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Also, he's very wrong about leftie Jews like Chomsky not being zionists, Chomsky is arguably the greatest gatekeeper for Israel, because he is very trusted and revered by the left. He will criticize Israel all day long, but actively hide their role in 9/11, the JFK, and about the nature and control of the Federal Reserve.

One of the main difference between leftist globalist Tikun Olam Jews like Chomsky and Soros and right wing zionists is that the formers have a different concept of Jewish supremacy that's not specifically anchored in Israel, but international, whereas the Likudnik zionists want to dominate the world from and through Israel.

I always wondered about Noam Chomsky, now you've answered it, he gets close enough to vent pent-up steam but never relevant enough to provoke meaningful action.
I always wondered about Noam Chomsky, now you've answered it, he gets close enough to vent pent-up steam but never relevant enough to provoke meaningful action.

I'm not absolutely sure but James Corbett is most likely a Jew and is part of the small, but extremely annoying Jewish community living in downtown Tokyo.

He does this huge documentary on Bill Gates and makes it as if almost all the problems are coming from this one technocrat.

I have seen countless of his videos and haven't heard him bring up anything addressing the real root issues such as ((())).
It is more likely Corbett knows that naming the Jew directly will get his channel nuked.

Well if that is the case, I guess he is just treating the symptoms and not the source for the money.

He is just riding the gravy train like many other supposed truthers.

There are truthers willing to die for the truth and others that clearly are not.
L.S. Do you have a public video channel where you show your face and use your real name as you discuss the JQ?

My point is that if he isn't willing to do so when others are like Roosh or E. Michael Jones, then he doesn't need to make content at all.

Why are they able to do it but not him?

Is he afraid to or maybe he doesn't want to attack who might possibly be his own people?


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Well, he could always write a book. E Micheal Jones is still making good money from his books, which address the world problems at the root...unlike any videos put out by James Corbett.
Does this JQ-book-writing-prerequisite-of-authenticity extend to every publically identified video maker on the dissident right? Or just James Corbett?


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Any way to get them to turn on an other the way they make us do ?

For Catholics:

There was a whole series of providential events that led to this discovery for me, but there was a weapon given for this prophesied time, and it lined up with the fact that some Nuns gave me a Holy Face from the 1920's from Lourdes before they left town last December, which I've use most afternoons during a 40 minute stretch of Contemplation. I don't so much look at it - that would be seeing by the Animal Soul - I look through it, using the Spiritual Soul. I can't explain the fascination with His face, even if not consciously looking at it. God told St Catherine of Sienna that Jesus was a bridge between Humanity and Him that had to be crossed, and the journey for all souls is to beginning at his feet, to his side, to his mouth. Which makes sense to me, because understanding on Good Friday 2019 that I could lie my head on Jesus' chest like the Icon depictions of Saint John was my entry into Mystic Grades of Prayer.

There's something very powerful and important there.

So, there's what is known as The Chaplet of the Holy Face. It was given to Sister Marie of St. Peter, a Carmelite Nun in the mid 1800's, specifically to fight Communism, two years before Karl Marx wrote 'Das Kapital'. God told her that due to the sins of the Reformation - which was the Usual Suspects using the Media of the time to cast fatal suspicion and doubt upon The Church, a tactic they still use today - He would use Communism via the Secret Sects to 'scourge the world' if this devotion wasn't prayed regularly. Which very much what matches the message of Our Lady of Good Success gave back in the 1600's about the late 20th Century: that every societal single institution in this time would be completely taken over by them.

Interestingly, Pope Leo XIII, who had the vision that predicted Satan's 100 year reign and was famous for composing the Prayer to St Michael to protect the Church from the Judeo-Masonic takeover he'd been shown, that used to be said after every Latin Mass, also propagated this Devotion to the Holy Face in the 1800's. The family of St Therese of the Child Jesus was enrolled in the Confraternity to the Holy Face, and she latter appended 'and of the Holy Face' to her name as she progressed further into Mystic Prayer. I've always found their relationship interesting: she met the Pope when she was 14 in a very famous story where she broke ranks and threw herself at his feet, begging to be admitted into Carmel at such a young age. He prophesied our age, but she was the Saint to teach us how to navigate it.

Unfortunately, the devotion had died out by the first World War, and is often thought Church Historians as the reason for the Fall of Russia, coupled with the Orthodox Church and the Royal Family not condemning involvement of the Laity in the Secret Sects, which is why the Orthodox and Catholics didn't reunite and repair to Schism to fight the Turks when Ivan the Terrible betrayed and persecuted the Church. This is also why all those involved in Orthodoxy have to make sure their denomination has formally condemned involvement in Freemasonry. It's not my area of expertise but, offhand, I remember the Russian Church Outside of Russia and Greek Orthodox have condemned it. I'm wary of Armenian Orthodoxy, since my state's Orthodox Premier not only legalized abortion, but legalized it up until birth, yet hasn't been excommunicated almost a year later, despite half the state burning down soon after. There's also various Patriarchs dodging the question of whether they're involved or not, but the Catholic Church has enough problems with the Masons for me to delve into Orthodoxy. Perhaps someone like Michael can do some research into this area for those in the Eastern Churches.

Anyway, The Chaplet looks like this.

chapletholyface - Copy.jpg

Each group of beads is one of the five senses of Jesus, and you're supposed to meditate on them, if God hasn't closed off meditation to you yet.

There's some opening and closing prayers you can look up online, but on the large beads you name the sense, say 'O mi Jesu, misericordia', follow it with 'Glori patri, et filio et spiritui sancto, sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper et in seculae seculoram, amen.'

The large beads are from a Psalm, which Church Exorcists have regularly recorded as being particularly-despised by demons.

'Arise O Lord, and let thy enemies be scattered, and let them that hate thee flee from before they face'.

There's five prayers on the final beads, including one to make the enemy turn on each other, and it ends with what is known as the Golden Arrow Prayer on the Crucifix.

As I've learnt to exist more in the Pneuma than the Psyche, I've got a pretty good developing sense of when something is demonic versus something on His side is happening. It's particularly powerful when said before the Eucharist.

Look, I know things look rough going forward, but nothing with God is set in stone. He's a Dad continually threatening to punish us whilst giving us chance after chance to change His mind.

I would recommend anyone praying Spiritual Warfare in this manner also regularly pray a Prayer for Protection against Demonic Retaliation, as the level of intensity has greatly stepped up from even earlier this year.

Leonard D Neubache

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Well if that is the case, I guess he is just treating the symptoms and not the source for the money.

He is just riding the gravy train like many other supposed truthers.

There are truthers willing to die for the truth and others that clearly are not.

I know it's frustrating to feel like someone is dodging the JQ just to save their skin (or their wallet) but I have found peace in determining who is an enemy of the truth by watching who attacks it, not who remains neutral.

If someone ignores the JQ then I need only ignore them. It is the people who attack those who address the JQ who are enemies to the truth.

I don't follow the person in question so I don't know where he stands in that spectrum, but if he's not attacking "anti-semitism" then he's just a guy trying to get by in the world, and he's not your enemy.


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^L.R., I get where you're coming from on Corbett but he did do a very good job overall with his 9/11 research, not skirting Israel's central role in the takedown of the buildings, I think he's the one who actually popularized the term "Dancing Israelis":

The one researcher who has perfectly understood what 9/11 was and who the perps were, how it came about is Christopher Bollyn, he's sharp as a tack and super courageous, he was physically targeted and attacked by Israeli operatives. Here's a guy you don't hear much about, with good reason...

"solving 9-11" by Bollyn is the one book that totally nails down 9/11, he is truly the best researcher on the subject, its pdf is available here courtesy of the online library of one of our posters:

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By Khanverse

Good Jews?

This brings us to the good Jew. The idealistic good Jew, in the popular conception, is one who doesn’t openly display bloodthirsty anti-Gentile hatred, publicly shows ‘solidarity’ with the Palestinian and / or other indigenous cause and doesn’t apparently harm living creatures by word or deed.

Thus, it is a great testament to our relentless collective evangelism of these uncomfortable truths that there seems to be a veritable explosion of good Jews sprouting up everywhere. You’re against right-wing fascism? They got Jews for that. Don’t like the soft and whiny left-wing SJWs? They got Jews for that. 9/11 Truth? They got lots of Jews for that like the Loose Change triumvirate, Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas, along with Adam Kokesh and the accessory to the murder of Dan Wallace, Luke Rudkowski. Need an Islamophobic talking point? They got Jews for that. Need someone to save the towel heads from Islamophobia? They got Jews for that too. Hate black people? They got racist Jews for that. Hate white people? They got anti-racist Jews for that also, naturally. This is celebrated as the holy and wholly distinct Jewish tradition of diversity embrace, though arguably, it is more accurately recognized as tribal, Jewish chameleonic deception.

From Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Norman Finkelstein before, to Max Blumenthal and Philip Weiss now, Gentiles have been celebrating these ‘brave, honest, good Jews’ as they courageously exposed Israeli crimes already arduously elucidated by affected Gentiles, decades prior, in far more gruesome and explicit detail. In spineless acquiescence to Jewish Chosenness, Gentiles overlook the gatekeeping, limited hangout enclaves these duplicitous Jews have created to police discussion to highlight what they deem “anti-Semitic” and thus by extension, summarily inaccurate.

Immediately on arrival, anyone who claims even a fraction of Jewish heritage catapults to the summit of the discourse, invited to pontificate in demagoguery and allowed to bludgeon dissent, especially and most crucially, “anti-Semitic” dissent. The directly affected indigenous, whether BLM activists or Palestinian SJP members, learn the ‘trigger warnings’ of unacceptable talking points and serve as compliant deputies to these good Jews, subserviently policing the periphery to prevent open dialogue on the most heinous and monstrous Jew deceptions: 9/11, the Holocaust, Satanic Ritual Murder and genocidal Talmudic degeneracy. From Ali Abunimah to Rania Khalek, Remi Kenazi to Linda Sarsour, these House Browns play a mid-level managerial role in this Jewish gatekeeping extravaganza. If these Browns can’t handle it, they go to their superiors for a universally binding fatwa that all solidarity activist groups must swear an oath to uphold. This is how the cause of Palestine has been merged with the homosexual agenda as two parts of the same problem, cis-gender hetero-normative patriarchy, perhaps. Thus, staunch Muslim revolutionaries must hold their nose to stop the gag reflex as they tacitly endorse evangelical homosexuals in order to speak in equal support of Palestine and the ‘colonialist imperialist Nazi’ Jewish state, rather than the genocidal cancerous entity in the Middle East, which is an existential threat to humanity and all forms of life.

Beware, there will be a total Noahide flood of good Jews in the coming months and years that will seek to carve out a niche in our Resistance to Organized Jewry’s genocidal rampage, purely and selfishly out of a survival mechanism. Their Talmudic war path is untenable. The jig is up. They know. These good Jews will condemn Israel and the, ever so few, bad Jews, claim universalist secular piety, then intricately develop their complex adaptive system to once again dissolve and disintegrate our nascent revolution as an efficient, parasitic, tribalistic super-organism.

The entire Planet is waking up to the Pharisaic Python as it feverishly tries to suffocate the last breaths of our Gentile autonomy. We don’t need to hold the hands of good Jews and patiently and painstakingly help them navigate their own psychoses while their close relatives plot the details of WWIII. There are too many of us and too few of them. We must Save our Planet from their Samson option apocalypse.

Sourse Renegade Tribune.