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I went to the mall to buy an adapter for my new iphone which lacks a headphone jack, because they want to force you to use wireless bluetooth that irradiates the brain and increases their profits. I haven't been in ages, and I walked by Victoria's Secret.

For anyone coming of age in the 90s, Victoria's Secret sold extremely sexy lingerie to women, modeled by the most attractive female models which set the ideal for beauty standards. I know we have all seen the gross woke fashion ads today with trannies or obese blacks, but I didn't know they completely abandoned beauty. They have.

There was not a single attractive or titillating image in the entire Victoria's Secret storefront.

Even the mannequins they used were fat and black (they were actually made of white plastic but their body dimensions and choice of outfits strongly implied you were looking at a black woman.

I don't know how they expect to remain in business, I mean you may as well be buying your underwear at Wal Mart and saving money.

On the other hand, at least they didn't show any gross half naked images of obese trannies the way Calvin Klein and others do. It was mostly just a "how is this place still in business" moment.

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Cameron, best known for his work on the television sitcom "Growing Pains," made initial allegations stating that the Indianapolis Public Library rejected his publisher's request to hold a story hour. The library was among dozens of others that Cameron and Brave Books claim either rejected their requests or hadn't responded.

In a public letter, Cameron questioned if he was prevented from reading his Christian children's book because his race and the book's Christian content didn't fit the library staff's view of diversity.


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Interesting stuff. What we'll see increasingly more is the feminine paradigm of ''everyone gets a medal'' instead of ''the best gets rewarded the most''. All of it to destroy our competitiveness and further encroach on our masculinity of course, so that a blob of nothingness remains, without any power to fight whatever trick the regime comes up with next.