The Jewish Question (JQ) thread


That "EARLY LIFE" gets em every timeView attachment 25356

Its creepy as hell how much the tribe keeps appearing with this sort of thing.

There was a video of parents on SM complaining about this game Roblox for kids and sexualized themes ...take one guess which tribe the CEO comes from.



It seems there is a force on a planetary level that is trying to divide humanity at this moment in time. Do not let evil turn you against your brothers and sisters because of the color of their skin, religion, or party. That is certainly not Gods will, and it is certainly not what Jesus would do. Dont allow yourself to fall victim to prejudice. To judge someone based on the actions of others. Face your enemy with love in your heart and soon they will be your friend.
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great find, any more?

That was about it. I usually find a lot of the stuff by scrolling through the comments, which is how I found those.

Every once in a while, I would check out the following pages for (((JQ)))-related posts/tweets:

Empress Wife: "One of the most famous (((Jew))) whose books were burned and was removed from German literary canon was the paedophile (((Jew))) Sigmund Freud. Freud his degenerate theories were merely dismissed as (((Jewish))) subversion not worthy to be in a German library or university."
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