The internet censorship thread

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Beware of using Google.
Google is working with the US government to reveal your identity if you searched for certain things online.

If you thought that typing something into a google search was anonymous, you are wrong.

Also, remember that the number of tracking cookies on all types of websites today is so pervasive, that Facebook, Google, etc. know who you are and can track your activity even if you don't have an account with them or visit their web pages.

I use a Raspberry Pi "pi hole" to block ads and spy traffic on a hardware level, and the top offending sites are usually on Facebook. I don't have a facebook, but companies I buy products from, use facebook or google for marketing, payment, or other purposes, and so Facebook knows a good bit about me and can track what I do through these cookies, and even sell information about me to others, despite me not having a facebook account.

I like the top comment on this article "Another conspiracy theory proven to be true"!