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Kyrie just got suspended w/o pay for not condemning anti-chewdaism enough (from espn):
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Let me just tell all of you how much I love that Hebrew Israelites are getting in the weeds with Jews. It's THE perfect storm.
Black communities have had their Christian culture destroyed and turned into a sewer to the point that they had nothing to grasp for left over than NOI and BHI. And now the chicken are coming home to roost, but not only that, they actually do it by making the exact same claims as Jews, but more consistently and openly, and the Jews are really unprepared for that because answering it would mean addressing their own ethnocentric premise, which they will not do.
It's so funny, I have never seen them losing it like that, and it also brings their own contempt for other races, black people in particular, to the front, when until recently they loved to push them front and center and used them as their mascots for anti-White shenanigans. Chaim Witz actually went on the record calling Ye a "problematic n*gger". I guarantee you, this is only the beginning. They are vengeful and spiteful and they will now aim to punish any negro who gets uppity, it's inevitable. At the same time, blacks, despite maybe having some misconceptions, are growing more and more aware of how public dialogue is manipulated and how the apology game works.
A year ago it was just Tommy Sotomayor, and now what he said in his rant about Jews being the only ones rebellious black people will crawl on the floor for is being repeated by Ye and many others. I really hope we get a Black Hebrew Israelite movement in Germany, it would be a joy to see them interact with the Hologram regime. Imagine how much they must have pushed Kyrie for going "you know what, f*** that" and now he will be running wild as well, perhaps joining up with Ye. There is no way they can use their dialectical tricks to maneuver their way out of this conflict. They've been telling those blacks how great it is that they hate whites for years, and now the blacks are going "actually, we only ever seem to get into trouble with a specific group of whites" and now they are all the discombobulated Pikachu meme.
The past months were pretty rough, the winter will be mayhem, I think we have to thank God for throwing us a bone here where white people can finally sit back and watch the whole thing unravel. You should also pray for them and everyone who now started to show a backbone, because it's the only way there is ever going to be anything resembling a moral society.


I've seen enough from pro-Russian YouTubers to know that most countries who would embrace greater cooperation with Russia & China also want to stop the imperialist neocons. The very fact that Israel of all countries voted against ending the embargo on Cuba is bound to redpill a lot more people the world over on the JQ.

There's another point I've gleaned from this tweet: Brazil abstaining from the vote is a crucial indicator of things to come. I worry that the new woke president of Brazil might inadvertently increase US globohomo hegemony over South America. The amount of woke social subversion in Brazil combined with its Western-style democratic election system makes it the weakest link of the BRICS alliance, and there's a big likelihood of the globalists using Brazil to drive a wedge in the multipolar order.

I'll try to add some southamerican perspective to the points you make. To tell you the truth, the way the BRICS have been operating in this region has been terrible. Let me give you a quick summary of the involvement of Brasil, Russia and China:

Brasil: For the last decade, Brasil has been projecting power over its spanish speaking neighbors mainly through the jewish corporation Odebrecht (really close to Lula) and their associates. Lula has also exercised a sort of leadership among the leftwing governments of the region, pushing for globohomo and statism and aiding leftwing criminals like Evo Morales or Argentina's Kirchners.

Russia: Russia has weapon related agreements with several countries in the region mainly because in the 60s some leftwing government armies were entirely armed using soviet weapons. It has also strong diplomatic ties with every communist hellhole in the region, namely Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and the globohomists from Argentina. If you understand spanish, I would advice you to compare RT's spanish signal and RT's english signal. While RT's english signal is pretty based and informative (since that's the image it seeks to present of Russia in the decadent west: a based country with firm traditional roots), RT's spanish signal sounds almost like soviet era propaganda, it boasts about the supposed successes of the region's communist dictatorships, it supports globohomo in the more "progressive" countries of the region (Argentina, Chile) and so on. I know RT is a private company but this alone makes me think that Russia also has a real politik approach towards its international relations (like, for example, the british empire: "I know not allies but only interests"), not a value based one.

China: China has taken the Odebrecht corruption model to the next level, chinese companies have used every trick in the corruption book to win public concesions in areas such as health, mining, transportation, and so on.

As a southamerican I would say neither the anglos nor the BRICS have the best interest of the region in mind, so once again (like in WW2) the game in this region is to be clever enough to maintain enough sovereignity to protect your people while at the same time dealing with both sides of the global conflict.

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It's always been hard for me to understand the JQ. Is the problem elite Jews versus all Jews? It's my understanding each race has different strengths and weaknesses, generally speaking. One of Jews' weaknesses are a greed that far exceeds other races, and elite Jews would be in a position where some of the restraints on their greed no longer exist.


It's always been hard for me to understand the JQ. Is the problem elite Jews versus all Jews? It's my understanding each race has different strengths and weaknesses, generally speaking. One of Jews' weaknesses are a greed that far exceeds other races, and elite Jews would be in a position where some of the restraints on their greed no longer exist.
What I have seen in my life, in work, in studies. The Jews (also the poorer):

  • Love for the stage: The Jews I met love to be on stage, wether to play music, to comedy, to sing, some are very gifted and have a deep desire to be seen. Most of the non-jews prefer to sit back and see what happens.
  • No personal loans: Almost no Jews have personal loans to banks in their host countries. No mortgages. Mostly loans from the family, the network. Most of the non-jews are having hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage debt before 30.
  • Knowledge of the Law: I find this incredible, high knowledge of law and in any family is a lawyer who they can ask, e.g. a Jewish girl get fired, they always have an uncle / nephew that will send a clear forceful letter, most of us need to pay 100s of dollar per hour to get access to the law
  • Community, if they are in problems, they ask around in their community, to get some money, to get some support, we would feel ashamed, "the Marlboro man needs to do all on his own".
  • No fear of conflict - Whether in University, Jews love to debate, they easily form a group to send a letter to the dean with a request to achieve their goal.
  • Intellectual - Their world happens in their brains and on paper. Fantasy, ideas, dreams, what it could be, a new world, another life. New ideas.
  • Power - Power as a theme, whether it's physical as the Jewish sports trainer, as the most successful intern, the networker, they are always visible.

These character traits I have seen almost always. I also saw

  • Neuroticism: Never happy, even when stuff seems good, they will see a problem, restless. Also in relationships, they seek conflict, see problems, many divorces and separations. Depression. Anger problems. Frustration.

The opposite of the Jew is this:
A modest man, who is a painter, every day he goes to his clients to paint houses, he is good at what does, a skilled painter, he makes fun with his colleagues, but he is nothing special, not the best joker, not the funniest, the best, a good guy to have in the group, he took a 300K mortgage at 28 and is now paying that back to the bank, he has a simple house and a girlfriend. He has some problems with the corporation who pays his salary, he asked legal aid and his insurance, but he has no clue what to do, he doesn't like it as well, he think the hell with it, he'll get a job somewhere else. His parents live 10 miles away, they always taught him to be your own man, to run your own show, to be independent. He has few, but some real good buddies, with some he can talk and drink, with some he plays soccer. A best day is when he gets home from work, crack open a beer, fires up the barbecue, has a friend over or some family and chills out.

The Jew is this
A guy who loves the stage, he learned to play piano, before he was 10, on quite a high level, he even thought to do the conservatory, but he chose law, his uncle set him up with a friend in the city who owns a law firm specialized in business litigation, he got in there as an intern but it goes well, he has fun in these conflicts and solving those, via a befriended broker of his family he got into a new building project, an uncle and his parents helped him buy his first house, in exchange he pays back to them quickly, and he also takes care of a niece of that uncle to help her with some private issues, on a side he set up a limited liability business to buy land, if you structure this well you run no personal risk, you might go broke, but the pain doesn't fall on you, this goes quite well, they have already bought several acres of land just outside a city where there are plans to expand, he has a girlfriend, but he also have a mistress, he needs that excitement, he dreams of playing piano in the concert hall, the audience cheering for him, but his life is OK. He struggles with depression and sometimes manic period, he sees a psychiatrist for that, he tried medication, but it doesn't really work. He is inspired by modern art, and just bought his first piece, the emptiness and beauty of a white square, the artist is well known and the painting is expected to only appreciate in value. He's also thinking about setting of his own law practice, just like his uncle. His uncle is really appreciated in the family and the community. He has a school named after him. He'd love to make a name for himself, everyone proud of him.

Elite is a matter of luck, only very few rise to the absolute top, but the Jewish community is small, so 2/3 layers away everyone knows a very rich, influential person, whether in family or in Synagogue.

In short the character traits are so noticeable and the tribalism is very clear, it's positive ofcourse, it's community, don't forget they broke Church. They made: Christ Mass -> christmas and santa claus. They made All Hallows Eve -> halloween. The made the resurrection of Christ about a bunny collecting eggs.

What most stuck with me in encountering Jews, they really help each other, financially, jobs, and have a very wide network. Also the poorer families, so when they have a smart son, the mom fixes a job with the guy from Synagogue. And the fact most don't take loans from outsiders is so powerful. A loan for them is a connector. A relationship. A promise you hold. For us it's the law forever against us. No pay? We sell your house.


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A perfect example of why you do not bend the knee.
It's never about an apology.

It's all so absurd. Demonstrate understanding to some guy who I never heard of? I'm sure he's some "powerful" person, I don't even want to look him up because it doesn't matter.

The Js are out of control. They can't help themselves. They're like addicts who can't stop. They want people to like them when they abuse and humiliate. Does life work that way? I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

It's both hilarious and infuriating at the same time. Every day some deeper desperation and neuroticism is displayed. Should I be laughing or scared out of my mind over their dangerous insanity?


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Pop singer Aaron Carter (brother of Backstreet boy Nick Carter) released this video a couple of days ago about how he got screwed by the industry:

He tweeted this 2 days ago, presumably wanting to swap Jew stories with Kanye. Nick was a popstar as a young kid:


As you can see, he was found dead today. a1.png


What is the most damning evidence of the validity of the Jewish question? Say I want to build a very strong case against the existence of a Jewish-lead cabal, what would I go with? The fact that Jews are in the governments, own the biggest companies, were involved in Communist uprisings, etc in and of itself is not damning enough. It is suspicious but does not prove their motives. Then we go to the Weimar Republic where the exact same things were happening there as they are in The West now (money printing, sexual debauchery, etc) and sure enough the Jews were there, too. But it is not enough. Help me out, guys.