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A U.S. Track & Field star - sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson - was kicked off the plane for being argumentative and combative with flight attendants and passengers.

Warning: Language (?).

Never heard of her so I had to search for her track & field picture. That looks like a man.



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Wouldn't this be poisonous, aside from the gender bending properties of the estrogenic chemicals? Insane!

Beyond poisonous. Rapid cancer next year if they keep it up. This whole cancer epidemic isn't just because the vaxx but also due to what these confused people shoot themselves up with to numb the pain LEGALLY. It's a condoned genocide and we're living in it.

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"Really can't repeat it enough, if you have a good scam going don't let anybody know"

Jewgle is single handedly kicking out thousands of Indians out of America and other first world countries. There was a time where I tried to put a comment or a reply on JewTube about Indians, and literally every version of "Pajeet" I tried would get filtered. I tried "P4j33t", "P00j33t", "Pájé3t", everything I could think of. I could type JewTube with minimal effort, but Indian names were censored like someone really went out of their way to filter every possible version of it. I only saw filtering like that in kids games.


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How do these guys get a job or pay bills, in this economy?!

Sell drugs, work in an edgy coffee shop or bar downtown, sell yourself to middle aged women. Be an antifa fighter, Universal Basic Income, trust fund...

There's lots of possibilities.

Another possibility.
He's a Cabal / CIA asset, employed to sow degradation, desensitization etc.