The Jair Bolsonaro Thread

Interestingly, 2 of President Bolsonaro's 3 political sons have taken Italian citizenship... there are suspicions that the Bolsonaro clan can escape!

President Bolsonaro is between the lion's mouth and the mouth of the tiger, because if he is not ineligible for 8 years (if he is, he can only run for political office from 2031), the tendency he is devoured by the "allies" Tarcísio (elected governor of São Paulo), Zema (elected governor of Minas Gerais) and Moro (elected senator for Paraná). Because these 3 "allies" will fight with each other and Bolsonaro to be the main opponent of the PT in 2026!

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I expect to see the new Lula travel twenty times to Washington DC, before he goes to La Havana, Mumbai or Moscow.

Well, no surprise here : Lula's first international trip is, of course, to Washington DC, tonight.

As a result, the USA will be hosting tomorrow both Lula, in DC, and Bolsonaro, in Miami.

Meet the new boss, etc...?

At least, Lula (and his good friend A. Fernandez) won't send weapons to Zelensky, so, there are some positive news.