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So apparently Youtube went through some changes. I had to login and it asked me that same bullshit they've been asking for some time, your real name, phone number (I wonder when will it be that they won't let you login anymore if you don't provide your real data, I bet it's not that far away now), but even after I skipped those steps it automatically created me a google+ profile. I neither want nor need one, but apparently google thinks I do.

The other change is on the comments section, they're giving more power to the video creator/poster to censor comments with the excuse of taming the trolls. Is this justified or is it just one more step towards censorship and the end of anonymity on the web?
yes. twitter did the same to me - wanted my phone number. so - one burner phone and a TXT message later, i'm back on twitter.

although i find Parler much more useful.

replace twitter with Parler
replace google with DuckDuckGo

once the majority of people i follow on twitter move to parler - i'm exiting twitter.


The lying press has staged the action at the Capitol worldwide as a "coup" and created a targeted shock wave. In their slipstream, they now want to shift censorship up two gears.

Apple has given the Twitter alternative "Parler" a 24-hour ultimatum to enforce censorship of right-wing opinions. Then the app is to be deleted from the Appstore. In a completely absurd letter, Michelle Obama asks Silicon Valley to censor any dissident.

I suspect that under this gigantic pressure in the shadow of the staged formative event called "Capitol Storm", many alternatives will fall. Telegram is the main target. The app may not survive January. DLive might not survive against it in a few weeks either. The pressure will be gigantic.

by Martin Sellner, Jan 9, 2021




The early Wild West days of the Internet didn't require an especially high level of trust. It was decentralized. Trust grew organically.

Web 2.0 was built on the assumption of a high level of trust. It's a requirement for things to work, because a bunch of tech sitting around doing nothing is just burning electricity. What makes it useful is people using it.

Apple, Farcebook, Twitter, and Goolag just expended all of that trust, hoarded up over decades, in one gamma burst across one Friday afternoon.

Even if Biden ends up in the Oval Office, they've still slit their own throats.

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Just take one look at the staff at Firefox and you will be convinced to delete right away.

All-female workforce?