The inexorable decline of American cities


I’ve noticed.

A: There’s no sense of ownership or investment in communities so the contractors don’t give a shit.

B: A lot of the people in those jobs do enough drugs to put David Lee Roth six feet under.



This doesn’t mean much, sadly. Most New Yorkers overestimate their “strength” and “resilience”. The reality is that most people are here for the circus, and when the circus ends, no one wants to be left in the big empty tent. The city that never sleeps is definitely sleeping at the moment. Slumbering, even.

The rich are optimistic because they live in the lap of luxury. Sprawling skyscraper apartments, private cocktail parties, exclusive lounges, delivery everything, etc.

The other 99% of people in the city are struggling to keep up with increasing prices as the quality of life plummets. A large portion of the 64% on that chart are just hopelessly optimistic. Unless current leadership (Cuomo & DeBlasio) is replaced with Republican leadership (think Giuliani), the city will continue its crime-fueled death spiral.


I fled a major city for a small town and rural lifestyle.

Whenever I visit a large city I can't believe how aggressive and ignorant people are on the highways. People of all kinds will run you off the road and tailgate you while doing over 80 mph.

Traffic is terrible wherever you go, the people I know living in the city and suburbs spend a couple of hours commuting one way to work. They end up dedicating about 12 hours of their workday to their job while only being paid for 8 of those hours.

Major American cities are full of foreigners. I am not talking about civilized hard working immigrants but scum of the Earth kind of people. They know the demographic destiny of the U.S. and are smug about it.

The city lifestyle is unnatural. If a young woman lived in a smaller community where everyone generally knows everyone, there isn't the opportunity to slut it up with a new tinder date every night.

Things have really changed within the past 20 years or so. I am grateful to have experienced Old America when I did, yet am somewhat jealous of those who are living the sunset years of their lives and got to live through the high times of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. It truly was the highest standard of living in the history of man.

As much as I would've liked to have a wife and children I don't see things getting better in my lifetime. In the future we will be looking back at 2020 as the good old days.