layoffs, or both at most large silicon valley based companies in the next 6-12 months. When the first large domino falls at a major tech company, they will all quickly fall in line with a similar policy. That is how they work. They have to compete on the same playing field and they all quickly adapt policies to do so.

Thanks to Twitter, Meta now following suit. I only thought that Silicon Valley workers had a little more time than they did. Bloodbath incoming.


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I underestimated the importance of clean language. Profanity is a clear sign of a descending society, for it pinpoints that there's no boundary anymore not only in action, but in words also, which usually coalesce.
Indeed. Once the language and manner by which our thoughts can be articulated is broken down completely and unrestrained, the gateway opens for the same process to forge our thoughts and consequently our actions into something completely inconsequential. It's scary to think about how far things have slid even in the last five years alone. It's moving towards something, that's for sure.
I don't like hearing little girls say those words, even for comedy.
Ahh yes, comedy, the origin of inversion and bizzarro worl. Have you ever noticed that drag queens are always about "showtime", entertainment, and specifically crass comedy? I find it strange that their way into places like protestant churches includes an infiltration by means of laughter. "Hahaha, it's okay guys, 'she' is just being silly! Have a good time and lighten up!"

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Eva Sunshine (who goes by the name "Evan"), a trans-identifying 20-year-old Starbucks employee in Ithaca, NY, broke down in a video uploaded to Twitter on October 29th over the horrors of having to work an 8-hour workday. This young college student was bawling over there being customers at...a job revolving around customer service.

Can confirm from a friend working in retail this is not an act, but fairly common when working among twentysomethings.
He works at a grocery where the kids sometimes cannot punch the cash register for ONE HOUR (mandatory breaks after one hour) because it's stressful for them, and they go in the back and cry, or ask to go home early, and make videos like this I guess.

I was in Mexico recently, and a restaurant I liked was often full of young Americans. I overheard this Asian American guy talking to a woman there about how "language is problematic" and "Did you know they actually call me a First Generation American?!? As if my mother is somehow not American"

Yeah, dude, just like if I stayed down in Mexico I will always be an American living in Mexico, not a Mexican, but my future kids could be born Mexican.

I mean, sure, we can all laugh at this and call it clown world. But the thing is, to these people, it's serious and important. We can call the above kid a loser because he can't serve coffee without crying. But that's kinda the norm for a lot of people. I guess it's kind of funny, but it's more than anything a HUGE RED FLAG for the entire society and it needs to get fixed pronto.

Historically, the alternative is to Suddenly For No Reason At All One Day Elect Hitler To Power.

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(((Lauren Vinopal))) femsplaining why it's bad to not be a slave to our penis.
Female typist quotes female marriage counselor and female neuroscientist in an attempt to educate men on Male sexual function. Thanks, but no thanks.