The internet censorship thread


Many Ukrainian opposition politicians on YouTube have been censored by someone. For example the YouTube channels of Yuri Podolyaka, Evgeniy Muraev, and even Nikolai Azarov, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, who was deposed by the coup, were all closed and taken down.

Nobody bothers to censoring Azov Media.

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Google is censoring negative coverage of Dan Crenshaw. When you try to search for the incident where he threatened students asking him questions, there's no results on Google. If you look on Duck Duck Go the first result is on-topic.


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The Zucc has been threatening suspensions on many alt accounts, in exchange for giving contact numbers or profile pictures. This has been going way back in the 2020 elections alongside the "false information" fact-checking crackdown on anti-Biden posting ("extremist content"). It used to be that Facebook will just ban people for making posts or comments for 3 days, now out of nowhere accounts are just threatened to be suspended for 30 days.