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Just a few days ago I noticed I wasn't able to promote any of my posts on Instagram. I have a photography business with two accounts.

It was bringing up some bullshit error message and I forgot about it. Yesterday after failing to promote a post again, I decided to dig a little deeper to see what was up. Just trying to find out what the problem was took me forever.

It turns out my PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT (which unfortunately is linked to both my IG and my Facebook business account) has been "restricted" and thus I am not allowed to advertise my business on other Facebook-owned platforms.

After talking with a tech savvy friend of mine, it appears the algorithm was tightened up during the election, and using trigger words like Trump or Covid will put you on their radar. I very, very occasionally comment under news articles (but am ALWAYS civil, never abusive, and I always avoid anything too contentious - like BLM for example).

I have commented lately about Covid, and I am pretty sure this has flagged my account.

I have spoken to a rep who said there has been "suspicious activity" on my account and I have been forced to submit photo ID.

It has scared me - my ability to advertise and market is unfortunately dependent on these tech monopolies.

It is terrifying they can simply restrict your account or ban you, and they can do it without blinking an eye. They are beyond reproach, and good luck trying to figure out what rule you've broken.
Them forcing you to submit photo ID is suspicious to me.

They're probably putting you into a database and the photo is just so they know that they have the right guy when the mass arrests start in the future.



What is a clean mirror? Is it something independent from Youtube?


This download URL contains the words youtube and google:

So if this video will be removed on Youtube it will be no longer accessable on Invidious, too.


Every single video has been backed up to LBRY. Years worth of videos are also backed up to BitChute, and, to a lesser extent, Minds and Every video since 2011 is downloadable directly from my servers. But if you don’t know that by this point, perhaps you’re not really ready to follow The Corbett Report into the Brave New (post-YouTube) Internet. Newsflash: this is 2021. If you’re still using YouTube to get your news, history and political information then you’ve got bigger problems than just the loss of The Corbett Report.



From the cover page of the Google- funded study:
Conspiracy theories circulated online via social media contribute to a shift in public discourse away from facts and analysis and can contribute to direct public harm. Social media platforms face a difficult technical and policy challenge in trying to mitigate harm from online conspiracy theory language. As part of Google's Jigsaw unit's effort to confront emerging threats and incubate new technology to help create a safer world, RAND researchers conducted a modeling effort to improve machine-learning (ML) technology for detecting conspiracy theory language. They developed a hybrid model using linguistic and rhetorical theory to boost performance. They also aimed to synthesize existing research on conspiracy theories using new insight from this improved modeling effort. This report describes the results of that effort and offers recommendations to counter the effects of conspiracy theories that are spread online.

Key Findings​

  • The hybrid ML model improved conspiracy topic detection.
  • The hybrid ML model dramatically improved on either single model's ability to detect conspiratorial language.
  • Hybrid models likely have broad application to detecting any kind of harmful speech, not just that related to conspiracy theories.
  • Some conspiracy theories, though harmful, rhetorically invoke legitimate social goods, such as health and safety.
  • Some conspiracy theories rhetorically function by creating hate-based "us versus them" social oppositions.
  • Direct contradiction or mockery is unlikely to change conspiracy theory adherence.


  • Engage transparently and empathetically with conspiracists.
  • Correct conspiracy-related false news.
  • Engage with moderate members of conspiracy groups.
  • Address fears and existential threats.
Google is infiltrating online communities. They try to pick on the moderate members of "conspiracy" or really any right wing group. They actively work to destroy the group identity of whites, Christians, any group they want genocided. They've just admitted it.


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Facebook banned the leader of The UK's only conservative party on the day of an election he was running in.

Pro-life, anti-lockdown candidate for London Mayor banned by Facebook on day of elections​

London Mayor candidate David Kurten described the ban as 'an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.'

On the very day of the London mayoral elections in the U.K., Facebook imposed a 7 day ban on London Mayor candidate David Kurten, for his challenging of the global narrative and his opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Kurten, the founder and leader of the pro-life and pro-family Heritage Party
is a member of the London Assembly and a mayoral candidate for the mayoral and assembly elections, taking place May 6, 2021.

However, on the morning of the elections, Kurten was served with a week-long ban by social media giant, Facebook. Flagging a total of five posts dating back to October 2020 posted on Kurten’s individual page, as well as the Heritage Party account, Facebook said that Kurten’s posts “didn’t follow our Community Standards.”

Commenting on the matter to LifeSiteNews, Kurten noted that earlier today he had put up two posts on Facebook: one which explained how the developers of the COVID-19 injections have no liability for the drugs, while the second expressed his, and the Heritage Party’s, firm opposition to lockdowns and vaccine passports.

Noting the calculated timing of the ban, Kurten took to Twitter and described the ban as “an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.”

I have been given a 7 day ban from posting on Facebook on the day of the London Mayor and Assembly Elections. This is an outrage and an attack on free speech and democracy.

This is not the first time that Kurten has faced Big Tech censorship. A few weeks ago, he was served with a 7 day ban from Google’s video platform YouTube, for “disagreeing with the WHO” [World Health Organization].

In both his online presence, and on the campaign trail, Kurten has made no secret about his pro-life, pro-family and anti-lockdown views. He has repeatedly raised awareness of the hastily developed COVID-19 injections, and encouraged his followers to reject the mainstream media in favor of smaller, independent outlets that challenge the global narrative.

In fact, the manifesto of the Heritage Party expressly rejects the modern notions about “queer theory or gender fluidity,” stating that “is a scientific fact that there are two sexes: male and female, which are determined by anatomy and chromosomes.”

Kurten’s party also promotes the use of wholesome educational materials, promising to block texts or lessons which “encourage early sexual activity in children before they reach the age of consent, or inappropriate materials detailing non-reproductive sexual acts.”

He is unashamedly pro-life, noting that “in every abortion a human life is ended,” and promising to “completely defund UK government support for abortion programs outside the UK.”


A Kazakh human rights group had to move its whole channel to Odysee after Youtube blocked videos showing the plight of Uighurs in Xinjiang.


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Facebook now sends warnings to your friends that you’re right wing extremist. 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual
Imagine if you say in 20 years I believe in the family, boys are boys and girls are girls, it's good to have a community that cares about each other. You'll be locked up.