The Impact of the Covid Response on Childhood Development



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has quietly changed their standards for early childhood development, as the effects of pandemic policies on children’s development, from speech to reading to other basics, becomes increasingly more apparent.

Earlier this month, the CDC announced that new checklist ages for its important milestone lists were added. These new ages added were 15 and 30 months.

Oh boy.


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Mask Mouth - September 2021
increase mask wear, bacteria and decay can spread quickly

We are seeing more children with gingivitis and cavities. This is due to the effects of continual mask-wearing which is keeping germs and bacteria in the mouth.

When we breathe, (bacteria) leaves the system and dies, but with a mask, it’s staying in. It’s especially a problem for kids who aren’t brushing well each day. The bacteria is just kind of hanging around the mouth. We are also experiencing some patients are experiencing the growth of that bacteria on the outside of their mouth and lips, caused by masks that keep “moistness and germs next to the face.”

It is important to know that with increase mask wear, bacteria and decay can spread quickly. We are starting to see more children as young as 3 and 4 with severe decay.


I had my son in the spring of 2020 and we never wear masks, take him out to do activities all the time, he's met all his milestones and isn't fully talking but has about 50+ words or so and we can communicate. I am not worried about him, a pre-school teacher I know said lots of kids his age were behind in talking and social skills- and we live in a pretty decent state. We didn't do as much as we did with my older child the first year of his life (he was around older kids, his sibling, and adults somewhat frequently) and when we went on a major road trip around his first birthday he really blossomed. So I believe the developmental issues are not due to "covid" (FWIW we all got Covid a month ago and my kids had no symptoms) its the parents. If they're forcing their kids to mask up or be in an environment like daycare where everyone is wearing masks it's going to affect them learning speech and social skills. Not to mention many parents who haven't let their kids leave the house or play with other kids, teaching them to be neurotic and afraid of each other. Humans need socialization.

My advice would be to still take your child places, no matter the age and have them be around people. The first year they don't need to be in school or anything, they just learn by watching and playing and then maybe later do some supplementary activities (we did swimming at a very early age because we live somewhere where there are many pools and it's hot, that is a good idea too but not necessary if you don't have bodies of water/pools that you plan on visiting) with likeminded (not mask wearing preferably Christian) families and your kid will be fine. Do lots of reading starting at birth! If you live somewhere like LA, SF, NYC, Seattle etc consider moving if you don't have a community : )


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how the oligarchs benefit from an essentially disabled population.

Not sure if COVID related, but perhaps given the percentage increase:

Before the pandemic, 2 to 3 percent of pediatric patients at the Johns Hopkins University Tourette’s Center, in Baltimore, had acute-onset tic-like behaviors, but that rose last year to 10 to 20 percent, according to The Wall Street Journal. Texas Children’s Hospital reported seeing approximately 60 teenagers with sudden tics between March 2020 and the autumn of 2021, compared with just one or two a year before that.

More social media/ screen time during covid era due to online learning and Irritability?