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Thanks to my browser, which shields me from unpleasant images.


Well now we need to know what browser Bird is using.

Candidates include:

Internet Ex-Whore Blurred ?
Google Not Shown ?
Fire'n'Brimstone Blocks ?

My guess: No Stunning No Brave


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Another word for saying he is 100% Pro Fornication.
The term high value is convenient because it allows you to role play as a high value man when actually they are just talking about high net worth 99% of the time. Many of these red pill gurus have some money that came after their social media rise and selling courses / coaching men / book sales etc. If they just keep repeating ''high value'' enough times then everyone should start to believe it at some point right. They check all the boxes on this factual list of ''high value'' points. But it doesnt really work like that in reality. The most high value man is the man that is liked the most and this is something that is lacking in many of them. They are just not very like able and that is something that comes across strongly when they are put on these podcasts with the opposite sex.


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His idea of being 'high value' seems to be living as atomised as possible with a large helping of narcissism thrown in. Seems a very selfish way to live just accumulate money and fornicate. Makes you wonder if (((they))) were promoting him all along? Stopping otherwise fit healthy men from creating offspring and strengthening their communities?

Surely there is nothing higher in value than raising a family and being of service to god and your community - help those who are in need. That is what a high value man does


I find it funny that most of these contemporary High-Value Manosphere Influencers-cum-PUAs are just pitching an Alpha male-verneered version of the classic MLM/pyramid scheme that housewives have been mocked for being suckered into for decades.

When you strip away the skin, what is really the difference? Both have leadership castes that 'made it' and 'you can, too!' by subscribing to or purchasing their multi-step courses or programs, except they made it off the back and money of a wide base of peons that never find true success.

At least with Mary Kay, you got to drive a Cadillac for a year...

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Surely there is nothing higher in value than raising a family and being of service to god and your community - help those who are in need. That is what a high value man does
Yeah it depends a bit from which perspective you look to it, as that will determine what ''value'' is. The NO1 reason that the secular red pill sphere often is against marriage is because of the absurd laws you subject yourself to and the risk involved with it as a man. And I completely agree with that, in this society marrying for the state puts you in enormous risk - and in this toxic enviroment sadly we see that even in religious marriages such a construction can becoming a hostage taker for you as a man. Now marriage in a purely religious setting is often encouraged, and in general traditional values/family is also shared as something very positive against the individualism/liberalism ideas. But the crux is that in the secular sphere you just never get out of the paradox of going against sexually lewd behavior of women, while adding to it through fornication. That's like saying how much you value vegetarianism while at the same time eating meat. That's a paradox the secular sphere doesn't get out of. It operates on how to maximally profit from the system as it is, but offers no end solution to the problem besides this maximalization - although I do see more and more how religion is coming in as the solution, and traditional values in general (which to a degree already was the case).

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Getting a little stuffy in here, let me just..... crack the window for a bit of fresh air.

Lucky that thing was at low altitude. I didn’t even realize that could be done. I figured that at least the more modern aircraft would have a safety mechanism that prevented the door from being opened while the aircraft was in flight, or at least require some kind of override elsewhere in the aircraft if that needed to be done in some strange scenario that I can’t imagine. Good to know that any nutcase can just walk right over and crack that thing right open. Maybe we should all start packing parachutes as our carry-ons.