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Chappelle is not our guy. He’s another JK Rawling. A lefty that got cancelled, that will still vote for and support the same people cancelling him. He is on board with BLM, and always supports black victimhood narratives. If anything, he defended Jews in this monologue. Even if he is Jew-pilled, it’s only because he wants blacks at the top of the victim grift.
No man is "our guy". Im not looking for a hero.

But every time someone openly speaks out, no matter how mildly, it pierces the veil of silence a little bit. The fact that its even spoken at mildly is a win for truth to power...and (((they))) know it. Hence the ADL condemnations

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FBI 1913 (FBI created in July 1908)
Not able to figure out the "FBI 1913" coincidence. Thoughts?

Everywhere that I've come across it is saying the FBI was founded in 1908 as well. This guy must have got mixed up. There were name changes over the years, but the original bureau looks like it was created in 1908:

In 1908 when Attorney General Charles Bonaparte created the entity that would become the FBI, he didn’t name it. He simply referred to it as a “special agent force” when announcing his work to Congress in the 1908 annual report. Finch, a chief examiner in the Department of Justice, was named its first leader.

In 1909, Attorney General Wickersham formally named Bonaparte’s “force” the Bureau of Investigation (BOI). At the time, the Bureau had less than 70 employees. Over the next several years, the Bureau was also referred to as the Division of Investigation, but this title didn’t stick. Between 1913 and 1933, the Bureau remained the BOI. In 1933 it was named the United States Bureau of Investigation.

I noticed that in the username handle from the tweet, it contains the number of the beast, so maybe he's not our most reliable source of information. However the "coincidence" of the other three institutions all crossing each other in 1913 is accurate as you've discovered. Even if you took out the FBI reference, it would still be valid to point these out.

There was also another troubling event from your additional findings, about the 17th amendment being ratified, allowing more power to be consolidated by the federal government:
Another important amendment that was put through this year is the 17th amendment. This provided for the direct election by the people of two Senators from each state as oppose to the original system of having state legislatures elect United States Senators. More democratic, you would think, until you realize these bankers could now provide the funds for their hand picked people to run for the Senate, and thus avoid future problems like getting the Federal Reserve through the Senate.


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FBI 1913 (FBI created in July 1908)
Not able to figure out the "FBI 1913" coincidence. Thoughts?
I can' t say precisely, but several people I listen to generally put the years leading up to WW1 as when America became an evil nation. That's also when western civilization ended, as WW1 destroyed the institution of the church, and the safe, moral, high trust societies we had. Your average person was honest and trustworthy, you could ask a stranger for a ride, almost everyone had one or 2 sexual partners their entire life, and there was order and civilization. Everything since then has been a global Jewish capitalistic democracy, with all its economic and social evils.

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According to this youtube short we can blame Robert Moses for the destruction of cities by making them auto dependent.

EMJ has a whole book on this.

I'm not sure if it covers Moses, as the book focuses on Chicago, Boston, Philly, and Detroit.

"This startling claim - that the breakdown of the Church in modern America had its origins in government-directed social policies of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, which originated in the government's propaganda efforts during World War I to control the 'enemy on the home front' (the Catholic ethnics from Poland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and southeastern Europe) is made by E. Michael Jones in his powerful new work ... . The Slaughter of Cities provides a key to understanding who 'broke' America's cities and why they did so. The book also indicates how the elites used World Wars I and II to 'Americanize' Catholic ethnics, used the crisis of war production to transport millions of poor blacks North for factory work and housed them in Catholic neighborhoods, branded Catholics as racists for resisting this influx, invented and employed sophisticated propaganda tools in the major media to persuade Catholics the suburban life with a car and garage was superior to a close-knit neighborhood, and that public school was superior to the parochial school, and so much more."


I'm wondering a bit if Chapelle threw out the Trump & Ukraine bluepills to soften him lowkey agreeing with Ye on the Jews, seemed extremely lowhanging fruit & (political disagreement aside) not nearly as clever as his bits on the Jews.

A point about Chapelle: he tours around the country and gauges people's reactions to statements that some may find shocking for a living. He is surely well aware of the general mood of the country on current events, in spite of whatever the mainstream media says.

If you didn't catch his last special on Netflix, he made a joke about Israel that I won't spoil for you if you haven't seen it. The point is that after he told the joke, someone in the crowd shouted "free Palestine," and then he gave them a quick look with his eyes that seemed to say "I knew someone would say that."

There was a time in my life when I was surrounded by friends who believed the opposite of what I believed about current events/politics(mostly pertaining to Donald Trump). It wasn't hard to gauge what I could get away with saying anyway, so long as it was in a joking manner. When watching some of his Netflix stuff, I noticed he made a few jokes that were both less clever than his other bits, and strikingly similar to Trump jokes I had thought up to keep the aforementioned friends amused.

He has also said himself that he'll say "whatever it takes." "Is Pepsi better than Coke? All I know is Pepsi's the one that paid me most recently, so... Pepsi's better."

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I'm not sure if anyone on the forum has digged this one up yet or found this out, but I was reading about the life of St Lawrence of Chernigov, and while i was more intrigued about his prophecies about the end times and antichrist, he also had a few interesting words to say about the origins of "Ukraine" and its ties to the Jews:

Elder Lawrence’s Words about Rus’, about the Concept of “Russian,” about Heresies and Schisms, and about Faithfulness to the Mother-Church7

St. Lawrence spoke emphatically and strictly, with warning, that the word for our native land and people is Rus’ and Russian.8 "And it’s absolutely necessary to know, remember, and not forget that it was the Baptism of Rus’ (Russia), and not the baptism of Ukraine. Kiev is a second Jerusalem and the mother of Russian cities. Kievan Rus’ was together with Great Russia. Kiev without Great Russia and separate from Russia is completely unthinkable.

"There was a secret Jewish capital in Poland.9 The Jews forced the Poles to try to conquer Rus’. When the Poles conquered part of Rus’ (Russia),10 they rented it to the Jews, including Orthodox monasteries, churches and priests. The priests and Orthodox people could not perform any rite whatsoever without their permission. They pressed and oppressed the Orthodox [Christians] from every side, protecting Poland, Catholicism, and the Unia.11 It is not without reason that 'Golden Gritz'12 of blessed memory—Fool-for-Christ Grigory—used to cry out at the bazaar when they would beat him: 'Oh! The Jewish fists hurt!'

"The Jews hated the words 'Rus' and 'Russian,' so at first they called the Russian lands conquered by the Poles and rented out to them 'Malorossia' (Little Russia). Then they realized that it contained the word 'Ros,' and they named it Okraina13. The word okraina is a disgraceful and humiliating word! What 'remote, outlying district'? What 'outback'? Why and for what is it 'okraina'?! You see, beyond this supposed Judeo-Polish 'outskirts' there lie other countries and states. And later, on their same orders, the Poles legitimatized the concepts of the Ukraine and Ukrainians to us, so that we would willingly forget our own name of 'Russian' forever, so that we would be torn away from Holy and Orthodox Rus' forever.


8 St. Lavrenty [Lawrence] was from what is now called (the) Ukraine; therefore, the word “our” here refers in particular to people living there—the word for native land there is “Rus’” and “Russian,” not “Ukrainian.” –Trans.

9 The King of Poland invited Jews to his country, finding it profitable, whereas in the Middle Ages or later many European countries had expelled their Jewish population, much of which then moved to Poland, where they were welcome. Thus, there was a high concentration of Jews in Poland, and they were indeed allowed to have great control and influence there. The word "secret" may have been used because they were still segregated from the Christian population in many ways, voluntarily or involuntarily. —Trans. [see my link to Wikipedia below]

10 Poland—Kingdom of Poland/the Polish-Lituanian Commonwealth—annexed Kievan Rus', subjecting Russian peasants, especially, to the arenda system. (See note 16 under arenda. [sic - it is note 14])

11 The Union of Brest (1595-1596), wherein many Orthodox bishops in Little Russia succumbed to Jesuit pressure and went over to the Pope of Rome.

12 Grigory Miroshnikov of Sednev, Chernigov, Fool-for-Christ. He lived at the beginning of the 19th century.

13 "Okraina" means "outskirts," "outlying districts," "remote area."

14 Leasing—arenda. System in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (which had annexed Kievan Russia), whereby a few oligarchs owned vast estates and even peasant villages. The landowners were unwilling to spend the time necessary to administer such vast holdings, so the commonly-accepted solution was to rent out one's lands (hence, arenda) to Jews, who managed the lands and collected taxes for the owners. This was the same as the ancient Roman tax-collection method of Biblical times, whereby the tax collectors were not actually paid by the Romans, but who were allowed to exact more—sometimes much more—than the sum for taxes in order to "pay" themselves. The Jewish middlemen even collected taxes from Orthodox Christian clergy, often held the keys to the church, and not a single treba (service of need, such as a wedding or baptism) could be performed without paying them. Russian Christian attitudes towards them were therefore similar to Jewish attitudes towards the tax-collectors (publicans) for Rome in the Bible accounts.

The Commonwealth [Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or Kingdom of Poland and Grandy Duchy of Lithuania] had also one of the largest Jewish diasporas in the world – by the mid-16th century 80% of the world's Jews lived in Poland (Pic. 16).[233]
Different people have different buttons that make them angry.

Some are very upset at hypocrisy, and will be upset at those who contradict themselves and whose actions don't match their words.
These people might be upset at how Israel runs their government versus how diaspora Jews tell western nations we should run ours.

Some people strongly dislike drugs and alcohol, and would be upset to learn about the Sackler family, the Jewish mafia, and the vast designer drug trade based in Israel.

Other people dislike elitism, and will be most upset by the vast examples of Jewish supremacy, from special Jewish-only ambulance and police services that run in NYC to exemptions during Prohibition that allowed "Jewish wine" to be produced.

Others are upset by sexual perversion or other immoralities, and should look into the history of Jews in pornography, as a friend of mine has done, and told all sorts of sordid tales about what he saw Jews doing with crucifixes and Gentile girls' private parts.

One of my biggest issues from the ROK days was transsexuality, which is essentially entirely Jewish.

My advice is focus on whatever issues are of greatest concern to you, and dig deep into that issue, and see how much of it is also Jewish history. You can even share some topics that are of strong importance to you, and the forum can point you in the right direction.

I learn more and more about them every day. For example, did you know according to the Talmud, Adam had sex with the animals in the garden of Eden?

Yebamoth 63a states that Adam had intercourse with animals:
Degenerate Ari Shaffir touched on this in his new comedy special appropriately titled "JEW" available at an unJewish price of free on YouTube.

Video below is queued, but here's a rough transcript of what he says in case you don't want to contribute to his view count or watch him:

Here's what happened in six days God created the world on the seventh day he rested you guys remember this one uh and uh then later God went to Adam he's like Adam how do you like it here how do you like the Garden of Eden and Adam's like oh dude I love it. It's awesome. Plenty of sunshine, tons of animals to [ ***] this place is sweet

God was like "wait...are you [**** ] all the animals?"

And Adam was like "not all yet made a lot of animals. You've gotta give me some time....."

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I thought this was a prank until I've seen it in jew york times


We basically have Jews declaring open war on us now. That's where we're at, and that's ultimately why so many people are just now speaking up, because us goyim, particularly Christians, are being cornered.

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I thought this was a prank until I've seen it in jew york times

Same news without the NY Times paywall. Many many more criminal Jews in attendance than just those four headliners.



Same news without the NY Times paywall. Many many more criminal Jews in attendance than just those four headliners.

It's not that bad, there are 16 speaker and only 8 are Jewish on the NY times event, just 50%.

This is a very diverse group: there are 3 blacks who support the Jewish cause, 1 asian guy who spreads porn over the Western world, 3 europeans of which Reed Hasting donated $120 million to black colleges to 'reverse generations of inequity', of which Scarlett Lewis was able to bring down billionaire deceiving media mogul Alex Jones and Mike "Israel's fight is our fight" Pence and a diversity group.

They don't even hide it. It's out in the open.
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They don't even hide it. It's out in the open.
I guess that's what is worth pointing out increasingly now, as Wang Lin does on his site. The idea that they DO NOT control everything is like a crazy, cooky esoteric conspiracy theory and you can literally not look at any think tank or any media outlet of large size and not notice it. It's easier now than in the past because all of their actions are so clearly singularly tied to their own agenda. The Ukraine war has no reasonable explanation as soon as you remove the tiny hat element. The Bankman-Fried saga is kind of an extra layer of latkes on top of it. Everything is always a racket and you always see who comes out on top and the Ye saga has illustrated that this is the exact element that you are not allowed to point out. Also, just the ridiculousness of it:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-15 um 12.18.55.png

Really, the only thing left to clear up is the hologram, because of course the reason everybody tenses up all the time when talking about it is that "if people start taking about it, they will get pogromed and massacred" or, in more clear terms "There are people who are angry because we control public dialogue, so if we don't keep controlling the dialogue, people will talk about how we control the dialogue and then instead of having a dialogue murder us. We need control of public dialogue in order to keep people from talking about us controlling the dialogue".
Obviously, people are more likely to get angry and violent when options for dialogue are being taken away from them, but you can also tell that there is a growing (?, just my feeling) who wake up to the fact that having unpleasant conversations is far better than constantly trying to nip them in the bud.
My advice is from now on to just be an aggressive noticer on all social platforms, it can't really be prohibited by TOS.