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Some Jews believe that their souls are super-human.
Just one of the many things they’re wrong about. To be that conceded and supportive of a statement like this is just sad.

Now imagine, Jews in Christian Europe going around spewing how Jesus was a dupe and how their souls are worth more. Yeah, not like any of the Christians rulers or people would take offence to that and push you into ghettos and out of the country entirely.

Mr Gibbs

Jewish groups were pushing to remove the statue of Saint Louis in Saint Louis - they said he 'oppressed' them - they never mentioned why - why did he burned copies of the Talmud, for example? :)
I forget where I heard this but apparently there’s an old Russian quote saying that “a jew will always tell you what happened to him but will never tell you why”


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Jewish groups were pushing to remove the statue of Saint Louis in Saint Louis - they said he 'oppressed' them - they never mentioned why - why did he burned copies of the Talmud, for example? :)

Notre Dame de Paris cathedral burned down under the reign of Saint Louis the 9th, one of the greatest rulers in the history of France, exactly 777 years after all the talmuds in France were burned down in front of the church following the Disputation of Paris, where the talmud was found to be deeply blasphemous following a trial that lasted several years, where the leading rabbis were allowed to defend it. One of their arguments was that the Jesus that was boiling in feces and his mother Mary that was depicted as a whore in the talmud were a different Jesus and Mary... One of the leading Israeli rabbis said that the Notre Dame was an act of divine retribution, and that all churches in Israel should be burned as a mitzvah or religious duty.

Shortly before the Notre Dame fire, the centuries old solid oak beams in the roof were coated with an antifungal material containing thermite, a highly flammable material. Those beams would have otherwise been virtually non-flammable. That treatment was unnecessary, Paris is not humid enough and those centuries old beams were nearly petrified and very dry. The contract was handled by a small company on a no-bid basis.


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ex-CIA "moderate Democrat":

Translation: they have stopped funding muslim false flags (at least in the US, the $$$ are still flowing to the moderate headchoppers in Syria, Libya etc), and are now going to do the "white supremacist" thing in years to come. It's already started with the fake plot against Wretchen Whitmer last year.


The Black-Jewish alliance relies on morally corrupt, bought for uncle Tom leadership like Al Sharpton (Fed informer/agent), Maxine Waters, Corey Booker (who was groomed by Chabad and converted in college) whose job is to keep their people in the plantation, much like their white uncle Tom counterparts Rubio, Pence, Pelosi, etc.

You have people like DeSean Jackson who have seen through this, he was likely redpilled by Farrakhan's The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, book essentially relaying the research of Dr Tony Martin, a Wellesley College prof who has carefully research the subject of transatlantic slavery and documented the fact that it was almost exclusively a Jewish trade. Farrakhan is fairly influential in the Black community, even though he's marginalized. Many of the smarter Blacks, while not adhering with the dogmas of the Nation of Islam, understand that he is marginalized because he says truths that their leaders and celebrities aren't allowed to say.

Tony Martin established the religious basis for slavery, which is justified in the talmud through the curse of Ham. Blacks are essentially considered subhuman in the talmud and by many of the most prominent rabbis and Jewish scholars, people like Maimonides. That is actually not the case in Islam, where there are reservations about slavery (contrary to what neocon evangelicals like David Wood claim) and of course it is not sanctioned in Christianity. Also the reason why the white slave trade in Europe was essentially Jewish, it was so prevalent in eastern Europe that its people became known as "Slavs", and cities like Prague were built on the slave trade.

Tucker Carlson just called out Kristen Clarke for her support of Tony Martin when he spoke at Harvard in 1994.

Though on the surface he did so to expose her as anti semitic for supporting an "anti semitic" professor (who wrote a lot about the Jewish involvement in the slave trade), he inadvertently tipped the hand a bit and probably caused a lot of his viewers to google the guy and find out a thing or two they may have never known. He did something similar when he called out ugly buildings by architects like Frank Gehry.

On the surface he's taking stabs at a joke of a Biden nominee, but in the process he's pulling the curtain back on history few people would ever know. Even if he only reaches a handful of people, all it takes are a few of them to wake up and further educate.

This guy is next level subtle. Awakening the masses on the sly....



-Ww1 and ww2 killed off Europe’s best and brightest, basically all the conservative stock
-entire modern west is built around keeping people in debt slavery
-privately owned central banks lend money to governments and charge interest, obviously it’s impossible to pay off the interest.
-because the debt accumulates more money has to be printed by the fed and borrowed to the government
-this causes inflation
-if the hourly wage is 15$ and a loaf of bread cost 5$. Say in 10 years the wage is 30$ and a loaf now costs 10$ each you aren’t any worse or better off
-but for anyone that saved money or retired when the loaf was 5$ and they are now 10$ that means their purchasing power has halved
-the rich (asset owning class) make enough to avoid paying in and have other people making them money. The poor have no savings anyway
-the middle class are in a never ending debt cycle chasing the carrot of the asset class and avoiding the stick of the poor


The comments this guy makes in this video really shows how a lot of leftists really think about conservatives. His overinflated sense of importance is typical of people like him . He’s the type of guy that talks about diversity and multiculturalism, but most likely lives on the whitest areas that don’t have to see or deal with the type of people they claim to support. When someone tells me that they watch PBS and listen to NPR, this is the mindset that they really have.